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the bday gift :pride and 30 days nofap

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Pati_ryu, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Pati_ryu

    Pati_ryu Fapstronaut

    okay so i bcm 23 just 2 days.i had severe pmo addiction. i would be filled of self hate and tension of being impotent or ED. i wanted to live a meaningful life and to quit it to be more pure more real in real world. and then i did it.....a 30(a long time enough to post a success story)nofap streak and i am planning to go for 90 days now...yes it's possible i have done it 30 days have to do it twice more and will be done what seems a superhuman task to most of men and will acquire some manly smartly handsomly traits and who knows some super powers too.
    yeah i am the one guy who is protecting himself for marriage and yes the nofap itself is beautiful. i mean i am not wasting seminal energy on being creep low being.also i have confidence that i had done clean streak for my bday...a loyalty to myself. so celebrate this and i enlist some points with no specific titles.
    1. i didnt journalled everyday. i would make a healthy thing a monotonous task.so i was instead more aware to see what i do.
    2. i dint backdown after a nightfall. we dont call it as a relapse or a reset. but it kind of bog us down to just relpase to our urges but never back down. let the feeling go.
    3. i am a commoner like you. i had joined nofap about 2 years ago and relapse like idiot would read success stories and think of all vitalities but relapsed so much...and this time i am above who are merely watching and reading success stories of other...come on have a plan..come here it is a nice feeling.
    4. not much changes...like morning wood or strong libido or frequent erections or heavy voice.but inside i feel better like i am living like a hard working focused man who want waste time on internet and will be proud of this streak.
    5.celebrate small success. yes i was proud of a 45 day streak i did when i was in attachment with a girl...now i did it for myself. (i just realised i deserve a badamshake for it). so no matter if some guy would have done 3 years of nofap or would be streaming p ..i dont care i done minimum requirement of writing a succes story...30 days.
    6. i kept myself busy...i did osme study daily not would go on bed and end up relapsing. i would innstead win or lose inreal life. io had a plan to wake up earliest i can ..around 6 and go to coaching and return at 5 pm. i would fall asleep without night phone.
    7. i avoided my phone. now my father owns that android phone. i am goku beating androids now. so no chance of relapse as that villian had made me relapse 100 times .
    so thats enough said. i deserve a badge for this....and guys plz be loyal to urself go on.
  2. Brijendraa

    Brijendraa Fapstronaut

  3. egyptian

    egyptian Fapstronaut

    Congrats man! Happy Birthday!
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  4. Pati_ryu

    Pati_ryu Fapstronaut

    thanks buddy :)
  5. Pati_ryu

    Pati_ryu Fapstronaut

  6. Pati_ryu

    Pati_ryu Fapstronaut

  7. Arnuld

    Arnuld Fapstronaut

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  8. Pati_ryu

    Pati_ryu Fapstronaut

    thanks arnold .
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  9. FrenchOliver

    FrenchOliver Fapstronaut

  10. Pati_ryu

    Pati_ryu Fapstronaut

    what does gg means anyway:)
  11. Congrats, Goku beating androids eh ;) Be Gohan & destroy the perfect cell :p Anyways thanks for sharing & good luck :) Belated happy bday !! :emoji_call_me:
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  12. Pati_ryu

    Pati_ryu Fapstronaut

    thanks for the heartliest wishes. i had relapsed today after a streak of 52 days. i wish i had read this before . btw i am starting again today only.with day 0. this time i will make past 90 days.
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  13. It's okay my friend, as long as you don't quit that's what matters!! Cheers & good luck :) You can do this!! Congrats on 52 days, that's an awesome streak !!
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  14. Pati_ryu

    Pati_ryu Fapstronaut

    Thanks man

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