The 30-day no lazy phone use challenge!

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  1. I want to beat the laziness in all possible ways. Yesterday I borrowed a book about digital detoxification and there I read that we unlock our phone every six minutes (on average). So what if we stand up every single time we use our phone? That would probably do a huge impact to our lives!

    The challenge is simple:

    For 30 days you are going to stand up every time you are using your phone. Every single microsecond.

    Unlock the phone? Stand up first. Stand up until you are finished and the phone is locked again. Got a notification and want to see what it is? Stand up. Want to check what time it is if you wake up at night? Stand up soldier! You get the idea.

    * You start at day 0
    * If you fail to stand up before you look on your screen you have to reset your counter

    So... how hard can it be? Fight strong, live long! :)
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  2. Ok, so now it's morning and I'm in. Wish me good luck.

    0/30 :D
  3. Good luck to everybody and I'm in too
    Day 0
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  4. That’s great! Happy to have you here :)
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  5. Going on and writing this comment while standing up
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  6. 0/30 after eight hours :emoji_joy:

    Had the phone beside me when I sat down and it vibrated so I reacted by looking. Starting over!
  7. I'm still going on, standing and typing this
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  8. Good job :D

    I was very close to reset my counter again. I made dinner and brought the phone to the table and I was holding it in my hand while I sat down. Luckily I realised where this was going before anything happened... :p
  9. I talked to my mom on call while sitting yesterday. So day 0 again
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  10. I just texted a friend while sitting. Reset again :emoji_laughing::emoji_joy:
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  11. I think that's the reason only we two are in this challenge. Its really hard
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  12. Yes, indeed! It's very entertaining as well, I realize how close I always bring my phone. Always connected... Hopefully I will make my first day soon! Reset again one hour ago :confused:
  13. Only two hours left for you, hope you will make your first day. Four hours for me, holding my thumbs :D
  14. Day 1 completed but back to day 0 on day 2
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  15. I
    I am in from today
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  16. Day one completed! It feels like a huge success, lol :D

    That's great, welcome to the challenge! Prepare for something hard ;)
  17. This is absolutely amazing!


    Today I've been on a bussiness trip and I besides that I survived a three hour train journey, I had a very nice dinner with myself. Without this challenge I would have had my phone on the table and when the slightest feeling of boredom had come, I would have unlocked my phone and just wasted my time looking at the screen. Not this time! Instead I was looking out through the window and the whole feeling was so nice and relaxed, I was baffled how nice it could be to just sit there alone and enjoy such a nice dinner.

    Having had three resets in this challenge before I even reached the first day, I am finally getting the hang of it and I can so much recommend it!

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