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  1. Hey Fapstronaut, i'm 20 years old french student, i want to start a report on my no PMO journey to list my improvements and my difficulties.
    I'm trying to reboot since october or november 2015 but i only make it to day 15 max.
    This i'm determined to make it to 90 days and I WILL NOT FAIL !
    I'm currently at day 15 and i will update this report at least once a week.

    DAY 15

    -In flatline since day 7, the first days of flatline were rude, i really felt like i had no dick, i kinda felt depressed, and very tired. Now i'm getting used to it and i appreciate the peaceful side of the flatline.

    -I had a little morning wood this morning, the first since i'm in flatline, but it didnt last long.

    -I'm less tired than past week, but still a bit lazy.

    -No desire to girls at all, but no desire to porn either

    -I will start a vitamin C cure today, i would like to avoid medication but i have to be in a good shape for work and end of the year exams.
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  2. DAY 22

    I beat my record !!

    - Still in flatline but i'm much less tired and no longer depressed at all

    - I gain energy, i have a better posture and i feel much more attractive day by day

    - I got morning wood every day, but strangely still not sexualy attracted to girls

    - Last effect that i wasnt expected: I speak better! i mean i use complex words now, that i wasnt using before and i enunciante words better.

    Only positive stuff for my 22th day, it really worth it.
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    Whoot! So great to read!!
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  4. the_navigator

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    Remember that porn and excessive masturbation are similar to any type of drug, your brain has been chemically wired to expect them and need them. Just like smoking or anything else. This also means that you are going to go through various forms of withdraw, which from what you are writing it sounds like. Just keep going. I just hit 60 days, the first 30 were rough the second 30 were not as bad. Personally I think that was largely due to recovery.

    What helped me the most was every time I wanted to look at porn on my computer I would come on this site and read and post. When that didn't completely take the edge off then I would call people in my program and my sponsor. This got me though the day and the next was always a little easier.

    Just stay the course and create strategies when the urge hits. Waiting till the craving is unbearable is not the time to figure out a mitigation strategy. Everyone can do this with help and support. Don't isolate and take it one day at a time.

    If you feel like you don't have a "member" at times then there is nothing to worry about PMO with something you don't have. I know very strange logic...but was actually something I went though. It was only there for "bodily functions" nothing more.
  5. Sorry i don't speak english well so i cannot understand your 3rd and last paragraph, but thanks for the support! By saying that your 30 past days were not as bad, you mean that you werent flatlining anymore?
  6. the_navigator

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    I was talking about your penis when I used the word "member". "bodily functions" for peeing. The thought was flat-lining right now is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead of being frustrated by it, enjoy the freedom from wanting to fap or other forms of acting out. I enjoyed those times when it felt like nothing worked or wanted to work, it meant that my mind was in other more healthy places. We as addicts are used to our genitals being the main focus of our existence it seems strange when we start to change the focus.

    You are doing great, whatever is working for you keep going.
  7. Yes i try to enjoy this no libido period even if it's confusing when everything is about sex in your life. Thank you keep going ;)
  8. DAY 29

    almost 1 third!

    No big changes since the last time

    - Urges are coming, but i don't especially want to fap, just really want to have sex ahah

    - My motivation is still improving, i manage to motivate myself to smoke less cigarettes, clean my room, eat better and doing my work better.
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  9. soulrebel

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    Hey man I'm glad to see you doing well. From what I'm reading you're well on you're way to you're goal. You got this!!!!!!!!
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  10. DAY 36

    No improvements this week

    No positive stuff to add today, lack of energy and motivation.
    Big chaser effect because i had sex
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  11. DAY 46

    Each day is different, i go through phases, and sometimes weird ones.
    One day sex isn't in my mind at all, the other day I only think about that. I realized that maybe because of porn, i was really obsessed by sex.

    Otherwise i'm glad to be at 46 days, half of the journey is done, or maybe it's just the beginning ahah.
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  12. TheDancingPotato

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    Great job brother, I m here for you and with you on this journey!
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  13. keep it up! Your thread is motivating
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  14. Thank you both of you. You're motivating too.
  15. hunter90

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    Iam in the 46 day too , and already getting great and positive emotions, magically improved confidence. ... i think this is the the successful journey. .
  16. Congrats, stay strong until the end.

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