The 30 challenges that will boost your personal development in 30 days

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  1. Dr. Jekyll

    Dr. Jekyll Fapstronaut

    It also probably goes without saying that the Spanish idiom is not meant to imply that a lie is ever a pious act.
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  2. yes, exactly, that I meant.... Sorry:p
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  3. Duellant

    Duellant Fapstronaut

    Ah I see. I thought it would mean a very severe lie.
    Well, white or not, I need to become more honest. But how to be really honest as an porn addict? Is that even possible? To be fair, most people have their secrets and everybody has a privat life that isn't openly shared with everybody else. But I'm so used to have this secret life where I do things like watching porn or fight the addiction which is also a secret... it's messed up. I identify much with this crap and kind of feel like a looser at the same time don't dare to speak about it ... shit!
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  4. You are honest with yourself when you are here. and if it can be clear. If you talk about this with someone outside because they lie? You can not lie with something you do not talk about. believe me when I tell you that the time will come when you will not be ashamed to say I went, because it will be past and with that past you will help the present of many, physically or virtual you will help them.
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  5. Duellant

    Duellant Fapstronaut

    Muchas gracias, Sychar! Me lo ha ayudado. (Lo ha ayudadome ??)
    Voy a creer a este idea: the time will come when I won't be ashamed to say I went.

    And I will go all the way.

    Con cariño!
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  6. It is a very nice detail of your part to write in Spanish. <3 thanks, and I'm glad I could help you. I hope to witness that change. :)
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  7. 24. Instead of eating out on weekends, cook at home:
    Not only will you save money, but you will perfect your gastronomy skills. Search recipes online and learn to cook those dishes you dream so much.

    You have Tasty on Facebook for example, not only will it be making food, it can be an interesting plan to share with your partner. Here is an example:

    This can be an opportunity to improve your eating habits, stop spending money on the street and you can control what foods, what brands and what nutrients you are eating.
  8. 25. Invest 10 minutes of your night to reflect on what you experienced:
    What is not measured can not be improved. So if you want to know how to be successful, invest 10 minutes of your night, for 30 days, to evaluate your day.

    Ask yourself what decisions you made, what events affected you, what reactions were right and what went wrong.

    If you can, take note of the things you can improve and those that made you happy. Never forget that gratitude is the door to new opportunities for success, but if you appreciate what you have, you will hardly get more in your life.
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  9. 26. Talk to new people for 30 days

    I know I mentioned it in other threads but it really works!
    Expand your social capital, meet new people that offer you a different perspective and a new point of view. Choose wisely the type of friendships that surround you.

    Do not limit yourself to the same people as always, not because they do not have the courage to give you, but to continue growing as a person.

    Talk to your colleagues in your office who are in another area, in your gym, at a party, at a family meal, among others.

    At first it may seem difficult and it may give you some pain, however at 30 days it will be easy for you.
  10. 27. You pay your debts and do not buy new ones for a month
    For the next 30 days make sure you live as you always promise you will.

    This translates into living below your income, not buying things on impulse, create a budget and stick to it, save and invest your savings.

    Challenge of personal development: For a month take care of paying the debt that most affects your personal finances, and make sure you do not get new ones that make you mortgage your future to be able to pay them.
  11. 28. let go to a person or relationship that make you damage:

    rodéate of people who draw the best version of you, you motivate to take your dreams, you inspire to getting every day to continue working for your dreams. Don't let the usual and what to say of others you Aten to relations you negatively affect. If you think, relationships more you hurt are based on a routine and commitment.

    Challenge of personal development: so over the next 30 days creates a new where these people toxic are not present.
  12. 29. Forgive someone who deserves a second chance:
    Many times the pain that a person causes us does not depend on their behavior but on the way we assume it.

    That is to say, the pain comes more from a self-hurt issue, and not from the behavior of the other.

    Be bigger than your ego, than your own recognition and have the courage to forgive someone who made a mistake and is willing to change.

    Think of forgiveness as a good business for you, since you can move forward in your life.
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  13. Dr. Jekyll

    Dr. Jekyll Fapstronaut

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  14. Following this, I want to start the first day tomorrow and keep this up.
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  15. 30. Document your 30 days with a photograph and a message

    To finish these challenges for your personal development, make sure that your experience of living 30 challenges that will change your life in 30 days is documented.

    With your cell phone, capture the best moment of your day and which exemplifies your challenge.

    Additionally write something that is born for each photo, you can share it on Facebook, on Twitter, or you can create your own blog.

    Turn this day, on the first day, of the best stage of your life with these 30 challenges.
  16. curiositykilledthewho?

    curiositykilledthewho? Fapstronaut

    Day 1.
    Firstly, I'm POSITIVE that this is the challenge I need. I felt as though I was only focused on kicking PMO and I was forgoing an amazing opportunity to challenge myself in other areas. As I write this very sentence, I realize the happiness I deserve and am entirely capable of receiving. I can feel it right now, I can feel it in an hour, I can feel it tomorrow, and whenever else I want to. I just have to choose it, and I do.
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  17. that's really impressive ... I know that's how he'll be friends.
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