The celebration of the independence of the séx and intimacy related

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    There are times where you have different kind of struggles with the séxual urges or having to think about other bodies.
    1: Maybe the urge is too strong to not masturbate,
    2: Or you see a (part of) a body in thoughts or on screen and you have the strong feeling that something must be done in relation to what you see, but you don't know what,
    3: Or you think you must necessarily have non-séxual intimacy.

    It all comes down to the impulses in your mind being fired at the specific actions mentioned, while it can be redirected.
    For the second case, the answer to what it is was laying there all the while, and it's simple. But it's not something that just comes to mind at that moment.
    When you see that you have the feeling as if something has to be done with it but you don't know what, there are impulses firing into the mind giving you the sense of something that has to be done.
    And that is where the key lies to that. You are feeling those impulses without knowing what way it is of processing, because you didn't know that it is just something generic and can be applied to any different activity. It somehow seemed to be related to that body(part) at that moment because that's where you were looking at or thinking.

    The first and 3rd are harder since the feeling you have to do something is already manifested in that mentioned desire, but it's still not acted upon yet, so the impulses are still available to be redirected.
    To get used to this alternative pattern, regularly visualise that you are in one of those moments, and associate that feeling with some other action that motivates you strongly, as if the urge is caused by that.

    With the second situation, the easier one, it's mostly reminding yourself that the potency is there.
    You don't have to do something else at that moment, the motivation is already enough to stop the thinking.

    Both 3 situations can become automatic by regularly imagining those moments that you have an urge or can't process what you see, and apply the new ways.

    After becoming used to have this new redirection, it is a celebration each time to be able to circumvent the things that kept interrupting you.

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