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  1. Espi1971

    Espi1971 Fapstronaut

    Finally feeling like I'm past my cold.

    I was out of the gym for 9 days, which is a really long time for me. I got back to training last night: pushups-reverse crunches-jumpropes-deadlifts-farmer's carries.

    I'm already feeling sore this morning and I'm loving it. The muscle soreness is a reminder of Spartan effort...of the Spartan way of life.

    I recently switched to evening workouts, and last night, after work, I REALLY wanted to just go home and binge-watch TV. I trained instead. And I plan on doing the same exact thing tonight.

    Exercise and good nutrition are keeping me healthy and balanced, and I feel like it is one of the few areas in which I'm succeeding. I'm 49 years old but I train intensely. I want to be lean and ripped at 50. I'm not quite there yet, and I likely never will be, but my effort is paying off, and I'm doing it despite the stress and despite the fatigue.

    I'm nearly 2 weeks now without alprazolam, and I slept like a baby last night. I was asleep by 930 PM and I awoke at 530, feeling refreshed and alert. I actually I had a really nice dream, too. Usually my dreams are disturbing or eccentric. This one was peaceful.

    Things will be changing soon at my job. I'll be moving to another office. New manager, new colleagues.

    The maintenance dept. is actually moving my entire desk, and I'll sitting next to people with whom I've never worked. This is very uncomfortable for me. I don't like change, and to be perfectly blunt, I don't like many of my colleagues, either.

    I've worked at the same company for 5 years now, and there are many colleagues to whom I've never spoken on a personal level. I've never went out of my way to be rude or condescending, but I can be a bit arrogant and aloof. My mantra has always been, "I'm there to make money, not friends."

    Thus, at work, I've developed zero friendships, have declined nearly all financial contributions toward managers' birthdays, and I almost always refuse to eat colleagues' home-made meals, or their donuts, or their birthday cakes, etc., and I generally refuse to engage in small talk. I simply like to focus on doing my job and keeping my distance from my colleagues. There are very few people who I respect there: the top performers. I am open to advice from them, but if I don't regard a colleague as a top performer, then I have no interest in taking advice from him, and I will tell him that.

    I view this move as an opportunity to prove to myself that I can focus on my job and take things to an even higher level. I don't have to be liked by everybody in order to succeed. I'm never going to the most liked or popular person there, but as long as I'm hard-working, polite and respectful, I have nothing to worry about.

    Despite a miserable start to this year, I actually still have a decent shot of exceeding my quarterly quota, and this is all I need to worry about. From now until March 27, I need to focus on the goal of exceeding my quota. Forget about being accepted by others.

    So bring on the challenge!
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  2. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    Day 5 checking in
    Feeling a lot better, maybe a bit of fever but I feel the energies that are come back. My appetite also.
    So I worked this morning and will study in the afternoon.
    Unfortunately gym is still closed bc of coronavirus, and I don't want to take unnecessary risks going running today, so I will just do some exercise at home to not lose the habit.
    Will just overcome this stronger than before.
  3. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    day 47

    its about 10:40 PM on the night in my country ...

    still sleepless as i continue to work on my project . Stay strong fellow Sparta
  4. CanQuit

    CanQuit Fapstronaut

    2 figure done. 90 days to 3 figure.
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  5. Check in Day 65...there is a rise in positive vibes...sexual urges seem exercise routine seems to be going right on track ...only problem is that I am unable o check in daily due to busy routine....
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  6. N4ruto

    N4ruto Fapstronaut

  7. the alpha project

    the alpha project Fapstronaut

    Check In Day 2

    Hello Spartans,

    Today was one of those days when it feels like the universe is actively conspiring to ruin my plans. All day long. One thing after another. But I chose to do my best.

    I only had one hour for my project. But instead of crying I just focused. And did the same output I made yesterday with four hours of effort.

    And I had planned for a big workout today. Then thought I would just skip my workout because of all the disruptions and lost time. Then decided no, I’m going to train today. And then had several obstacles that popped up. Including being left with just thirty minutes to actually train. So I adapted. I did a shorter workout. And continued on with my day.

    I feel very empowered by no pmo and Nofap. I can handle more pressure. And I can maintain focus on my goals. I can stay optimistic even when it all looks like a sinking ship. There really is something wonderful that happens here. I’m grateful to have benefitted. See you all tomorrow!
  8. PeterJL

    PeterJL Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Day 51, checking in

    Glory To God!
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  9. Handymanji

    Handymanji Fapstronaut

  10. Vendidad

    Vendidad Fapstronaut

  11. Espi1971

    Espi1971 Fapstronaut

  12. Espi1971

    Espi1971 Fapstronaut

    I know exactly how you feel.

    Congratulations on getting in a workout. I was supposed to hit the gym yesterday but I chose to go home and binge-watch TV and youtube videos. My excuse? Still battling a cold, and I feel tired and depressed. Maybe it was the right decision to forgo the gym, but I never allow myself to feel OK with it.

    Today is a new day, though, and at least I got a good night's rest. Chest day today so I am looking forward to that.
  13. Espi1971

    Espi1971 Fapstronaut

    I am at a crossroads today, one of many since I started this journey.

    What is driving me?

    Why do I choose no PMO today?

    Life and death is what drives me. I know that might sound extreme.

    PMO cannot literally kill me, but spending weekends alone, shades drawn, drinking and drugging and watching porn, living a life of lies and secrecy, is like death to me.

    I'm at 138 days no PMO, and it's been up and down for me. A real roller coaster of a ride. I don't mean to discourage anybody, but for me, life hasn't gotten much easier since I abstained.

    Yes I've had some prolonged periods of inner peace, happiness, and growth, but in many ways I am still struggling emotionally, and the urges are still there, too, along with my depression and anger.

    I stopped PMO'ing and drugging at 48 years old, and now I'm dealing with life raw, without the aid of sex, fantasy, and mind-altering substances, so in some ways life feels more challenging.

    But I know that going back to my old lifestyle isn't going to make me feel better, and this is what drives me.

    So today I choose to keep moving forward no matter what, and it doesn't involve PMO, or weed, or testosterone, or alprazolam.

    It is definitely a tough journey, but I'm determined to see it through.
  14. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    day 48
    i'am so grateful to god for give me this chance to became a better version of me by doing nofap and to finally reach this point....

    this is so scary tho, im working on my delayed project right know this is so stressful and need a lot of energy... i even did not have a proper sleep lately and someday i even working on it between my "break time" in the office. my body became tired and when my country is at code red for corona virus,, this sure challenging (being not fit)

    i was in this situation last year but every time i found some obstacle in this project i choose to watch porn and just forget it.

    but now im very determined to finish this project

    what scared me is, all i need is one relapse, just one damn porn and it will destroy this project, failed it with me inside of it ofc

    i pray to god to let me finish this project and forever free from porn also

    stay strong fellow Sparta
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  15. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    Day 6 checking in
    Unfortunately today I am a bit sad about my friend. I mean as I already told you dozen of times coronavirus hitted here and now the government is thinking to add new laws of isolation for our zone, but basically this just means that they will force many business to close for 15 days and make no production. What it is sad for me altough is not the law itself(I mean I am not a politician or a professor, I just can share my opinion) but the reaction of my friends, because they made me reflect about the sentence that in order to succeed you have to surround yourself with winners. I am sad because I noticed that I am surrounded by losers.
    In the group the news that maybe everything will be closed spread fast and in the moment my friends(laborers) discover it, they were happy. They cheered. Because they would stayed at home. I mean nobody judge the fact that sometimes we all need a rest, but it's really sad to know that they just can't see that if the law will pass, in 15 days when their boss will go back to work and will have like ,let's say, 100000$ of loss because of no production, who they think will lose the job? The boss? or them?
    They cheer to bad facts because they lead a momentanous pleasure without seeing the pain that awaits them.
    It's like for PMO,same losing mindset.
    For me everything is good, fever is steady to normal value so I worked and studied, will not go jogging yet, waiting again not to risk.
    I am following a new course to improve my knowledge for the job of my dreams, because I don't want to sell my dream for this momentanous pleasure.
  16. muhagg

    muhagg Fapstronaut

  17. Espi1971

    Espi1971 Fapstronaut

    Thank for that insight my friend. Things definitely seem to be slowing down everywhere and I hope it doesn't last long. I was hoping that things would get better where you're at, but they seem to be getting worse. I'm surprised to hear that.

    I think you're wise to forgo running now. No need to put yourself at extra risk.

    Here in Florida, less than 30 miles away from me, there are at least 2 confirmed CV cases, and I will admit that I'm a little concerned about visiting my gym tonight. I'm just now getting over a nasty little cold.

    99% chance that I'm still going though.
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  18. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    Well you're half-right let's say :). People who won over the CV are increasing, new cases today were less than yesterday, but now we should enter in the discussion of the ability of the Italian govt. and since we've been the only country far away from china having so much cases I think you'll understand what kind of people are deciding for us.
    The only country in the world that banned flights from China, but if a person coming from China would have taken a connecting flight, he would have just landed without quarantine and also without even checking his fever,(Many Italians workers and tourists did this).
    So you know the first boom in cases was back in friday 21st of February but don't get surprised if we decided rn,
    I am really sad in saying this but "we're Italian after all"
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  19. Si bolang

    Si bolang Fapstronaut

    49th day
    I feel like I'm in a flat line where I'm often depressed, anxious and lose motivation to live better. Last 2 days of trying to take a cold shower and plan to routinely see the benefits.
  20. the alpha project

    the alpha project Fapstronaut

    No free benches on international chest day so you might have been out of luck yesterday anyways lol
    Hope you got to the gym today. I crushed it. I actually went to the gym I coach at and did a shirt workout. Packed up. Drove back to campus and did another workout at the university gym. Gains on gains!
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