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Are you a warrior.?

  1. Yes

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  2. No, I am loser

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  3. I want to be

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  1. Newbro2000

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  2. Kratos_GOW

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    Welcome friend. Good luck
  3. Kratos_GOW

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    “Your principles can’t be extinguished unless you snuff out the thoughts that feed them, for it’s continually in your power to reignite new ones. . . . It’s possible to start living again! See things anew as you once did—that is how to restart life!” —MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 7.2

    Have you had a bad couple of weeks? Have you been drifting away from the principles and beliefs that you hold dear? It’s perfectly fine. It happens to all of us.

    In fact, it probably happened to Marcus—that may be why he scribbled this note to himself. Perhaps he’d been dealing with difficult senators or having difficulties with his troubled son. Perhaps in these scenarios he’d lost his temper, became depressed, or stopped checking in with himself. Who wouldn’t? But the reminder here is that no matter what happens, no matter how disappointing our behavior has been in the past, the principles themselves remain unchanged. We can return and embrace them at any moment. What happened yesterday—what happened five minutes ago—is the past. We can reignite and restart whenever we like.
    Why not do it right now?
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  4. CosmeFulanito

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    Day 07 checking in!

    Starting my second week.Learning digital drawing and a language, this post help me a lot.
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  5. Hetairos

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    @voltex Happy late birthday! Hopefully your next one will find you free of this addiction, brand new and ready to tackle anything life throws at you!

    Day 15. Brutal gym session, some work, some chores around the house and now some more work. All's great currently. (I reached my favorite part of the journey: no hocd whatsoever! Daydreaming is only with women. Gosh, I love it when I reach this part, I feel so free!)

    Warm salutations and a big welcome to the new challengers and... stay strong everyone! We can do this!

    @Kratos_GOW I'm currently renting a place while waiting for the rennovations on my house. It's just that I wished they would have been done by the end of this month. Now, I will have to pay an extra rent for the next month. It's really frustrating but... the situation produces no stress-induced pmo which is great! Ha ha! This is Spartaaaa! (even though I don't live there!)
  6. Chris333

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    Really struggling a lot. Hawaii doesn’t help and I was just so often and I have to do things in town and running to all kinds of extreme erotic scenes one girl bending over in front of me and I see her juicy boobs. Another one was a young woman Lisa Vail over the whole legs and open on the side all the way up images of haunting me
  7. bettermeeveryday

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  8. Newbro2000

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    thank you friend
  9. 7-20-22 day 1

    Thank you, Kratos!

    Today my goal is to get through as clean as a pin. No PMO.
    Also, I'm trying to quit sugar today.

    I want my brain back.

    I want this suffering, I want this pain, I want to survive it like a warrior.

    BRING IT LIVE!!!!!!
  10. Kratos_GOW

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    A lot of energy on this forum today from old and new comers, Alright With this i wanna show you guys the song i choose for our ambitious climp out of this hell hole.
    Whenever you feel low just tune in and move forward.
  11. 4mins59secs

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    Today started tough, awoke ready “for action” not good.
    Still got through it and got my ass out of bed.
    Today Day 20 of Spartan Challenge and Day 39 of streak.
    Looking forward to tomorrow when I will hit 21 and 40 respectively, something to celebrate.
    Good Luck to Us All.
  12. Newbro2000

    Newbro2000 Fapstronaut

    Day 1 of my Spartan journey!
    Urges come at night time.Any tips to overcome them?
  13. frosties

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    I relapsed :/ I feel so stupid, I was looking for a link to a murder movie "the Sitter" and of course ended up finding porn movies bc the world is twisted like that, then I relapsed even though I could have said no, I had the strength to and the arguments but I said "fuck you" to the side of my brain who was being reasonable. It's like, I know porn is not real sex and it's not what I would want in a relationship, but it's pretty much all I've known, I've been in it since I was 11, so it's something to realise that I need to cut it off. Therefore when I relapse, usually I think about how much I love it because it has comforted me for so long through the hard times I had growing up.
    But eating candy was also something I did a lot as a kid, yet now I find it gross and can't even eat one because it's not real food. Porn's the same, I need to realise this
  14. voltex

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    Thanks for the wishes, I don't know how to quote all of them but I appreciate it :emoji_crown:
  15. voltex

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    Don't beat yourself too much about it, accept it as a temporary setback and just focus on trying to make it through the day :emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle:
  16. Just don't do it.

    You'll have to fight like a warrior for a while.
  17. Is there something better to do than looking for movies? It might be a danger zone.
  18. BRING IT LIVE!!!!!!!!

    A few songs that inspire me, to be a warrior and keep fighting:

    Sammy Hagar "Winner Takes It All"

    Motorhead "I'm So Bad..."

    PIL "Seattle"

    Shooting Star "Bring It On"
  19. bettermeeveryday

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    Day 12 completed (32 in my current streak).
  20. Jekky

    Jekky Fapstronaut

    Day 18
    Everyday is my new streak day :D