That what my friend said. Agree ?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by CS1, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. CS1

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    Hey folks

    After I told my friend about my addiction he said the best way to get out of porn go with him to the hookers !! He said stop looking by your eyes and start working by your body. Is that true?
  2. over50

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    I think there's some truth in this. I think you should indeed try to turn away from pixels towards real women, but in a way hookers are not the solution because you will not be create an inner connection or meaningful relationship, just sex.
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  3. hardowner

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    Porn combined with hookers is even worse. You will try to implement what you see in the video, in real life, which is impossible and futile. Let out the STDs...
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  4. diep

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    Porn and the real thing is very different. Don’t do that. This is just the act out of stuff you’ve seen and you will come back to porn for more. Seek out real love.
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  5. Any artificial sexual stimulation is P. Sex with a prostitute is as artificial as it gets. Avoid at all costs.
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  6. g2stop

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    Don’t do it, you will regret it
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  7. TheHealer

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    Sex is intimate and when done right a beautiful conection between man and woman. However with a hooker it becomes meaningless and trashy.

    Sex is supposed to be a connection and not self pleasure. Fapping is just self pleasure, and sex with a paid hooker is not going to help that.
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  8. Jake_king

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    I would also disagree with your friend. I am on this journey to have a more healthy relationship and set of expectations around sex. There is no way sex with hookers could ever bring me closer to that goal.

    You might have the wordings of your own reason differently but to me it is a no brainer.

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