The biggest misconception of an Incel.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Khri$$ Javan, May 1, 2024.

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    The biggest misconception of an Incel people generally project is they some 350 pound socially awkward, guy when that is not the case @ all. I'm very feisty. I'll fight. Fapping All of the years prior, made my self esteem feel like s*** so I wasn't able to fully express myself. I consider myself an Incel. I don't have any friends nor want any. And I haven't gotten laid in years. Everybody & they grandma wants to be Alpha or Sigma Male online. But what about us Omega Males? I've always had style & swagg. Im goofy, weird, silly but I am impatient will lose my temper real quick. Alphas, Betas, Sigmas,Gammas etc.. Don't like me because I have a strong personality & being on a long nofap streak is making me want to bare knuckle box over some poon tang. Lmao.

    No I am not ambition nor do I want to accomplish anything in this matrix. I seek spiritual enlightenment. The people that society looks down upon and what you may perceive to be a bum on the streets is very intelligent. the BUM has so much grace & poises. the BUM is also rich in spiritually/happiness. the BUM asking for change aint just spewing conspiracy theories for nothing. the BUM can also fight and can sling some good d***. " My purpose is greater than achieving material things in this matrix. Being the nomad spritual bum might be my "purpose".
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    I really hate you for writing your entire post in green ink :cool:

    Want to not be an incel? Want to get laid, get friends etc...?

    Three words. Two of which are hyphenated.

    Full-time Job

    You'll probably discount this post but I'm telling you that at least for me, it changed my life.
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    Millions of dudes have full time jobs and don't get laid. What are you talking about?
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    It's called "correlation" buddy. It's not causation.
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    The concepts you are espousing don't have a huge amount of meaning outside a relatively small group of people.
    Respectfully, consider broadening your insights and sources of information, seek out world views that challenge your own.
    Regarding not wanting to have friends, with respect, deep down that may stem from anger and fear, I'd respectfully invite your to consider that.
    My advice, join some social group, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and see what happens. It could open a lot of doors for you. Find a tribe outside the digital world!
    Best wishes,
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    It's all fun and games until she is ready to fuck and you ain't.
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    That's why I stick to NoFap monk modes, and I'm trying like hell to get rid of alcohol on the weekends cuz that's what kills my longer streaks.

    (1month, 2-3month streaks )

    I've never gone full green text in my life, but I definitely know where youre coming from.

    Loneliness kinda sucks, but the alternatives that come from messing with normies is also soul destroying.

    Stay strong
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    I don't believe that you don't want to have friends. If you didn't need anybody's opinion, you wouldn't share your thoughts on this website; you would write them in your diary instead. So you do want to socialize with others, but perhaps not in a conventional way, and that's okay. I'm also like that.

    But don't forget: Humans are social beings. Lone wolves die alone and miserable, unable to achieve anything. You need a crew. Forget about that alpha, omega BS, or personality tests; it's all a scam.
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    I’m in your situation too. No social circle, no sex life and postponing studies to enter a job later. It’s the current situation I’m in and it feels like there is no way out. Like I’ve lost already. But I know I’m not tired of life. I want to live but one part of my brain isn’t up for the challenge. It’s still in the hedonistic state of quick and cheap pleasure. I have to fight with myself.
    I don’t believe in those alpha, beta, sigma, omega categories. It’s made up stuff which has meme status. No one with a clear mind believes in it. Yeah, there are people who seem to have figured out life but all we see is what they have, not what they have done prior to achieving everything. We also completely ignore those who have failed (survivor bias).
    When I’m your age I don’t want to say: Life is over and I’ll die lonely in my cave.
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    your only an incel if you get turned down and get butt hurt lol

    no such thing as an incel its just dudes getting rejected
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    I agree. I'm thin.
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    You sound insufferable. Who are you trying to impress? If yoy truly only need your own validation then why even post here? "Spiritual enlightenment" my ass. You want someone to notice you and praise you for being an "omega male", whatever the fuck that is. Come back when you have something real.
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