The 2019 X90 Hard Mode High Accountability Elimination Challenge

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  1. Checking in. I'm actually having some difficulty today with visuals. Emotions were on high yesterday due to some work issues that were being made up in my head. I'm alone this week so that's challenging as well. I'm in a good spot right now but earlier was difficult.

    It's funny how when we're in that state, or I am, that all the basics like checking in here, affirmations, gratitude go right out the window.

    I need to work on my conditioning more and make that up front in my face as much as possibe
    Take care everyone
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    I cannot be more thankful.Today is about ten days after last time I relapsed and I feel extremely tempted.Just now I was wondering if I was to fail again because of my mind condition.Fortunately my willpower helped me and I get here.The word "reboot" is the most important part, but I actually overlooked it.I was always trying to fight against my mind while hardly truly set my hand on doing something new.Yes only after my brain has learned to appreciate something else can I say goodbye to this bad addition.I'll try on meditation, reading and more.Thank you for your advice!
  3. Wow man, that's an awesome story, thanks for sharing it, it totally motivated me today!!
  4. Checking in for Saturday!! Feeling awesome today! Yesterday sucked but today is a new day and from yesterday I am born again and with more energy and positivity that before

    My motto's are ...
    Life is happening for me, not too me!
    It's not about me
    All communication is a loving response or a cry for help

    While running yesterday I was repeating those and wanted to put them in a catchy phrase that I'd remember easily. Songs for some reason get stuck in my head for days!! I'm not kidding days and I figured I'd take advantage of it and created this

    Life is happening for me,
    But it's not about me
    Smash my @#$$ing ego and set myself FREE!!

    Have a great day everyone!

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  6. Cool man, good luck.
  7. Checking in for Sunday. Doing great today, no issues.
  8. Hi, checking in day 51. Will need to go on strict hard mode for another 50 days. I will go on social media detox again, observe low-information diet rules, no texting/sexting/dating sites (was engaged in some texting during last week), no PMO, no edging, no touching myself (e.g. breasts) except for hygiene purposes, regular meditation, no entertaining thoughts on fantasies, morning routines in place. I think this will do for the start.
    @I_AM_AWESOME I loved your post that life happens for us not to us. It really does! Your posts are like gems in this thread :)
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  9. Thank you! Does your social media detox exclude this site?
    Great job on your journey, you're doing awesome.
  10. Checking in for Monday. Feeling great, a little worn down from my workout. My back is sore

    Life is happening for me
    But its not about me
    Smash you #$^$$ing ego
    And set your mind free!!!

    1% triggered, I'm going to feel that feeling, appreciate it for 8 am human and breath thru it

    Have a #$^#^$^^$#%%^@% AWESOME DAY !!!!
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  11. Nope it does not - I meant sites like facebook, pinterest and maybe I'll exclude youtube as well for at least 30 days. I like it here - just I have to dedicate my evenings to my kids and I workout in the morning and I work during working hours lol.. sometimes it's very hard, I need to plan my time better.
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  12. ok cool, great to hear! Planning is key! Great job, keep it going!!
  13. Checking in Day 4 and April 2. I'm going to focus on being free and clean for April.

    I was a little triggered a few mins ago but that has passed. I'm in a good space today and grateful for all that I have and all that I am.
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  14. Checking in Day 5 April 3
    Emotions were running yesterday and this morning. Started to fantasize and M, wanted to look at P.
    Recognized this and made the decision to stop.
    Chalking this up as a Win and decided to start tracking Wins instead of losses.
  15. Checking in Day 6 April 4
    Had some challenges this morning. I made the decision to walk away. HUGE WIN!
    Doing great right now in the exact same place I was this morning (alone in my house with every opportunity) but I feel good right now, I know it's a lie and I don't really want it.
    This morning I recognize I was spinning in my head from some insecurities firing .
  16. Checking in Saturday April 6th Day 6
    Awesome day today, great discussion with my gf about life and planning out future. I'm committed more than ever to correcting this need to use sex to feel good.
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    Day 0 Check in. Heartbreaking defeats lately but I'm pushing after it again.

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