That's it. I don't know what else to do. I give up.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by looking, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. You are certainly not the first person to feel this way, my friend. And you will certainly not be the last. Life is full of decisions, and a year from now, where are you hoping to be? If you could be 90, 180, 365 days into a streak, would you want that? To achieve anything in life, you have to structure your life to fit that certain kind of living. A pastor must dedicate time to prayer, and reading of scriptures, because without the spiritual aspect being built up in their lives, they have no way to sustain their way of life. A PMOer must set aside hours upon hours dedicated to it. A Fapstronaut must dedicate hours upon hours building their lives in the direction they are wanting to go. See, quitting PMO is not and should not be about not doing it because it's bad. It should be about bettering your life, bettering yourself. I'm not even talking spiritually, I'm talking personally. As a guy who has relapsed more times than I can count, I know how you feel. Like it's hopeless. No two Fapstronauts are the same. And one person's plan may not work for everyone. That's okay. But if you're going to become great, you've gotta be willing to spent hours building on your life. Figuring out what life has to offer you. Finding better ways to handle life. Everything. If you need someone to talk to, you'll always find someone here, my friend.
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  2. Buzzltyr

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    @looking, I can understand how frustrating it is but you are only 16! You have already recognized your problem and you are a veteran at trying to fight it. I only wish I had known earlier in my life where PMO would lead me ( I am 43 now). You are far ahead of the curve than many of us fighting this problem!
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  3. Shoshin

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    Look at how many awesome people supports you! Use the strength they are sending to you! Stand on their shoulders, rely on their advise! Come back to your thread and read those messages when you feel there is no hope! Other fellow human beings that have immense problems like yours feel that there is hope, think about it!

    Stay strong buddy!
  4. icandoit22

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    just dont do it mate... trust me
  5. Dpl

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    Hey bud, I have to level with you here; this post just made me join the site. I've been muddling over this topic for years. Since I was 14 I've been watching porn and it has taken me to some dark places. I have been where you are (I'm 22 now). I hated that it was a part of my life and tried to quit time and time again. But I want to say bravo to you. You have done more in a much shorter time to combat this than I did. You recognized the problem and swallowed your pride to reach out for help. It may not feel like it right now, but you are recovering. You are setting yourself up to overcome a system that is exploiting you. Don't cut yourself any slack, but don't hate yourself for giving in. This is a long fight.

    I also want to thank you. This was the push I needed to join.
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  6. looking

    looking Fapstronaut

    You're absolutely welcome dude. Thanks for the kind words.

    Since making this topic, I have continued to relapse...but I've also upped the good I do in my days (exercise, music, etc.).

    I feel the time where the good outweighs the bad is very soon.
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  7. IGY

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    3 days - this is looking more like it! You need to act on what you have learnt thus far and double and triple and quadruple this streak... until it becomes a way of life. Don't let your dopamine dependency dupe you into taking a peek or whatever bullshit choices you have been making up to now. Don't be lazy, don't be a pussy - fight for it! :mad:
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  8. looking

    looking Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the support, unfortunately I have failed again.

    But I will not delve back into self-loathing again. I will put up a consistent fight, accomplishing as much of my goals as possible each day until I beat PMO completely.
  9. faithinanewlife

    faithinanewlife Fapstronaut

    Hey there.

    From one perspective, you've just mastered the first step of confronting an addiction.

    You realize you can't do it alone.

    Willpower is not enough. You need friends, an environment that doesn't make p easy to access.

    So consider this a learning. The cost of not seeing it as a learning.. Just More information to use in your immanent success.. Is several years of life in the shadows.

    To dig deep as imagine you life without porn, you may have to take some more drastic action.

    Believe me, the cost of these actions is WAY less than the cost of YEARS of accumulated habits, that will be HARDER TO ESCAPE, because you have reinforced the neural networks even more.


    congratulations. You can now start really addressing your addiction. And it's THAT. Not hormones, not being young. If you didn't FAP, those hormones would be PUSHING you to take more risk with girls, which can be TERRIFYING at your age, keep fapping and you may delay that rite of passage until you get so socially weird that it's going to take a mountain of effort to learn how to resocialize into the world of human connection.

    You really need a smart phone?

    Hell no. Get serious now or lose years and do it when it will be HARDER.

    Keep at it. One day it's going to stick.
  10. KingRecover17

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    Hey do you need a accountability partner?
  11. looking

    looking Fapstronaut

    No, but I really appreciate the offer. I'm currently working with two people and while I would of course take your advice to heart as well, I can't be spending hours a day on this website.

    A quick update: I've found my routine. The things I need to do everyday and how long I need to do them for. 2 days ago and today I had some of the best days I've ever had fighting this addiction. Success lies in living your new life, not solely in abandoning the old one. I need to make this a consistent lifestyle and then I will be well on my way.

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