The battle starts ... NOW

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by The Blue Ocean, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. The Blue Ocean

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    I thought it is time for me to understand myself, improve myself and FIGHT!
    This is a fight I am more than willing to take!
    I have fallen too many times!
    Now is the time to rise!

    I am a student, that has become tired of falling back and replasing every single week! This is the time! - - I will join NoFap and stop watching porn and stop fapping!

    Wish me luck!

    And good luck to you as well!
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    Pmo, drinking alcohol, getting high, drinking too much of caffeine, energy drinks have all in common that are very bad and have a tremendous effects on our health... They are very negative, but the problem is that today are shown like they are popular, but is itpopular to have a ruined, lonely life without a chance of getting a job, orbeing a better person... They want us to believe that so they can earn money on our health and stupidthinking... Don't be like others, belike it's right, be natural, go for awalk, do some pushups, dont drink dont smoke dont do pmo, dont be piece of crap so get up and start to be a person who is worth living and when you wake up in the morningthink to yourself wow thanks God I am alive and I can do something good for myself and for the others... And never give up chasing yourdream even if it is very hard orlate... It's never too late until youdie... Yes, of course, they will say you are weird, that you arent popular, that you dont know how to live popular... But ask your heart not them... Ask your soul, your body, ask your religion. Don't listen toothers, listen to yourself and results you bring with your discipline... Ibelieve in this world, and I have adream that one day I will be free of my only addiction pmo... I havenever been drinking alcohol, smoking never on anything wrong. Pmo is the only problem I have and I am determined to solve it my friends... Brothers, What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity #NeverGiveUp#WARRIORSOFTHEWORLD************************************
  3. The Blue Ocean

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    Wow! What a powerful post! Thank you!
    Let's fight and NEVER give up!!
    #Stay_Strong, #Get_Stronger!
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