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    I have tried every supplement there is in health, longevity, biohacking, gym, nootropics. You name it.

    But the best for me is semen retention, always when I do this practice I never get sick, full of energy, more focus, strong, smart, aware.

    Right now I'm almost a year without taking any supplements, not even coffee, no stimulants at all.

    I'm almost a year streak of semen retention, sometimes I feel tempted to buy a supplement to strengthen the immune system or to study more efficiently but I purposefully don't do it so I become more resolute in my semen retention journey.

    I know that if I fap or ejaculate there is not a pill or special food to repair the damage. All I have is my semen retention. You can't buy that.
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    Do make sure you're getting all your daily vitamins and minerals though.

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    Totally.. If I summarize the recipe which produces a inwardly content and joyous life then I would say there are 5 main principles:
    1. spiritual practice
    2. Semen retention
    3. Diet
    4. Good lifestyle habits
    5. Dopamine fasting

    All of these principles give balance and energy and health to the mind, emotional body, and physical body.
    A true spiritual practice is the highest principle in the sense that it helps to see the illusion of this long time believed idea that 'I am just an independent autonomous human construct that is trying to survive and be happy'-- This idea will finally be seen as false and will be merged with my true Self--which is formless consciousness. This true Self is always content without any cause... This is the end goal for everyone, so to speak...
    But semen retention is the highest earthly tool that my human self can practice because without it then there is no effective spiritual practice. Because I wont have any power for transformation or to transcend this human identity. My mind will be too dull and insensitive to allow Grace to dissolve my human identity. My intuitive powers would also suffer and so I wouldn't be able to get the higher downloads that the Universe is always making available to those who have the capacity to receive it.
    Also, the other principles that I mentioned wouldn't bear any real fruits because the ill effects of spilling my essential fluid/power would nullify the benefits of all the other principles, for the most part. I know, because I have tried...
    But knowing or believing this isn't enough. Its a good start and important, but there still seems to be an evolutionary journey that cant be totally skipped. It took me several years of trying and relapsing before something inside finally just stopped and surrendered. In that moment--going beyond the grip of the sexual instinct was effortless. Something inside just stopped and surrender took place at the core of my being. That cant be done with human power alone. I call it Grace, or the Universe or God, etc. It doesn't matter the name-- but its a power that is greater than our human power.
    And that comes in its own perfect time. We cant figure it out or demand that it arrives Now.. We can just stay open and be willing and keep going... At some point a "click" or shift happens...This is for sure-- for anyone who has in their heart to be free.... Its just a question of time...
    But it was necessary for me to fail for several years and to keep trying and not beat myself up for failing, and burn up all this desire that I had to experience certain things (lust, wanting attention from girls, etc.) that always kept me bound and caused misery in the long run... as well as trying to wrest satisfaction in momentary pleasure (porn and masturbations) followed by a much longer duration of misery. I had to taste that poison over and over again before I could be free of it.
    I only share this for those who feel they really want to be free, but yet continue to relapse. Because that used to be me for a long time. I had to accept and understand that it was part of my growth and maturity process that I had to go through, even though it didn't seem to make sense, and was self-destructive, and I didnt always enjoy it. Human life is like that!
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