The benefits keep working even when you're in flatline

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by suspicious_man, Sep 7, 2022.

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    My last thread was August 26, at this moment (Sep 7) is my 101 days streak. All the benefits is continuing to going on and on. I'm not intended to explain this hyperbolically, just reporting as objective : my colleagues, my friends, on college almost always greet me wherever i walking past such as corridor, field, Parking spot, even i try to hide sometimes so i can walk without being noticed. And some people I don't know are also staring at me longer - something that i never experienced when i was a broken guy aka PMO mode. Im able to hold the eye contact with random girl I passed by until they avert their glance (and they glance at me afterwards).

    The flatline is a topic that often concerns me. Many people failed because of the flatline, they think that the flatline is the phase which is everything goes back to normal. No. What flatline does is actually recalibrating your former normal to new normal. The benefits you achieved didn't vanish, your body already adapted to them, but your mind didn't. Your mind thinks that something is gone, but actually "that things" has been working unconsciously.

    Honestly, I do feel the boredom and empty when I come home after many activities in my campus and call it a day. That's so human, alright? However, the significant difference are these benefits compare to PMO mode (my former ugly version). Those social attraction which was like a foreground APK, now works as background APK, they're operating subconsciously. When i was pmo, i can't even withhold the eye contact to stranger even for 1.5 sec.

    Stay Strong King!
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    Really great.
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    I feel it man. I understand it completely. Firstly, applause for your 30 days streak, no matter you got setback, just keep going. About the urges, it becomes massive when it reaches 2-4 weeks, and then decreases over time as long you don't edging. Just prevent yourself for any access to triggering factors. For physical benefits, usually it will take place like your face Looks fresher, better concentration, etc.

    But for some social aspects. I get it man, the society just getting more individualistic and not caring about anyone. The things i said about my colleagues greeting me is just because they are my friend or at least my acquaintances. Thus, the circumstances condition makes the social interaction happens. Basically, it's not the effects of nofap itself that makes these. It is because : (1) i involved in some social-community organizations in my campus. (2) i live in Asia, one of the eastern culture is greeting each other when they pass by. Maybe, if still do pmo, people still greets me but the quantity is lesser. So, whatever you do people still greet you. The Nofap Just help me to boost the social skill.

    Bro, just keep on nofap. They stay silence in their cube is not that your abstinence failed to spark your achievement. The society only getting more worse. Even in eastern culture, they are also more becoming individualism. If you feel suck but you're in nofap, it is much better than pmo mode. I get it man, you're feeling bad rn, let's talk about comparison. Imagine how disastrous your "feeling bad" if you were on pmo compare to your "feeling bad" but on nofap, it feels much lighter. When we're on Nofap, at least our mind and body have "resistance armor", and resilience so when we feel bad, ourself doesn't receive too many mental damages. Otherwise, if we give up and back to pmo, even one small problem have such a big damage to our emotion.

    Keep strong on nofap bro, it gives us mental armor as our treaks going on. It gives us power in this doomed society
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    At least you graduated! It´s a very good achievement! I'm old for college and my graduation is really f*cked up and I will try to finish it, but I'm afraid to lose it because I made many mistakes and PMO is connected to that.

    About social life. If you can't have social life with your job colleagues try searching for groups with common interests (sports, hobbies etc). Maybe you won't find a date, but it will be an oportunity to practice your social skills.

    About urges, I try to clear my mind ( don't think too much) and focus on important things like studying. Exercise is a very good tool too. Go run, make push ups, buy a punch bag etc.

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