The Best Accountability Partner You Can Ever Have - YOU HAVE TO DO IT FOR HIGHEST PURPOSE

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    Your Ideal Self.

    That's it. That is the best accountability partner you will ever have. Please read on to understand what exactly I am saying and exactly how to go about your NoFap journey with this new-found motivational insight - an insight that has allowed me to reach my streak that you see in my badge below with exceptional clarity.

    I am only writing this post because I have been YOU at some point. I have gone through multiple phases of doing NoFap only to falter due to some short-term pleasure-seeking behaviour that I engaged in in the moment only to let go of my "streak", further allowing me to just give up and 'fap' as much as I want as I knew there was always that tomorrow to start my streak again.

    Now, the concept of the ideal self will bring you such long-lasting motivation and will-power that NoFap would become connected to your highest purpose as a man in this ONE LIFE THAT YOU GET. THE ONE SHOT AT LIFE. If you put this to action brothers, believe you me, this journey would align with your HIGHEST IDEALS AS A MAN.

    Let me explain the HOW.

    Sit down. Get a pen and a sheet of paper. On the paper, write NoFap on the top of the sheet of paper and then draw 2 arrows on opposite directions beneath the words that you would have written above. On the left arrow, write "IF I DON'T DO", and on the right arrow, write "IF I DO".

    Now comes the interesting bit. Now I want you to REFLECT. Reflection has a tremendous power to allow you to reach the depths of your being and truly understand the "why" and the "what if" of a certain behaviour or of a certain action you engage in.

    Under the arrow to the left, make bullet points and for each bullet point, IMAGINE your self into the future and for each bullet point start writing the things that you think would happen if you continue on the "IF I DON'T DO" path. As an example, a few of my bullet points were: Erectile Dysfunction, Low Self-Esteem, Relationship Problems, Anxiety, Feeling of Negativity, Unhealthy Addiction to Sex, etc.

    Now, under the arrow to the right, make bullet points and for each bullet point, IMAGINE your IDEAL SELF, the self that is the end-result of YOU achieving your HIGHEST PURPOSE in this ONE LIFE as a man. These are the bullet points that would be an end-result of the "IF I DO" path. As an example, I wrote: Self-Trust, Self-Confidence, Positive Energy, Improved Mental and Emotional Clarity, Diamond-Cutter Dick, Better Skin and Hair, Long-lasting and Meaningful Relationships, etc.

    Then, the final bit is to sit back, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths where you engage your CORE with your breath (an astute element of the infinite presence all around us), and the envision BOTH the self from the left arrow and your IDEAL SELF. Focus more on the IDEAL SELF, but even if I don't suggest focusing here, the depths of your inner-being as a MAN will make you focus on the IDEAL SELF.

    That, my brothers, is your TRUE POTENTIAL. With this one life you get in this infinite universe, you cannot rob the world and the beings all around us of THAT TRUE POTENTIAL.

    Keep that sheet of paper by your bedside (or wherever you are most prone to fap) - could also be right in front of the toilet seat - whatever it is - you get the idea! That, my brothers, will be the BEST ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER YOU CAN EVER HAVE.

    I believe all of us have a purpose in this world to bring about positive change. I am not talking about a materialistic change such as improving some technology or building some skyscraper. I am taking about your HIGHEST PURPOSE. Your true potential is unlimited my brothers and you owe it to YOURSELF and EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD of working at and materialising that HIGHEST PURPOSE.

    I hope it helps you as much as it has done to me. But something tells me it will! I have faith in all of us to achieve it.

    I wish you well.
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    Ya I think that’s a good thought. It’s always good to weigh the positives against the negatives and it helps you see that there really aren’t ANY positives to porn. Making the list can help remind us of that when we get weak and feel like maybe it’s not so bad to just give a look and it would be “fun”.. We have to remember all the negative effects it has on us before we fall back into it.
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    Yes, absolutely

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