The better books that you have read

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  1. "Relationships and Higher Purpose" by Marshall Vian Summers, as well as "Steps to Knowledge", which is a book of spiritual practices to get in touch with your inner self, 1 step/day for 365 days.
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    The alchemist by paulo coelho.

    Really good read for men.
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    Fightclub is a great read - I watched the movie first in highschool and it blew my 16 y/o mind. Normally, people are disillusioned by a book after watch the film, but I thought the book was great. I wouldn't really say it helped me achieve anything, but it did take a lot of focus off of pron. It was refreshing to find a book about a bit of an anti-hero and I ended up reading a lot of Chuck P. after that.

    The Day of the Triffids is one I read recently which is my gf's favourite book. It's pretty dark to read right now being about an apocalypse, but it's really well detailed and immersive.

    The Kite Running is still my favourite book. Once again, found it while I was in highschool and I think Khaled Hosseini is a brilliant writer - he can speak to that feeling of emptiness I think we all have at that teenage juncture in our lives. A few twists keeps things interesting and there's a really palpable love between the characters that's matched by the hate of the antagonists. I should read it again actually and make sure it still stands up.

    If you like longer books, I think James Clavell is really good - Shogun if you want samurai and smart protagonists in a clash of cultures between the West and East, Tai-Pan if you want trading on the orient and classic high seas action.

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