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Are you a warrior.?

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  2. No, I am loser

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  3. I want to be

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  1. Risho

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    Great post. And yeah I totally understand all of it. Not just one but two or three of my fixes at once for a perfect storm. It’s like getting into a rocket ship. Just blast off into orbit. Those things all changed how I feel but not my position. Not my situation. Not for the better anyways.

    And you are right. I’m at a crossroads. Either move on to the next stage or fall back. I gotta do something. Have some new goals. Some new objectives. New missions. Cheers
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  3. the alpha project

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    Do not quit! Just start over and do your best
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  4. the alpha project

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    You can do this!!
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  5. the alpha project

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    Day 1(36),

    Hello Spartans,

    I remember a few weeks ago the darkness I was under. And I remember telling you all that I was giving myself two days of rest before I would go on the attack. And I remember a week later still the darkness was worse. And I remember telling you all again, I’m gonna get on top of this.

    And I am.

    I set my mind to it and everyday I’ve been focusing on what I can do to improve my mindset. Every day I scan my environment for people that lift me up and I move towards them. And I move away from people who are negative, critical and judgemental. I fill my head with positive outlook. And it’s working. I want to have new people in my life so I’m changing my character so I can attract them.

    This journey doesn’t end at 100 days, it begins. I’m tired and need sleep. Good night Spartans.
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  6. LobsterBisque

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    Day 7! Go crazyyyyy! I sobbed all this morning but I didn't pmo! I straight up didn't even think about doing it! Also made some money today writing poetry. I feel more alive.
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    Its day 5.
    Still counting..
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  11. Espi1971

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    I appreciate your daily insight.

    Can relate/will attest. I can be cranky and judgemental, and I have a hard time accepting things not going my way. Lately I've been regarding every person as a teacher, and this seems to be opening my mind more toward acceptance.
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  13. fg4795

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    Almost there my friend. It's wonderful to see so many people doing that.

    Checking day (1)55
    Reflecting that I changed my concept of fun(Used to drugs,alcohol and betting).
    Will be a big challenge to change the place I will go to have fun since now it seems all about this.
    I mean in my little town there is 1 library and a center that host all the volunteer association(so we have to share places).
    But there are 5 Casinò, 4 pubs that offer a lot of "challenges"(drink 1lt of this kind of beer in 2 minutes and it's free and something like that). Well drug dealer I can't count them since they're illegal so they prefer to let me know they're here but statistically Italy is the No.1 consumer of Coke of all Europe.
    So you know I am a bit lonely ahahaha
  14. ZORROW

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    Hey Spartans , i need your help . From past 3-4 years i have been stuck here in this situation . I dont know what to do in my life , i am 23 years old and i really dont know what i have to do in my life , I have completed with my graduation in in 2018 and in upcoming 4 months i will complete my and since it has not been done with some great institute or college then therefore i will not have a good job opportunity . So my parents want me to pursue MBA , and for that i have to give the entrance exam CAT to get a good college , i have also purchased the classes for that test but i really dont feel like studying it , i am procrastinating on it from past 2 months , all day i am sitting idle in my home and my day starts with the promise to myself that i want to change myself and from today i will start studying and i keep on procrastinating it till the night and then curse myself in the night for not studying in the day earlier , and then sleep and again next morning start with false promise , i am assigning myself with simple tasks like just 1 class of 120 mins in whole day and then also i am not studying it , for the sake of removing this addiction of porn , i have shifted my table to the living room and i keep my laptop there , and since my parents are around therefore i am not watching porn and so far so good .

    From past few years i am stuck in this situation , i come from a middle class family , my father is retired from his services and i am the only child in the house , both of my parents are old 60+ in age and they just want me to get settle in life asap . I really dont know what to do with my life , please help me . I dont want to live my life like this , i have purchased some skills course from online site and they are as it is , i am not even looking at it , and if i will not learn that skills then all that invested amount will get into vain . I dont know why i am behaving like this , i think i really hate myself for being like this . I have a good grasping mind power when it comes to teaching , but i am not feeling like studying it , i have watched n no. of motivational videos on youtube and other videos too including study techniques but that just last for a day or 2 .

    If i will remain like this then i am sure i will not gonna live happy , and right now my parents are supporting me for my failures and they are giving me another chances to perform better but if i will remain like this then one day will come when even my own parents will start cursing me for getting a child like me , and i dont want to see that day in my life , i really want to change myself , please help me . Please , i am not able to pick a goal in my life therefore i am not willing to take any actions towards it but i am wasting a hell lot of time , sitting idle for the whole day and wondering that what the hell is wrong with me , why dont i just simply turn on my laptop and start watching that class that i have purchased , why am i procrastinating it why the hell i am doing this to myself and why i am ruining my own future with my own hands ..... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ???????????????????

    PLEASE HELP ME GUYS I REALLY NEED IT PLEASE ........................
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  15. fg4795

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    Ok man first of all calm down, you're not alone. You're describing my life and my fears.
    It's life my friend, it will always try to make you feel inadequate.
    I feel it so often. I am 24 and yet I didn't start a real work, how do you think I feel about this?.
    It's a shitty situation but as everything in life it will end.
    And it will end in 2 ways:
    -Winning by paying the pain of discipline
    -Losing by paying the pain of regret
    It's up to you this decision. You can't think about tomorrow.
    Start now. With a single chapter. A single page. A single sentence. A single word.
    What you want. But start. Start and get used to it.
    You will suffer. I improved a lot this year, still I failed an important exam some days ago.
    I felt like shit. No value in me. Like I could have been dead and nobody would have dropped a single tear.
    But I didn't let this thought win over me, I didn't let it out. I said to it that was a lie. And it was.
    Start and show your effort to your parents. And they will love you no matter what.
    Win and loses comes and go. Effort? Nobody can judge effort.
    So give all that you've got to end the studies the best you can and you'll have written the first chapter of your new life.
    Everything will be clearer.
    In life you can't connect the dots looking forward, you can't connect them only looking backward. You have to believe that doing this will lead you to a place in which the dots will somehow connect.
    Keep strong my friend.
    It's worth.
  16. Espi1971

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    So true my friend. Thank you. if you will excuse me I have to go do leg day in the gym :)
  17. hollyman

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    thank you for the kind word's brother its mean a lot to me

    im experienced that on my unfinished project ,, false promise everyday tho and its hurt when we realize our unfinished work when we go down to bed

    im not saying that i solved this problem, but i encourage u to just start, no stressed out no over thinking..just start

    like this nofap... on the first time i believe, this Nofap is scary, but in other hand it's destroy us.. and we used to use excuse after excuse about it until we take our first step on it...sure it has lot of up and down but the important thing is u take ur first step of it

    keep strong bro

  18. ZORROW

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    Since i was suffering from very bad mood , i went to omegle , after spending around 1.5 hour over there , when i thought that nothing exciting is happening here , i found a girl , she was naked , and the wants me to jerk off in front of webcam , its been 3 days since i watched any porn , and it was my first time when i saw a girl naked in these sites , my brain got excited and i started jerking off . After a while she confessed that she is just 12 years old and she asked me is that a problem ? me on the other site , was being controlled by the demons and i just wanted to enjoy the show , i said no there is no problem you keep going, for 10 mins that session lasted , i ejaculated and then she closed that chat , she was calling me daddy . After cumming i came back to my senses and now i am regretting it , like what the hell i have done, i ejaculated by looking at a 12 year old girl . What am i , am i a pedophile ? Now my mood is more worse then it was before , i am ashamed of myself , i am not a pedo but what the hell i have done . Please forgive me god please , Guys please guide me , what should i do now , i am not feeling good , i was home alone and i think i have committed a crime , may be i will get punished , may be they will track my ip address and will arrest me . Please help me out please .
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  19. Davyfreedom

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    Check in day 24.
    Do you have any family members to talk about this with?
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  20. Davyfreedom

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    Check in day 24. Was going to go party last night but decided to just work instead. I'm in a stage where I'm working on myself and need to not become distracted. Also alcohol + girls will probably cause me to loose focus on my goal.

    I do miss post nut clarity. My sexual energy is growing, don't think I've had a wet dream yet. It's taking more energy to stay focus without my mind daydreaming about sexual thoughts.
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