The 10 Key Habits For Success

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    My name is monkey mode and since events that transpired on January 3rd of this year, I have been fully dedicated to self improvement and have fully changed the course of my life. I went from being out of shape, lazy, and unhappy, to what I can only describe as the road to self transcendence. Here are some key habits that have brought me to where I am today.

    1.Going sober off of drugs.
    This includes nicotine (I'm looking at you vape nation) marijuana, alcohol, etc. Doing this will start to reset your dopamine in your brain and allow you to fully realize how much your brain is capable of. It reduces brain fog, prevents you from getting a criminal record and creates a feeling of confidence that you could overcome these vices. It also opens the door for...

    2. Waking up at 5:30 or earlier every morning.
    Nothing good ever happens after 9:30 and this will give you 2-4 more hours every day to be productive. Your brain has the most potential to be productive in the morning so the earlier you wake up the more you will get done during the day. Also having a steady sleep schedule will make your sleep do way more for you and leave you with much more energy so you can...

    3. Work out.
    This is vital as lifting causes your cells in your body to create more mitochondria which is what your body uses to multiply the energy you get from food by 8X. It also makes you look better and feel stronger, both of which will give you a massive amount of confidence. It also gives you practice pushing through uncomfortable stimuli which is essential for managing cravings and staying focused when you don't want to. This can be enhanced by...

    4. Cold showers.
    After lifting take a cold shower. On days you don't lift take it in the morning. Doing this is not only good for your immune system, but it makes your willpower stronger. Willpower is essentially your ability to bend and shape your reality so theirs not much more important than that. It also helps you get used to the no excuses mentality, and improves your ability to not let outside stimuli and resistance help you. Another way to improve this is...

    5. Meditation.
    Every morning for 10 minutes, every evening for 10 minutes. No excuses. This will train your mind to focus and will reset your perception of the world. It is incredibly important for deep and focused work and it's importance can not be overstated. Now you have a lot of habits to do, so to make sure you don't forget any...

    6. Make a to do list.
    Every night before you go to bed. I make mine around 8:15. Put on there everything you need to do the next day with time suggestions. Doing this has opened my eyes to the incredible amount of stuff I can do in a day and causes you to get in the habit of prioritizing your time. With all this new time you can now...

    7. Learn an instrument.
    It doesn't matter which one. This is very important cause not only will it make you feel better about yourself and bring happiness, it has been proven to increase your learning ability and make your brain work quicker and more effectively. Also the ladies love it. Practice every day for at least an hour. In 100 days you will see incredible results. The beginning of this year I started learning how to finger pick on guitar and now I can play dust in the wind 100% full speed. Keep at it even on the bad days. Speaking of bad days...

    8. Get off social media.
    I don't want to hear it. Social media is mental poison and gives false impressions of reality. It sucks away hours of your valuable time and the girls on their are shallow and often can trigger a NoFap relapse. Especially stay off dating sites as the women on there are pure toxic and want nothing more than sugar daddy's and one night stands. If you must, limit your social media use to 3 times a day and TURN OFF ALL NOTIFICATIONS. Now with all the time you would have spent on social media you can...

    9. READ.
    Read 20+ pages a day. This will get you through around 3 books a month. But don't just read any book, read self improvement books, social interaction books, and business books. The amount of information you gain will be invaluable and will set you so far apart from everyone else it will be difficult for you NOT to succeed. When you drive listen to audio books. Prioritize your time. Which leads me to..

    10. NoFap.
    This is the latest step in my journey. I am on day 8 and I have already noticed benefits including a deeper voice, more energy, more positive mood, more self love, better family relationships, and a gradual increase in my emotional health. Very excited to continue my journey and see where it leads me.

    If you follow these 10 keys every day you'll get dick slapped with success before you can say Monkeymode 3 times. Thank me later, act now. Start that to do list.

  2. Invictvs

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    There's a lot here! I took up learning to play music on my first round of this whole NoFap thing, and since have learned three (fiddle, mandolin, and some guitar). I actually filled a tremendous amount of time practicing. Its really changed me. I think everyone could learn how to play an instrument, if they tried hard enough. I wish it would be a little more compulsory in schools.

    My biggest "failure" on your list is probably cold showers. I tried, and couldn't (okaaaay didn't want to) keep doing it. I think I should probably try it again periodically. Great post!
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    Thank you Invictus. An easy way to master cold showers is to wake up 15 minutes early and before you do anything else take one. Not only will it wake you the hell up and make you ready for the day, the morning is when you are most motivated and least likely to use excuses. It gets easier the stronger you train your willpower to be which in turn makes everything else in your life easier.
    Congratulations on the instruments. I am endlessly thankful my first 9 years of schooling were homeschool and involved instruments. I wish more people realized the failure that is our current public education system.
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    Waw this is cool! I'm going to imitate it with a bit modification. Inspiring!
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  5. monkeymode

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    Glad I could help. Any additional thoughts or ideas are very welcome.

  6. monkeymode

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    Today I started a new morning routine. It goes as follows:
    4:30 am, wake up.
    4:35, brush/floss
    4:40, yoga.
    4:55, run 1 mile.
    5:05, cold shower
    5:15, meditate for 10 mins
    5:25 read 20 pages
    5:55 eat breakfast.

    This morning I feel better and more energized than I ever have. I highly recommend this to anyone on the self improvement path as it will lay the foundation for an amazing day.

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    Numbers 3, 8, and 10 are 100% true. Social media is fake, it's full of lies. Don't get trapped in there, delete snap, insta, etc. Workout, makes you look 200x better and it boosts your confidence. Nofap is the magic that turns men into real masculine men, if you pass this part, no one can stop you.
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  8. Anita88

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    Ecxellent list. The only thing is that I can't imagine waking up so early:oops:
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    These 10 habits will greatly enhance the quality of your life. Essentially it's an effective lifestyle that promotes health, creativity, and strength. I have to say that simply following afew of these habits I have overcame many of my previous bad habits, one such habit is video game addiction. Thank you Monkeymode for sharing this, the toughest part for me is getting my mind of sexual fantasies. I would recommend learning more about psychology, it's been helping me figure myself out.
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  10. monkeymode

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    Very glad i could be of inspiration to you. A healthy lifestyle is compounding in its positive effects. I have only been on the self improvement path since January this year and it has already through my life for a full 180. Keep up the fantastic streak and never stop improving

  11. monkeymode

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    Neither could I until one day I got the realization that nothing I do after 9 has ever really benefited me. I was used to waking up at 10AM and I knew that I had to change this if I wanted to be successful. So one day I faced this head on and set my alarm for 5 am. I stayed up the entire day even though I'd only slept for 2 hours and I went to bed at 9:30 pm. The next morning I had my alarm set for 5 and I felt very tired for about 2 days and on the 3rd day it was natural.
    At this point I wake up 5 minutes before my alarm at 4:25 feeling awake, energized and refreshed. I then

    brush and floss my teeth, do yoga, go for a mile run, take a cold shower, meditate for 10 minutes, read 20 pages, eat breakfast and play 2 hours of guitar all by 8 am. This has made me excel so far in my happiness, energy, skills, and mindset, that I could never go back to staying up late. All it takes is a couple hard days to change your entire life.
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  12. Anita88

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    Wow, it's inspiring! I won't tell you I'll do the same tomorrow, but really, I'll try. Besides I've also learned some scientific resources about our brain, so you're right, if we have a stable routine (especially concerning sleep), it benefits our mental and physical health.
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  13. monkeymode

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    And since your brain is what we filter our reality through, having a happy and healthy brain will lead to a happy and healthy existence. Good luck on your journey!

  14. CH3RRY

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    That's a very strong routine you have planned for yourself. Gives me ideas.

    I will also plan a routine for myself. My sleeping schedule has been my biggest problem for a long time. Sleeping is the foundation of everything else. I've been waking up and going to bed really late. Like my sleeping time was 02:00-12:00. I personally do like to stay awake at night time, but that schedule is too late and fucks everything up. I will get to bed a little earlier and then wake up a little earlier. Also I was thinking about taking -1 hour from my nightly sleep, and then sleeping that 1 hour during afternoon as a nap.

    I will start doing cold showers at some point. Right now it's winter time, and taking a cold shower here doesn't make any sense. I do go daily sit outside at night naked or even roll in the snow. I first sit in a sauna and then do this. Sauna btw is a very beneficial thing. You probably don't have one in your house but maybe somewhere close to you.

    Also something essential for me is my posture. Posture is the most important thing that comes to appearance and feeling physically good. I fucked my posture up during my years of inactivity and gaming. So I've been fixing it for over a year now. Not many people nowadays have an ideal posture and don't even realize it. Not many people also have posture as bad as I've had. So I understand why it isn't obsessed over like I do.
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  15. monkeymode

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    Posture is very important, it is something I have been developing over the past 6 years.

    Staying up late, while enjoyable leads to less productivity due to dopamine reserves being drained at the end of the day and full when you wake up. Dopamine is what motivates you to do things in life so it is easiest to be productive earlier, and go to bed earlier as well. However this is up to individual priorities.

    Taking a nap in the afternoon can confuse your bodys sleep cycle and can be a detriment to your overall sleep. The sleep that really does your body good is REM sleep which is gained through going to sleep for long periods of time on a set schedule. Having a nap is a temporary fix but it is not an effective long term option. However sleeping 7.4 hours each night has been shown to yield the most health positive effects, this varies from person to person though so do whats best for your body, but try to keep it as consistent as possible and in

    I live in the northern midwest and I took a cold shower the day it was a windchill of -53 outside so I disagree with cold showers not having benefit in the winter. I went on a run in the rain when it was 34 degrees out yesterday and took a cold shower right afterwards. Cold temperatures are not a reason to hold off on training willpower, and increasing thermal resistance. If anything its the best time to do them as it causes your body to fire up its furnaces and helps it to warm up more effectively. Doing sauna/snow is a very good habit and something I partook in back when I had one within 30 miles of my residence.

    The biggest key is valuing your time. When you treat your time as if it has value and only use it for things that progress you towards your goals (be it personal, relationship, learning, work, etc) your life will transform in magnitudes never dreamed of.
    Out of all the resources in life, time is the only one you can never get more of.

    If you do what's easy, your life will be hard. If you do whats hard, your life will be easy.
    Keep up the good work and good luck on your journey

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  16. CH3RRY

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    Very inspiring man. Made me smile.

    I haven't tried napping yet. It was recommended to me and I've heard it is beneficial. I know a guy here who also wakes up very early in the morning and takes a nap during afternoon time, he's the one who I got the idea from. If it proves to be non-beneficial, I won't continue with it.

    Overall, waking up very early and going to bed early doesn't sound suitable for me. I naturally need around 9 hours of sleep, so if I want to be fully rested the next day, I will have to go to bed very early to wake up very early. If I only sleep say 8 hours, waking up won't feel good and I won't have that much power to do other things. I think it is most ideal to go to bed and then wake up completely naturally, without anything waking you up. Which is 9 hours for me. But also here napping comes into play. I was thinking if I could take maybe -1 hours from my nightly sleep (9-1=8), and then sleeping 1 hour during afternoon getting that 8+1 hour=9 hour back. If my body could get used to that, I could possibly start sleeping 8 hours naturally, meaning not needing anything to wake me up.

    And yeah I still won't do the cold showers at this weather. I've built resistance many times walking naked into very cold and deep snow and laying there or rolling around. Taking a cold shower on top of that would be just extra. But I will definitely do cold showers later when I can't do these things in the cold outside.

    Time is priceless. Thanks for the tips and inspiration.
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  17. monkeymode

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    My personal experience with naps has not been beneficial but when you go through with it, know that the sleep cycle works in 45 minute increments, so it would be more effective to wake up 45 mins or an hour and a half early and then take the same size nap as not to interrupt a sleep cycle and wake up all drowsy.

    Good luck and thank you for the kind words

  18. CH3RRY

    CH3RRY Fapstronaut

    Yeah I will experiment with 45 mins first, thanks for the info.
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  19. monkeymode

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    Here's a key for fapstronauts with families. Get a kitchen table and sit at it for meals. It has the strongest correlation with close familial relationships and success in life. I have been working at cleaning up my dads house and I just finished a large portion of the kitchen including the table. Sitting at the table for 2 meals so far I can already tell my family's relationship is improving.

  20. BravelyKegger

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    great list but healthy eating is one of the most important things you could possibly do.
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