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  1. No no, not my 30th birthday...been there, done that lol. Yesterday was my completion of my first 30 days of the NoFap experience. Like many others here, I have tried and failed for years to abstain from PMO. I would usually go at most a week or two, I would get triggered (usually by stress), relapse, and then feel like crap for a while. Rinse and repeat.

    I think what has been different this time is that I am seeing everything written out in black and white, and I am a competitive person, so I want to drive myself to meet my goals. Previously, I was just vague about it and said I'll just stop doing it but have no goal or plan on how to do it. I also read up and researched the impacts of PMO on the body and mind and couldn't believe the lies I had been telling myself to rationalize my actions. Being on here and reading others' stories, struggles, and successes have been huge motivators too.

    The benefits are real. Anyone who has read my other writings knows I don't buy into the "superpowers" per se, but I have had an improved mood, much less stress and anxiety, fewer anxious thoughts, and yes, I have even been noticing more attention from females. I also have had fewer urges to even think about porn, and I find I don't miss it. One drawback I have noticed is wildly fluctuating energy levels...which frustrates me because I do have a regular life to live. I'm hoping that will level out over time.

    If I can offer any pieces of advice, it is this - keep yourself busy! Do something. Anything. In the first few days where my mind went to PMO more frequently, I would just find something to do. One night I started cleaning out a drawer at 10 pm. Another day, I literally spent an hour shredding paper that had stacked up, lol. Also find what triggers your thoughts and find productive ways to quell them. Try to think about other things. For me, the shower was when I would MO regularly. So if I felt turned on, I would just start talking to myself about something totally off topic, and it really helped.

    Stay positive and if you put your mind to it, you can achieve healing from PMO. I'll be back in 60 days to report my 90 success story. :)
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    Tbh it’s really hard and i’m only at 19th day of abstaining. I want to reach the 90th day mark but my best is only 30+ days a year ago.

    The Nofap benefits is only for PMO addicted people and others claim that it’s not real (just a placebo). Hope we can tackle through this with fewer triggers haha
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  3. congrats on 30 days , keep strong and go on !
  4. It is hard, and I have learned it is more of a mental thing than anything else. Trust me when I say I have been failing for years at beating this.

    Keep trying and staying positive and you will make it through this.
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    Thank you for your message! Keep it up!!
  6. I have the same problem. Go for some two weeks at most and relapse.
    I find your cleaning your room at 10pm interesting because I have always heard people say be active but wondered how to be active late at night when the urges kick in. You can be all active during day but face the urges at night when on your bed and you live alone.

    Now that I know this, I won't mind doing dishes at 1 am or cleaning my car engine area at 2 am. I feel I have a better chance now.
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  7. I found nighttime was my worst time for getting urges but ignored the fact that was a problem for a long period of time. Once I got serious about keeping myself and my mind occupied, the less the urges occurred. Sometimes that meant doing chores or dumb activities at night. As long as it doesn't stimulate you too much to the point where it causes problems with sleep, do what works best for you, even if it means doing dishes at 1 am. I'm much more of a night owl, so I completely get that notion.
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    Just wait for the big 3 0 0 ❤
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    Reading others making it reinforces my determination.

    I just want to get into the 'double digits.'

    I hope to join you dudes with some significant time and changes too.
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