The 2021 Green Day Challenge [OPEN]

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  1. Brahmacharya_UK

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    Not posted on this thread for a while - but I'm pleased to see the great progress that everyone is making. Most importantly, dusting themselves and trying again if the Red or Amber hits.

    I'm still facing a lot of uncertainty in my personal life - and it has lead me towards places that (I feel) will reliably make me feel a certain way.

    But I am now ABSOLUTELY 100,000% Committed to a new 90 day streak.
    I am only Day 2 but my commitment is unwavering this time.

    Right now I am surfing some NoFap threads like these and checking in, which is important. I am listening to some energetic music - And very much trying to focus on something productive.

    I feel that a dopamine detox may well be on the cards, because so much of my behaviour is still very self-centred and pleasure seeking.

    I still have quite a bad cough left over from the flu - I have purchased a nebuliser and some saline solution online which I hope will improve my health in this regard. Our Health is so very important, we MUST take care of OURSELVES so we can then take care of OTHERS.
  2. Yeah, we definitely are going for the neutered dog outcome. Good job living in a world that is not going to conform to our needs with sexual safety nets everywhere.
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  3. Yesterday was a very strange and hard day. I'm weary of getting too much into anything right at the moment as I don't want to push myself into a relapse. Safe, for now... relationship woes are highest perhaps....ever?
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    Marital stuff is very difficult right now. The pandemic effects approaching a full year is weighing on all our resiliency individually and as couples. For those of us whose marriage was not stable when COVID started (mine wasn't) the last 11 months have been a helluva time to reconcile relationship difficulties. It's not going too well for me currently. It's also been a helluva tough time to overcome a PMO addiction. So let's grace ourselves with some positive recognition for achieving even one day free of PMO; and for those that have accomplished more - congratulations!

    I have spent the last couple days thinking deeply about recommitting to beating my PMO addiction. To getting back to basics and refocusing on the constant effort to use my coping skills to maintain clean thoughts and actions. I do believe that a PMO-free life makes us better men - better human beings - to give us the best shot at having the best relationships we can in our lives. So I am counting on that for the future with my spouse.

    I'm a rookie here, less than a year in and I have much to learn, but I do know that participating in this community is the one thing I can count on that helps me. Thanks all.

    Stay strong.
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  5. 38 Green days.

    "Just keep swimming" -Dory the fish

    I hear you guys that are facing challenges.
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  6. Awesome! I'm right there with you. Here we go.
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  7. Brahmacharya_UK

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    Checking in, day 3 done. Now on day 4. Today I'm working at the care home so keeping my self busy.
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    Day 0 again. Pretty terrible February so far. I'm not even exercising or getting up early. The baby is going a hard stage. or maybe I just can't cope with the normal difficulties because my brain is in such a bad place? Shameful.

    Start again. Never giving up!
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  9. [QUOTE="
    Start again. Never giving up![/QUOTE]

    That's what matters now. Keep going :)
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  10. Today marks 39 green days. Now at 5 straight days. That means I'm 2 days beyond the last streak between relapses.
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  11. tonyk1982

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    Good strategy! I always find coming here helps to keep me on track.
    How is everyone doing?
  12. 3 green, 3 red days this week since Sunday. With bad weather this weekend it's almost certain my date night out will not stick. Doesn't matter, we're on a whole 'nother level of non intimate domestic partnership right now, see my journal if you care to hear about it. Otherwise, stay strong this weekend and hopefully you'll have a memorable and joyful celebration with loved ones.
  13. Today marks 40 green days this year for me. Which is a bit exciting. Very grateful
  14. That's awesome man!
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  15. Feeling terrible. 4 days straight I've been acting out. Last night I was set to make it when Mrs. Compass went to put the boys to sleep. My mind wandered and eventually I told myself, again, it didn't matter. I acted out for another consecutive day. I feel like crap. I probably look like crap too. Half of February is gone tomorrow, and only 28 green days all year. 31 with no P though.

    This month I already have 6 red days, equaling all of January. For progress sake, I should have no more. I'm not sure I can be that guy.
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  16. 40 green days for me as well and 22 day streak. I'm just getting on with life and enjoying the company of my wife as often as possible.
  17. You can be that guy.

    If you're willing to hear it, here is a suggestion.
    1. Focus on what you're grateful for.
    2, Reflect on your wins.

    3. Consider "What do I want, and how do I feel?" (make it a frequently used tool).
    The point of this exercise is to help make us intentional, rather than numb and drifting through life.

    You've likely heard these before. Just offering what might be a good reminder to get back on track.
    I know it's been a helpful for me at least.

    You can be that guy. Feel like him now. bring him into your being.

    Peace to you
  18. Today marks 42 green days (for me). Very grateful. I'll be honest: Sure, there have been challenges of late, so I'm very grateful. for the good. Super charging the positive.

    Wish you all the best
  19. Well, I just had a relapse.
    For sake of ease, I'll call it a red day, though there wasn't really masturbation.

    I feel odd about it since I was just giving @BrohkenCompass encouragement and suggestion.
    I simply failed to heed my own suggestion well enough I suppose. I got caught up in the track.

    Still, I know I can do this. We can.
    I see the improvement and blessings that I've had and have to see them as that.

    I got to say. It could have been a worse relapse so that I'll give thanks for.
    This habit is dying. Let it die now. Let it die before I do.
  20. Tough deal man. I'm sorry to hear of your relapse. I can't deny that sometimes getting on this site, getting the topic right to top of mind...I almost think it opens the portal to relapse. You've been doing great, take your licks and keep going.

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