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    Hi everyone im Yekta from Turkey. Im 17 yo and im fapping since grade 7 im now grade 11 and i started to feel like i need to exit fapping. I was a guy who dont have pussy to speak with girls like 7 months ago or something like that, i fell in love with someone who not gonna love me for my fattie ass. Started to do lifting etc. Lost 30 kg i was 130kg but now im 100 and than i just think why do i need to lose fat for this girl i feel like i need to improve myself better in my mental and my body i will gonna start to do lifting again i wanna lose 20 kg more, in that patch i want to quit from masturbate too. This is my first day with NoFap i will be glad if guys gonna help me in the pills thing. Thanks
    Sorry if i had mistakes speaking english.

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