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  1. Often when I "win" I loose later to the cravings. I want to win big time and hold out until the cravings are gone for good. Chasing the chaser effect. Beat myself (in a good way)
    Soon ...

    Masturbation: three days without arousal, touching, stroking, MO is A WIN now!
  2. Win win win
    Today hot dreams and then a porn-memory. The most alluring are those that you can't quite remember, only vague. Thought about it, remembered from what movie it came. Then I exepted it and let iit go. No peeking into that Video.

    Many small steps lately ... great!
  3. This is definitely a reoccuring problem! When I celebrate a win my defence goes down. Also this way my systems creates a super strong dopamine rush: first the fight, then the celebration of victory and afterwards pmo nevertheless. It's pathetic, it's sick but my addictive brain is perfectly fine with it.

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