The best advice to avoid relapse.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by bigboibez, Aug 5, 2019.

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    Whats good people,

    Up until yesterday I had a perfect month of no PMO with absolutely no artificial sexual stimulation. I was making real progress.

    Yesterday I was hit with unexpectedly large urges. I ended up going on a stars twitter page for like 30mins. I never watched an actual P video and never MO'd. I didn't dwell on anything like images or videos. the majority of it was text. there were a few moments where I saw pornographic material, but I didn't stay on it long.

    Now in the past I would have thought 'you idiot, you've ruined your efforts, back to square 1'. This would have lead to actual relapse, possible binge, guilt, shame all that good stuff.

    However, yesterday I managed to use my experience for the better. I realised that the best thing to do was to forgive myself for this. it was an extremely minor slip up, one that probably did minimal damage. instead of curing my urges, the brief twitter encounter made them even stronger, but I was able to overcome them. relapses usually cure your urge and make u feel depressed. this was quite the opposite. it made it harder to beat the urge. that indicated to me I hadn't satisfied the urge. which is a good thing for recovery.

    I am not trying to make excuses for myself. I know that obviously peeking isn't good for recovery but I have learned to accept my mistakes and realise that as long as I don't act on this the damage is almost certainly non-existent.

    32 days clean and because I realised that it was a minor slip up and stopped it there and then I can safely say I still have that progress under my belt. if I had given up it would have gone down the drain.

    so my main point is this. if you slip and see something on Instagram, search for something, whatever. it isn't too late. you can leave the room, and occupy yourself with something else. likely doing that will increase your urges even more, but as long as you don't PMO the urges will subside and you'll get through it.

    I am so glad I didn't relapse. the journey continues. 1 step closer to freedom.
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    What about quiting all social media apps for faster recovery?
  3. bigboibez

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    Quitting social media wont speed up recovery if youre not looking at p subs.

    For most people social media is a major trigger so quitting it helps them control and reduce their urges. But it is not a necessity. As long as you arent looking ay any artifical stimulation, youre good.

    I did quit most social media though because it was triggering. If youre struggling with nofap quitting social media is a good place to start
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    At every moment, we are volunteers. Good advice!

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