Thanos - 1500 days Non ejaculatory sex challenge

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    Anybody can live without sex, but having sex and do semen retention can be a real blessing and difficult task.

    This challenge is about people who are in a relationship and are sexually active and are doing non ejaculatory sex in any form whereas is karezza, tantra, tao...

    The point is you are sexually active and doing sex transmutation

    1.You need to be sexually active
    2.Penetration needs to be part of the sexual act
    3. If you ejaculate during dreams, masturbation or sex you restart the challenge.
    4. You don't need to have sex everyday. It can be once a week, every two weeks... It doesn't matter but you need to be sexually active.
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    Level 2: above 100 days :Smart
    90 [​IMG] 100 [​IMG] 110 [​IMG] 120 [​IMG] 130 [​IMG] 140 [​IMG]
    150 [​IMG] 160 [​IMG] 170 [​IMG] 180 [​IMG]
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    Level 3: above 200 days: Special powers
    190 [​IMG] 200 [​IMG] 210 [​IMG] 220 [​IMG] 230 [​IMG] 240 [​IMG]
    250 [​IMG] 260 [​IMG] 270 [​IMG] 280 [​IMG]
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    Level 4: above 300 days: Deity
    290 [​IMG] 300 [​IMG] 310 [​IMG] 320 [​IMG] 330 [​IMG] 340 [​IMG] 350 [​IMG]
    360 [​IMG] 370 [​IMG] 380 [​IMG]
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    Level 5: above 400 days:Godly
    390 [​IMG] 400 [​IMG] 450 [​IMG] 500-> [​IMG]

    600: Mind gemstone: [​IMG]
    700: Power gemstone: [​IMG]
    800: Reality gemstone: [​IMG]
    1000: -> Soul gemstone: [​IMG]
    1250: Space gemstone: [​IMG]
    1500: ->Time gemstone: [​IMG]
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    Some helps to do semen retention and non ejaculatory sex

    Sex as meditation
    Forget sex as a pleasure activity see it as meditation focus on feeling the energy moving through your body and being recharged. Sex is energy and health, don't thing about how hot the girl is or multi orgasms or anything like that just transmute the energy.

    the tao of health, sex and longevity by Daniel Reid
    the Taoists secrets of love, cultivating male sexual energy
    by Mantak Chia

    connecting sexuality to health
    for me sex and semen retention are health and energy. The most important to me is making this connection to sex and put pleasure in a second plane. So non ejaculatory sex is essential to me and to never ejaculate no matter what.

    How to be a great lover

    Techniques to have non ejaculatory sex

    Some metaphysical thinking on the importance of semen retention
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  14. InnerMan

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    Guess I'm the only other person crazy enough to take this on. I'm in!

    Longest semen retention streak while sexually active: 170 days

    Current Streak: Day 4

    Let's do this MM
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    I was just thinking about you. I wanted to invite you but I didn't want to sound intrusive. Welcome!
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    do it with the right head(penis)

    The main reason porn is bad is you are mixing a physical activity (sex) with a mental activity(porn)

    A woman with emotional burden, a psychological trauma, specially related to sex or romantic love and has this memories constantly in her mind can’t enjoy sex. She’s too much in her mind and sex is done with the body, the moment she starts to have sex she will not enjoy it. Women are more delicate in this than us men.

    With porn the same happens, you are mixing a merely physical activity (sex) into a mental enjoyment. Of course you need feelings, love and respect with your partner for making love, but the act itself is a physical activity.

    Porn just takes this to the extreme it’s almost like sex goes up to your head completely, that is why your sexuality gets all messed up and you get PIED, weird fetishes and even prefer porn and get more excited with it than real sex.

    Regular normal sex in men also has a mental component, in many cases you are thinking “look at this girl she’s so hot” “this feels amazing I’m going to come” “she just had an orgasm I’m so good at this” and so forth. This is not as bad as pornography but still I think loses the essence of what sex has to be.

    See it as if you were an Olympic weightlifter at the Olympics, what are you thinking the moment you are making the lift? The answer is nothing you are simply focus on the lift completely your body and mind are simply 100% in the moment.

    Tantric sex or non-ejaculatory sex does this very well , in a simplify manner in tantra you are just doing a physical activity while having sex, you are not thinking anything, you’re simply making love, you are not thinking “she’s hot” “ this feels amazing” “ I love her so much” you can do that after sex if you want. You can celebrate your Olympic gold medal after the lift, but not during the lift because if you do you’ll probably fail or get injured if doing so.

    In tantra you are just having sex, completely focus in the present moment without judgment or thinking anything. This feels 100 times better than regular sex, gives you tons of energy, balance. it’s even simpler than regular sex. Try it.

    Conclusion: sexuality has to be done with one head (penis) because when you start to use the other head (mind) it can get messy; you lose energy, get sexual dysfunctions and fetishes.
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  18. InnerMan

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    Day 5

    Good post. I'm with you on the practice of meditative sex, that's good shit!

    If I recall correctly, you anchor your awareness in your breathing during sex and the energy in turn goes where the mindful breathing goes, correct?

    In my case, changing positions and my pace during sex to manage the arousal levels has been key.

    I need to develop breathing/energy transmutation techniques since right now I often rely on sheer mental strength to abstain from O during sex. I have that Sivananda book on my reading list and am slowly making my way through D. Reid's book.

    I feel that ultimately success is a result of the marriage between knowledge and application. Knowing without applying is dead weight and practicing without knowledge is like walking in the dark. So my aim is to learn more of the theory and at the same time, experiment and apply what I learn.

    Also in your case MM you seem clear on the value of SR. In my case, I have no issues finding motivation to abstain from PMO since its obviously pathetic and rots the mind and body. However, at this stage the benefits of pure SR are subtle and I sometimes wonder if it isnt just placebo. And again maybe that's because I haven't really tapped into transmutation.

    So 4 flipping years eh?! What did I sign up for haha. Should've slept on it!! My curse is that I love tough challenges.
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    Yeah usually that's a good strategy. In my case I can always manage my arousal, I never do anything special to control it.

    I think I've been doing it for so long I don't even do breathing so much mostly I focus on moving the energy inside and if I feel a blockage I focus there for a while

    Other times I'm more zen and forget about the energy and simply keep going totally in the moment. Usually I change poses if I feel I've been too much on the pose or sense the girl wants to change.

    Other times I focus on finding the spot to give the girl an orgasm. Others in just keep going.

    Or I focus in the music sometimes and keep going like doing some type of cardio.

    But most of the time I focus in moving energy.

    Sex is for me also a practice of detachement to detach from pleasure and the sensual real. To be lucid among the most pleasant activity, sex

    I also try to be detached in general.

    This is the first teaching of bodhidharma "the road is detachement because it teaches us to go beyond appearances
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    I think semen retention is something you take for granted if you are doing tantra/tao is just a basic skill.

    The more deep benefits are seen when you actually learn to move the energy and learn to go beyond the realm of sensual enjoyment and attachment to appereances.

    I made a thread were I explained this I created a subtle attachment to multiorgasm w/o ejaculation I was very pleasure focu during some moments during sex. This wa for a short period of time like 2 months.

    I wasn't as vital or feeling as superior vibration as before. now I completely forgot about multiorgasms or any other pleasant feeling related to the girls body. My father has a skill to sense people's energies he told me I was losing qi or energy with this girl I didn't figure it out until know. I was w/o sex for like 5 months and when I restarted I felt tired I asked my father and also told me the girl was taken my energy. And he told me something that changed my life forever 2 weeks ago.

    "I never enjoyed a women" my father said

    I understood finally what Tao is only this sentence I think says everything.

    With this in mind I'm having sex again the last time the girl end up tired and I refreshed she told me "you stole my collagen" this time she didn't stole my energy.

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