The 2021 Green Day Challenge [OPEN]

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  1. tonyk1982

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    Day 21 - I've been away from posting here for a number of reasons, all of which have kept me away from any PMO thoughts or urges. Unfortunately those reasons are challenging emotional situations dealing with marital relationship, death in family, and a personal health issue. That should be enough to keep me away from PMO.

    I read several thoughtful and supportive comments here, it is great to see the group staying connected. I don't have anything to add in support in this regard but am appreciative of all of your efforts. Many thanks.

    I had one red day in January after a 4 month streak.

    Stay strong everyone.
  2. How are we all doing?

    3 days in February have passed already. All my days are green.
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  3. 8 days, no porn. 14 days since that 3 day binge. I am feeling refreshed of the images and pull to look at porn that plagued me All of NOV and DEC.

    Admittedly I have an Amber day yesterday, but trying not to let that get me too down. My wife was looking silly attractive yesterday, I asked once, she said no. I MOd alone in the bed thinking about being with her. No shame guilt. Trying to keep it from becoming a pattern, @Blue Clouds reminded me that's a very slippery slope we must be aware of.
  4. New Focus

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    I thought a check in would be a good idea. I myself do not track amber days simply because it is just a pathway to PMO for me.
    I think amber days can be a slippery slope because deep in our minds we tend to think they are ok because it was not PMO. I have done this in the past with psubs. I get that itch (which is nearly always for psubs, not porn) and convince myself that it is acceptable because it is not PMO.

    Psubs is simply an excuse to look at porn. I know if I look at psubs, a red day is near.

    This is my 31st green day this year. I had 5 red days in January, 4 of them in a 5 day period. I cannot let that happen again.
    Progress is happening, and that is why we are here.

    Lets learn from January and make February a clean month.
  5. fredisthebes

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    Checking in. 3 greens 1 amber and 0 reds so for in February.

    I think the meaning of amber days is very personal, depending what we choose to focus on. Amber for me means MO with no P or Psubs but 'own thoughts'. If i have sex it does not effect the results (will stay green), as my goal is for a healthy sex life not celibacy. I am married btw with young baby.

    The aim is for as many green days and as few red days as possible. Amber days count as a kind of 'neutral', or you can count them together with red.
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  6. Exactly. This is why I'm not Red/Green. When I have an Amber alert I know I need to get myself right, whether it be meditation, a journal entry, a podcast, e-book, video or some other external work to pull me out of the exit lane and back onto the recover highway.

    I guess, theoretically, if we have a few Amber days and no Reds follow....that's an indication of healing as well :)

    Definitely. Whatever works for each. Also agreed that Green Days remain the focus.

  7. Guys,I'm ashamed to say this; especially after reading my entry on Wednesday afternoon... but all was well on WED until bedtime. It was very late, after midnight (I'm pretty sure). I had grinded some time in an Xbox game. I was exhausted, not tired from a morning and evening (2-a-day) workout sessions. An ad for women's Valentine's lingerie hit my social media feed. The night before that I'd had that Amber event, and this time I was alone in the bathroom, after a shower. My wife was in the boys room getting them to sleep. A couple of clicks on the lingerie, and I auto-piloted to a porn site while M. It was so fast. A couple video previews, I saw something I liked, and was done. I went to bed and slept so good. I had told myself I wasn't going to be too down about it, but the next morning... The Addict in me came out. Full strength and armed with the recall powers of showing me what he wanted me to see. I MOd in the morning before work....and at night before bed yesterday. A 20 hour event and I am NOT going to continue today. No way.
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  8. That's what matters now. Good on you.
  9. I had an amber day that I finished off by turning into a red day. The M was just the finishing touch but it occurred so I'm calling it a red day.
    I'm now 3 full days out from it, that's the upside.
    Still, 134 days clean out of the last 138. Somewhere around 350 days out of the last 13 months at least, free of P+M+O. Good.
  10. You're really doing well.
  11. HeadlessKnight

    HeadlessKnight Fapstronaut

    Had a 5 green days cycle with no urges and searches, my mind is gradually understanding that the PMO events had reached the limit, it's very determined to have a full green february.
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  12. Had a red day yesterday.

    Time to turn things around.
    Here we go
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  13. HeadlessKnight

    HeadlessKnight Fapstronaut

    A funny and motivational image I found at internet

  14. 36 green days.
    Every day, every hour is a win.
  15. February is all green days for me.

    I hope everyone is doing well.
  16. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    hey brothers - it all became too much for me last week. The briefest peek at a psub lead to my downfall to PMO. Again, it was hardly worth the effort and I really don't feel the "rush" so wtf am I doing? Just falling back into old habits. What I am learning is that I am still just 8 months into recovery, and I have to daily remind myself of my coping skills AND EMPLOY THEM. The last few weeks have been overwhelming for me on many levels and I ran out of gas and gave up without even trying to abstain. So back at it here, about four days in. Stay focused, be present, stay strong.
  17. New Focus

    New Focus Fapstronaut

    I am sure we all can relate here. I know some can indulge in psub and leave it at that, but I know I cannot. I often tell myself I am just looking at this or that but in reality I know I am pushing myself closer to PMO and I know at some point I will relapse.

    We know it is better to just stay away, but we are easily fooled.

    I know you have already proved how successful you can be and you are only 8 months into this. You are WAY ahead of me.
  18. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    Day 4 - yesterday out at the store, my "creeper" addict brain had me following some provocatively dressed hottie around the aisles, with my head on a swivel looking for just the right curve to stare at. This is bad behavior, from the depths of my PMO addiction. I am straying from a position of strength and centeredness I had a couple of months ago. Back to basics, re-building to minimize my addict self.
    @Blue Clouds - thanks for your kind words and support.
  19. Sounds familiar. Hope you've gotten it out of the system and ready to move forward keeping those"dangerous behaviors" at bay...peeking, looking around orveye candy in public, etc. It doesn't take much to put me back into the I need to have sex or jerk off mentality...thin ice.
  20. HeadlessKnight

    HeadlessKnight Fapstronaut

    Another cycle of 5 days complete, had some tempting thoughts but most of then were controlled by making the right choices and focusing on daily tasks. Seeing images in social media I had felt attraction on things not related to P or fetishes, just felt it on common pictures of girls and bodies. I guess that's the brain rewiring and graduelly being attracted to "normal stuff" as it should be.

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