The Creation of a 'Sister' Site for Women Fappers

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Buzz Lightyear, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Here is the paradox of inclusiveness; all views are included... as long as they are inclusive.:D

    The new orthodoxy.
  2. This a secular site and porn is becoming more of a "woman problem" as well. Men created the porn industry so any feelings of loss of masculinity needs to he taken up with those who thought hyper-(and heterosexual) masculinity needed to be in the forefront of porn. I won't get into it here but for those interested, 2 concepts that are related to feminism is toxic and fragile masculinity.

    As a Christian woman, I can both be waiting for marriage (which I am) and be a feminist with control over my own body (which I do).

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    @OutsideTime there should be a pinned "Troubleshooting thread" that goes over common technical issues such as these. Save some time, force users to go to thread for their technical issues first AND THEN help them.
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    Just curious, are you aware of these two threads?

    I'm a little busy and don't have time to track the requests made in this thread currently, but if you can confirm if the content of those threads is helpful or not it would go a ways into helping find an answer for what the question appears to be to me at first glance. I know the guide made in the first link contains a variety of information on how to use NoFap, and may provide answers to what you've asked here.
  4. I think if NoFap did have a women's only section, more women would probably feel safer to join the community. Most women get harassed online and to join something like this could be intimidating to many.
    While there shouldn't be a sister site for women, there should definitely be a section that is closed off for men and women who don't want to make their posts public.
    NoFap's more of a tame crowd?!? IDK if there's ever been a case of abuse on NoFap(Alexander did mention that they once had a chat which got flooded with porn by spammers before they closed down), but hats off to the women who do join and stay active here. Keep slaying the demon :emoji_fist:
  5. Hey, not sure if you've read the posts I've made earlier. But there actually is a women's section in the forums. Check again :)
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    Yep, the forums need to be separated.... and they are as the previous poster mentions. But, as you rightly point out, they need a privacy function. As they stand now, they are an open confessional to the world.
  7. What he said:emoji_point_down:

  8. Especially women in my country. Forget about women and porn, people loose it if they see a girl hanging out with a guy. And I can bet they'll be spammed with messages from men and that really puts them off from seeking help, if they even are seeking help in the first place...
  9. Don't want to come off as mean or aggressive but a few things. (As I've said before as well in this thread.)

    Women can make a post and personally message the other women. Or be messaged by them. If your argument is that men will spam them, firstly I think there's minority of men who want to do that on this site. Secondly, what makes you think by creating a new site, the men won't make fake accounts to talk to the women as well? Also, we men are also openly confessing to the world and they can too. We're anonymous. The question of whether they want to do more than that is up to them as human beings, no gender required.

    Okay but everything I've said so far is relative to perspective honestly. The biggest thing for me is that why are the MEN the ones posting on behalf of the women? You're worried that other men are going to be a white knight in attempting to help the woman by talking to her, but you're preeetty much doing the same thing by saying those things. I've seen none of them complain so far. Even the lady who is in this thread disagrees with him. I understand the concern and the thought, I agree wholeheartedy on your points but as the saying goes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". The women are fine as they are.

    PS: Biggest irony is that most problems they might have, have solutions that mostly men have discovered. And most people who really care about this movement are males (Gary Wilson, Gabe Deem, Alexander, Noah Church) do a quick youtube search for the most dedicated NoFappers, and tell me the gender. So I don't think you're giving men enough credit in their knowledge to help these women based on their experiences as well. It's the same for men in abusive relationships, which are a greater demographic than women searching for help in this website (much much bigger), if they tell their friends they get laughed at. They also feel helpless. I'm just saying not all things in life is fair, but right here we have a website that's dedicated to human beings solving a similar problem so I don't think we should segregate our already tiny base.
  10. This is a great suggestion and one I know is possible since I've seen it implemented on another forum which used the XenForo platform. There were certain sections of the forum which could only be accessed if you had the correct gender listed on your profile. They also made it so switching your gender had to be Mod approved so the users couldn't easily circumvent the restrictions.

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