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Are you a warrior.?

  1. Yes

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  2. No, I am loser

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  3. I want to be

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  1. BrohkenCompass

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    Same. Do, or Do Not. There is no try.
  2. VOD88

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  3. MarioVargas

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    something I found on reddit, and boy, is this man right.

  4. Risho

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  5. highD

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    Day 1. Building energy channel for overcoming urges.

    ZORROW Fapstronaut

    "The Mindset you all need to Quit this Shit for good" :)

    Hello brothers, these are a list of NoFap maxims that I kept reminding myself during the reboot process and afterwards. I hope these serve you well.

    - Quitting is easy. If I take a vacation somewhere, I visit that place and I return, maybe never returning. Some of you are taking a vacation to a place called PMO Land and staying there for years. You "say" you want to come back, but you never book your flight. You need to book your return flight and never look back.

    - Go back to "the second encounter" - Most people who encounter porn do so accidentally. Thus, the first time is an accident. However, the second time usually is not. A critical question to ask yourself is "knowing what I know now about PMO addiction and how this has affected me years later, would I go back and still hunt for porn?" If the answer is yes, then you can stop reading here. If the answer is no, then why are you still watching it?

    - Porn does nothing for you. Porn doesn't make you a more interesting person. It doesn't give you more skills. It doesn't make you more muscular. It doesn't make you more intelligent. It doesn't make you healthier. It doesn't improve your life in any way. Knowing this...why do you still watch it?

    - The benefits start on day 1. When you start on day one, the benefits start. When you decide to return from PMO Land, you immediately receive benefits. You don't need to wait for 90 days, you can get benefits now.

    - You lose nothing. You lose nothing from quitting. It's free and costs nothing. It is easily one of the most cost-effective self-improvement strategies on the planet.

    - There are no substitutes. There is no "weaning off" pornography. You are still engaging in the addiction. You don't have a "small fire" in the kitchen. There is either fire in the kitchen or there isn't. There isn't any in between. Thinking you can look at "healthy porn" or "softcore" is ludicrous. You're just fooling yourself.

    - You just stop. There isn't any magical "hack" or "formula" that you can use to quit. One day, you just decide to quit. You may have reasons to quit, you may have a desire to quit, but nothing stops unless you do.

    - Willpower will fail. You cannot stop this with willpower. Because the use of willpower implies you are struggling against something. There is nothing to struggle against. You'll experience some "pain", "withdrawals", sure. But there is nothing that you're really trying to struggle against. Your natural state is porn-free. How can you struggle against your natural state?

    - NoFap and semen retention is not all there is. There is more life out there. How long have you spent trying to get a handle on this thing? How long have you spent obsessively thinking about this? What if you spent that energy on building a skill? A relationship? A business?

    - You don't need porn (or sex) - You have been lied to (and programmed) that you need to bust nuts day in and day out to be happy. You don't. You don't need online adult entertainment. You don't even need sex. You can go the rest of your life celibate and never bust again. Many people do it and have done it. Your entitlement to feeling that you need to ejaculate keeps you trapped in PMO Land. Get rid of the entitlement, problem disappears.

    - Energy flows where attention goes. If you think about "I'm on day X" and "I'm recovering", then that's where your attention will go. You will always be "recovering" because there will always be space between you and when you last used. If you think you need to "stay away from porn", then of course you will think about porn.

    - You are not better than others. Just because you decided to stop using pornography doesn't make you better than other people. You should feel empathy and even pity for people who are ensnared in porn. Some people don't even know that porn is a problem and they continue blissfully unaware.

    That's it, hope this helps. Bless.
  7. Chusprox

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    NoFap Defender

    Day 0 begins my path of becoming a improved warrior
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  8. Suki

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  10. 100th

    St. Thomas Aquinas, model of chastity, pray for us

    I did it, right?
  11. MarioVargas

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    Day 14, come on spartan warriors, together we can finish this fucking drug!

    Strength to the end!
  12. MarioVargas

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    Congratulations my friend! I say, God of the war against the PMO, we are proud of you!
  13. palindromo

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    Day 1
  14. hollyman

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    day three (the loser act)

    so today i was have this new experience, sadly its not a good one

    so my friend was meet his old friend, turns out its a single beautifull woman whom her age is not far from me

    when my friend want to introduce her to me , i was have this loser act, i became kids , i dont want to meet her... its not like i hate her, but i dont have confidence to face her ,

    when my friend force me to meet her, i even cant do a proper eye contact... my eyes was randomly seeing her private part's and my mind was full of porn scene..its so sad to realize that i became pervy again....
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  15. fg4795

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    My Journal
    Indeed, many congratulations my friend :)
    @Espi1971 will give you the rank.
    Meanwhile you can post something about your success to motivate people here :)
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  16. fg4795

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    My Journal
    When you feel like that nothing could be worse.
    When you reach the rock bottom.
    my friend, remember this.
    Rock bottom is a wonderful place to start building.
    No place is so dark that you can't see the light.
    It's showtime.
    Make your show and win it again.
  17. fg4795

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    My Journal
    (1)36 checking in
  18. highD

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    Day 2. Rebooting well and good

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