The 2021 Green Day Challenge [OPEN]

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Deleted Account, Dec 18, 2020.

  1. tonyk1982

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    Congrats! Stay strong.
  2. New Focus

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    Doing well as tommorrow will be Day 80 clean for the year and today I hit double digits, a nice marker for myself.

    It looks like this challenge has slowed quite a bit, but the idea of this challenge rings true.

    Great job @Ian Of Freelandia of such a great start to 2021.
  3. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    Way to go! Saw your really insightful post over the weekend in your journal. Stay strong.
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  4. fredisthebes

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    A good point. I think its an appropriate system for people like me who are still really struggling, to celebrate small wins and incremental progress. If i could rack up a 90 day reset i would, and i hope to be in that position at least by the end of the year. In the meantime, every clean day counts, and every relapse is a learning experience.
    Ive been struggling with this addiction for a long time so it makes sense to try something new.
  5. Last night I was reminded about procrastination, and used it as fuel to push forward here with NoFap, to not procrastinate ending this aspect of my life, to let it go and move on.

    Day 91 Grateful, grateful, grateful.

    Congrats to all of you for making the effort and progress that you are!

    Having breakfast with a wise uncle this morning, reminded me of my blessings.
    Let those extend out to you.
  6. Ah, Friday.
    Today marks 93 Green days for me this year (out of a total 98 days this year).
    I'll be honest, a few of those days I caught a peak of this or that, but I made my away quickly, and thus I've counted them green.

    Slept in today, and had a wet dream.
    Soooo much semen. hahah
    In fact, I had a dream earlier in the morning of the same nature, and moved beyond the temptation.
    (the woman turned into a cockroach as I did. Interesting huh?)

    Of course, it'd be ideal to always retain even in sleep, but I feel peaceful and fine with this.
    Again, I've had dreams that I've passed beyond the sexual draw in before.

    So, I could attack myself with thoughts of what the mind thinks should have been, but I chose not to.
    Life is a process.

    That's my share.

    Wishing you all the best.
    Focus on our wins and keep going friends.
    Your goal is doable.
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  7. Not sure where I really stand. I'll have to go count up my days but here's a few in March I didn't even log. It's been pretty ugly all last month. Pushing for a weekend out of the trouble and that'll make 10 for 11;in April.
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  8. New Focus

    New Focus Fapstronaut

    We are waiting for you to re-ignite the fight. You can do this- always remember that.

    Yesterday was Day 100 of 2021. I come in with 83 green days, which sounds pretty good, but right now my real motivation is to push my current consecutive streak out as far as I possibly can.

    My goal for 2021 is to keep my red days to 20, although my original goal is 36 red days, but I want to push myself here.

    How is everyone else doing?
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  9. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    Steady for now on the no PMO front, although a horrible weekend and this morning with the wife.

    Looks like our group has dwindled to 5 regularly seen members since early March.

    Stay strong all.
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  10. Yes, Yes, Yes. You can do this.

    I'm routing for you! You can do this. If you're willing, you will.
    And 83 days does sound good man!
    If I may, please remember that while you continue towards your larger goals.
    All in alignment.

    Great progress! You continue to be a steady ship in the sea for us. Thank you.


    As for me, believe today marks 97 Green days.
    Aiming to fine tune a bit (reduce those occasions that toe-the-line)

    I came here because while I was taking a nap I realized how grateful I was to be this well removed from PMO.
    I know that I say it in about every post, but I am very grateful.
    Recognizing that helps me tremendously.
  11. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    @Ian Of Freelandia - Presently, I share the "well-removed from PMO" feeling. When I think back of how I would spend at least an hour per day and several multi-hour binges per week with PMO, it almost seems unreal. I have been on a pretty steady practice of meditative breathing for the last few weeks, focusing on different mantras, one of which is "stay strong" - my code words for "no PMO". I send my "stay strong" wishes to all, but especially @BrohkenCompass.
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  12. Yeah, what a wild thing to think back to.
    I'm just recognizing the value in remembering those times.
    It gives me a bit of perspective when it comes to..well, the change in perspective of life that I've been noticing just in the last few days.
    Though I update my count daily, my mind doesn't always recognize the significance of the change.
    Good to recollect like that.

    Let's keep going all.

    As for me, today marks 102 Green days.
    202 clean out of the last 209 days.

    I am very grateful.
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  13. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    Made it through the weekend - another challenging one with the wife plus my mental state drifting towards P imagery. I did not act out but I actually pursued some P thoughts instead of dismissing them.
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  14. Keep going strong, Tony.
    You really are the steady ship in the sea.
    Thank you
  15. Clocking an Amber day for me.

    Thank God, and I mean that, that it didn't become a red.
    Just P images/video.

    Starts just with the desire to be aroused. Just for a movie clip or something.
    Then, the way the internet is, all sorts of things are there that you may not even want to see.
    That's how it went for me.
    And it reminds me that it just isn't worth it.
    Pray I can remember that whenever the urge comes.
    I'm not sure I know exactly what I was looking for,
    but I didn't find it in the slew of images that were plastered in front of me.
    And it only took me to a sad, dark place.
    Some sense of worry pushed me a bit too.

    I don't mean to bring too much attention to it.
    Just needed to write it out.

    Again, am supremely grateful it remains as a amber, and not a red.
    That's the positive side.

    So 104 green. 3 amber. 3 red.

    Now is the time. This is the year for me to end this.
    Whatever happens.
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  16. Just briefly checking in. Not reading too much, tryiyto keep sex, porn, MO, etc out of my thinking.

    I'm well and I trust that you guys are too. Mistakes have been made, but I'm not personally into daily pmo as of now. I'm hsbgiyin there, but although I have strayed from my intentions.

    Life's been crazy busy, relationships are going well, and overall I feel like I'm better than in FEB/MAR despite some P-use.

    Ok that's all I got, this place already getting my addict stirred up

    Stay well.

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  17. Good stuff Compass.
    Keep going friend.
    Wishing you well
  18. Another day in the green and I am super thankful for it.

    Was reading about a mystic from the last century today/yesterday, taking in some of the events that occurred in her life, some intense.
    Then a friend invited me to go rock climbing and I found myself on a climbing wall, 40 feet in the air tonight. Something I haven't done in a while and was not used to.

    Introduced some interesting perspective.

    Again, thankful to be doing this well.
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  19. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    Still at it...a couple of amber experiences in the last week or so but nothing that I feel has comprised my well-being and commitment to being PMO-free. Have not missed being on this site every day. Stay strong.
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  20. Seems today marks 112 green days.

    Feeling like I'm going through some growth, involving some visits to the past.
    It's a strange thing to try to articulate. However, it is giving me a great deal of gratitude for the continued progress.
    This is is it.
    This is the time to take every positive and supercharge it.
    Thankful, thankful, thankful.

    Keep going friends. It's worth it.

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