The 2021 Green Day Challenge [OPEN]

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  1. 113 Green days!

    Last night marked an amber day. Really it was early morning before I went to sleep so I'm marking it as yesterday.
    Had a wet dream later this morning while in bed.

    Here's my April:
    28 Green days
    2 Amber days (p)

    In the "amber", it may feel far and difficult,
    but reviewing the month, I see how possible it is.
    So my aim is to reduce those ambers.

    I'd love to look back and have another 100% green marked in May.

    Now, is the time.
    This is possible.
    Let's go forth.

    Keep going friends.
    Congrats on all improvement.
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  2. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    I made a conscious decision to reset. No triggers, no stress, probably a bit of chaser effect after being with the wife. Just went for it. No regrets actually. If I go 70 days at a streak that 5x per year. I'll take this pace of improvement for now.

    I am working with an AP directly now. Not sure how much I'll be returning to this thread as I want to scale down my time wandering around this site. Stay strong.
  3. 121 Green days.
    83 days since a full relapse.
    Moving along
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  4. 130 green days.
    No amber "line-toeing" in the last week or more.
    Very grateful.

    Summer coming into swing.
    Interesting times.

    Wishing you all the best.
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  5. HeadlessKnight

    HeadlessKnight Fapstronaut

    Haven't been here a lot, it's been a hard year for keeping the days green, trying to come back gradually. I'm not posting but still reading everything, and not many posts last weeks, hope everyone is OK.
  6. Keep moving forward, friend.
    And good work!

    As for me, I feel feel very fortunate to be at 148 green days this year.
    Made it through May without and slips.
    Its been some time coming.
    Just been continuing to focus on the progress, not the gap.
    Seems to have worked quite well.

  7. New Focus

    New Focus Fapstronaut

    Excellent job @Ian Of Freelandia - you are really showing the way.
    I am afraid that our leader, @BrohkenCompass has been absent.

    I nominate you as our leader here, which you are already doing!

    June has been a very tough month for me as I have reset 9 times- my worst month since I kept track 7 months ago. Still, today marks my 145th day clean, which means 36 red days over the course of these 6 months.

    My goal is to be clean for the next 6 months, but in reality I want to greatly improve on those 36 red days.
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  8. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    Our friend Brohken Compass has spent much time and effort organizing this and previous groups. We all owe him many thanks for that. And if I may suggest also a bit of respect by not taking away his leadership role without discussing with him. Perhaps you have DM’d with him in this regard already.

    I too have been away from this group and the forums generally for a number of reasons. Choosing instead to work with AP to limit my time on this site, which practically speaking for me turned into another venue to be thinking about PMO. And a time suck.

    BC - I hope you are well.
    Ian - thanks for keeping the thread alive.

    stay strong.
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  9. Well, I had actually lost track of this forum until the alert from the two of you appeared, @New Focus @tonyk1982 !
    So, thanks for helping me re-find it.

    @New Focus, I have nothing new to say, only encouragement.
    Its easy to feel down during those rough patches, but 145 clean days over 6 months is awesome progress.
    I applaud you.
    Your best month may be closer than you feel, if you can just focus on the progress and straighten out those edges.

    And thanks for the compliment. Certainly I'm leading as I can, first myself and only then others.
    I found that to be a major and important part for me to progress.

    I hope @BrohkenCompass is doing well, at least progressing.
    Yes. Much, much appreciation for his work, as @tonyk1982 stated.

    As for me, today marks 172 Green days. 1 amber (p) day earlier this month.
    Even still, I'm quite pleased. Haven't had a red day in months.
    I count that as a blessing not a boasting.

    Life has been a little crazy lately. Growing pains, doing in short time frames, intense conflicts, challenging. Good stuff.

    Peace to you
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  10. Well, I end the month of June with 28 Green days, 1 amber and 1 red.

    I'm pleased enough.
    At that place where the red doesn't feel like a disaster, but I know it need to be done.
    Fortunately, it was reluctant.
    It wasn't like a run away/break down.

    So, I'd like to say that one is it.
    An even 10 amber/reds for this year would be a good close.
    Fortunately, I feel capable of that at this point too.

    Find myself eating more.
    Sometimes I spot it likely as a reward or pleasure seeking behavour to replace PMO.
    Even still, I've fasted like I never have in this last 3 months.
    Its important to give healthy breaks.

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  11. Hello friends.

    Half of the year has passed. What a journey it has been, and the struggle of addiction fiercely grips each of us daily. As stated in my personal journal... I simply had to break free from this place for a while. After 15 months of daily posts and worries regarding porn and masturbation I was obsessed, defeated, miserable and was not serving myself or others any true worth.

    Thanks to those who've carried the torch, continued to inspire the group to press on and who have stepped up in my absence. I am not sure how I am going to update my tracker as I didn't even take the time to log red days. After a while in March or so I just let it all go. I did not masturbate every day, but the days I did not were more fatigue and circumstance based than attributed to my willpower to fight an addiction. I award myself zero credit and will likely be adding something like 90 red days to the counter.

    On a positive note, I have been doing some self-healing this last month, and I have been preparing for my return here which began last night. I did not have a before bed or an morning ritual breakdown and it was intentional. I am not sure what my goal is for myself other than to get to sleep tonight and hopefully wake up 1+ days clean on Friday.

    There are still Six full months left of this year, and we have so much we can accomplish. I see a few signature blocks still logging Green/Amber/Red days and from what I see some really great work is getting done here. It's encouraging to see this and will be something I recognize more specifically in a future post after looking around NF some more.

    Thanks for being here.
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  12. tonyk1982

    tonyk1982 Fapstronaut

    Good to hear from you BC. Each of our paths our different, and the goal may not be completely PMO-free. I've always viewed bad habits as follows:

    - use
    - abuse
    - addiction

    It may be perfectly fine to be in the "use" category. That is my relationship with alcohol, despite having family history with alcoholism and individual tendencies toward same.

    Stay strong my friend - in whatever category works best for you.
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  13. Wow interesting story as I am an alcohol user; also from a broken dysfunctional family of alcoholic men. I guess I've abused it at times in my younger years, never addicted, and still a casual "user". Maybe I can say casual user about PMO one day but right now its an addiction - defined by me as an inability to stop even when I want to.
  14. Interestingly similar here.

    Good to see you back @BrohkenCompass :)

    PS: Why is it that the smile emoji's on this site look a bit psychotic?
  15. 188 Green days.

    Last night was the closest I came this month to crossing the line.
    Found myself searching on the internet and turning the safe search off.
    But ultimately I closed out the tab and moved on.

    I've slept more since last night and today than I have in a long time.

    I've had two wet dreams. Yes, in less than a 24 hr span.
    In the 1st one, there was no nudity or sex.
    Even in the dream there was an attempt to hold it back.
    But it was strong and already coming (cuming? Harhar.)
    The 2nd one, I don't recall any dream.

    Maybe a bit of a personal share, but I guess that is the gist of this site.

    It's just...interesting.

    Keep going friends.
    Focus on the progress.
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  16. Closing out JUL soon and I fared a few green days that I again, did not track on my calendar consistently. I had a couple of sexual encounters with the Mrs., and after one she commented on how I did not "feel real" after taking Viagra and it was not as enjoyable as usual. A couple days later I energized myself towards taking care of her, and at the end I moved in to be with her foolishly and the PIED was evident and created an uncomfortable moment I haven't had in a while - thanks to Viagra. Anyways... I have a monor goal of having my chart updated on Monday - getting it all sorted out over the weekend, hopefully updating my journal and my coun ters to the best of my recollection and pretty much setting up for a run from AUG-DEC to maybe end the year on a momentous wave of progress.

    Big words, I know. We shall see if it holds any meaning later.
  17. Hanging in there. Been busy today. I took a sick day and hung with the boys so she could have space and go get a pedicure. Her toes needed some love. We had a basketball game tonight, my kid scored a basket that was cool.

    Big weekend ahead with family visiting, brother, niece, and a cousin night all be here at once and possibly overnight. I'm settling into the idea that I'm actually okay for a moment and I don't hate myself so much today.

    Temper is short. Really short. I'm yelling at the boys, they deserve it, but I'm really really giving it to them when they're fucking up. The Mrs. Is backing me, so at least Im not overboard....yet.

    No plans for intimacy. Just hanging out, being close, working k me and keeping our friendship part of our relationship solid. We really have bern getting along so much better al Year, despite a few "too much sex, not enough sex" fights. Overall guys, I am feeling solid. Not worry about her at all. Not wondering what she's up to if not talking to me. I'm in a safe place , just wouldn't mind a few more intimacy moments per month. Nut.....'s okay.

    I say that, but I've been wanking off daily for a while now so there's that. Depression has increased as a result. I wasn't having panic / anxiety attacks for a bit. Between the NoFap, the testosterone therapy, and now I'm wearing my mask at night, I think I kinda had the anxiety quelled. But then I started falling in April and then the T levels dropped as my cycle ended, and I was having nasty anxiety moments.

    I recharged the T mid June. Anxiety still high - BUT been jerking off in the am and pm religiously, bit mention sone mid day ones too. Crazy I know. Sad,. I know. Something I can get past.... I know.
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  18. Made it a week +. Still going. I'll add some green days when I get a chance.
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  19. Not sure exactly where I stand.
    Did well through the month of July and then fell into it near the end, amber and 2 reds.
    July 22nd, 24th and 30th (or 29th, not sure).

    So, going clean through month of August.

    Been a busy and emotionally challenging few weeks...confused sometimes.
    Clarity I value.

    I can feel I've hit a bit of a rut in the road.
    So, repairing and going forward.

    Taking that advice I frequently give.
    "Focus on the progress, not the gap."
    Though I have high standards,
    all in all, this has been a good year of NoFap.
    I'm pleased. I'm happy.


    If there is something I've learned, it is things can change fast when we let go of the expectations and allow it
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