The cause of my problem is the rejection i get from women

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by GGa, Jun 10, 2020.

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    I don't know what to do anymore, tried everything to stop this habit but it's outta control, i guess the main reason for this to happen to me is the rejection i got from women thousands of times, my intention was to get to know to a girl for marriage and not for fucking around, and got turned down each time, and when i get that feeling of sadness and self blame i go to porn thinking that this is the only way for me to release my sexual desire and it's wrong i know !!!.... i fight it most of the time but i end up losing always, i'm 28 and very athletic i don't smoke nor drink i eat healthy food i keep track of my health and that's why i always have a strong energy and a strong sexual desire that never goes away, i want to be with a woman so i can have a healthier sex life and not watching some people having sex while i masturbate in my solitude.. that ain't right
    I will never stop trying to end this suffering of mine, being with a woman that is not legally my wife might cause me problems with my conservative family, and nor i want to do it anyways, i wanna find that one woman that i'm looking for and not go around trying women like they're pair of shoes, so i guess to me thats why most guys drift to porn cause girls are giving them hard times to try to get to know them and say no to them all the time, i mean what do you expect them to do with all that sexual energy and desire thats within them if not to let it out naturally with another woman, of course they will masturbate or else they'll rape someone or do some crazy shit, so the cause of all this is the women if only they make it easier for guys to marry them and not make it look impossible and i'm not talking about being with a girl outside of marriage, if you're okay with your mother or sister being with guys outside marriage then that's your fucking problem, cause animals do that and that it ain't me, i hope this helps someone as much as i need it to help me
  2. I guess it is the feeling inadequate to meet women that makes you soothe the loneliness with p. The feeling is within you. It doesn't depend on women, but your looking for self-validation outside of you.

    This sounds like you're going to a car dealer and you want to find a car. Meeting a woman ( a girl would be quite paedophilic) to share your life with, you need to get to know her and date her until you and her find that sharing your lives together is what you want to do. Both partners have a say in it. Maybe look at how you'd like to be approached to get to know someone for the longer term. Get to know women as friends and they will tell you what they want from a man to start getting to know them. You can ask them later on what do they want from a man to ask them out. Take it step by step. No rush

    Yes because you need to learn to process these emotions in a more helpful way than p.

    You're not releasing sexual desire by watching p, you're just experiencing sexual pleasure by watching other people having sex.

    You might think you're the only one with this strong energy and strong sexual desire, but you are not at all.

    Again, it sounds like you are looking for a woman as for an object with a benefit for yourself. Women notice when a guy sees them as a mean to an end and they won't accept it as a long term commitment.

    This is total bullshit. Most guys watch p because they are pushed into by peers or older men or even women because 'that's what men do'. Then they get addicted to the overstimulation of it to deal with all their emotional issues.

    This is even more bullshit. You mean that men rape because they don't masturbate or have sex? How many rapists have been married when they raped someone else or engaged or have a girlfriend and regular sex? The majority of them, I can tell you. Men are not beasts that need to ejaculate or else they'll torture someone else. This argument does not make sense at all. Men are not entitled to sex with women. Women don't owe sex or shit to men. Masturbating is a different need from sexual desire and sexual connection.

    This is not the cause. The cause is the feeling of being entitled to women and their sex and finding that the reality of it is that women are people like you who can decide. Then you blame yourself and feel inadequate because they don't react how you want them to.

    Look within for answers and stop blaming women for not wanting to marry you. Blaming women for your p addiction surely won't make you an eligible bachelor for any woman.
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    Wonderful bro! I also disagree with "GGa". And I agree with you entirely.
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    Why are you calling people "bro" in the "Women in Reboot" section of NoFap?
  5. I understand your anger but did you step back once and really listened to the women you were talking to, from the outside looking in, it sounds like you are too powerful for those weak girls you are trying to get with. Also don’t let anger drive you bro. Is sex your primary reason for dating? Looking at your frustrations, it is a dead giveaway that it is no, otherwise you’d be hitting up prostitutes. If thats the case, theres the answer but I believe it is not. Also, P is so fake. You’d be shocked what you see behind the scenes. Don't buy into that shit. It is not even real. The real way is knowing and analyzing why and then ask why, when you find your answer.
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    the reason for these feelings is that u value the relation with a woman so much in ur life, maybe its time to start focusing on other things such as work, exercise or finding a new hobby or new friend? idk what u are interested in but life has much more to offer than women. Also remember that many men with depression/anxiety/self-esteem issues dont get better after getting a women in their life, maybe temporarily, but not in the long term and if u have neediness the women will notice it and lose attraction:/ Finally when u meet woman u must know what u want and what u deserve, if u notice that u get rejected/unnoticed by a specific type of women than avoid these and dont waste ur time and life on them. Ur time is the most wortful thing u have and it shouldnt be wasted on unserious women who just want ur attention and nothing else-these arent even worth going on dates with, let alone considering for a life partner. find women with wife qualities
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    You'd better off being single because it's worth it. I'm single and I love all the freedom.
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    exactly u can do what u want with ur life whenver u want

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