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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Freefaller, Aug 20, 2018.

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    Good Evening All-

    Forgive me if something like this has already been thought about but I searched and didn't find anything similar.

    I thought it would be dope for us to have a thread where we could share what we have been doing creatively instead of PMO-ing. We could take photos of art, share music we have made, things we have written, etc. If you want to be critiqued, awesome. If not, you can just share and tell how not PMO-ing has helped you and the improvements you have seen.

    I would love to share some music I have made. This will sound cliche but here is a link to one song on my soundcloud. I only have 4 or 5 other songs and they are super simple but when I am focused and putting together tracks, it really excites my brain in a good way. The temptation to PMO fades into the sound!

    Looking forward to seeing other creative art, music, and writings!
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    Funny you post this song.. I got really into lo-fi hip-hop at work because I can listen without distraction of lyrics. Now it’s one of my favorite genres.

    I know this sounds obvious, but I have always jumped on and read lots of blogs when I’m horny. I kind of enjoy them in a weird way. Part of it is like: whoa that’s some messed up stuff! Part of it is like: wow there are broken people just like me
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  3. Cool track. Share some more. At the first 10 seconds I was expecting some sick vaporwave but it faded into a mellow beat and jazzy riff.
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    Same here! I really hope someday one of my songs makes it on one of the popular stations. I have a long way to go! My favorite channel is the Bootleg Boy mixes.

    Thanks! Here are two more! The third is a lo-fi station on YouTube. Where I got my inspiration.
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