The #1 thing that made recovery EASY for me

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    Do you need motivation to resist the urge to bash your head against the wall? No. Because there's no benefit to doing that. It's easy to not do that right?

    Everyone talks about the reasons NOT to fap instead of focusing on why they do it in the first place & getting rid of those illusory beliefs.

    Illusions like "It helps me sleep" or even "it feels good" among other things.

    - Even though everyone know screens & stimulating stuff (like porn) mess up your sleep, and I've NEVER gone to sleep easier after feeling like shit because I just relapsed.
    - And we all know fapping doesn't actually make you feel good, it makes you feel like garbage, brainfog, no energy, depressed etc. etc. etc.

    Once you remove those beliefs not relapsing becomes so easy. But it's the same with any addiction, take smoking for example: People say "it calms me down" but nicotine is a stimulant and all they're doing is relieving the withdrawal, which gives an illusion of calm. But really it created the stress in the first place.

    Happy to help anyone who was stuck like I was, only so much I can share in a written post so if you want video explainers or to jump on a call let me know!
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