The curious case of female attraction.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Di.Do.555, May 13, 2020.

  1. Di.Do.555

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    Today i just managed to finish my 32nd day on hard mode.
    i am not gonna list the benefits yet but i will share with you a strange thing about female attraction.
    It happens only on the days where i am having urges and not when i am flatlining.
    Today i was in the park playing some soccer. there was a stunning girl with her bf but she kept looking at me. the same happened with another girl running around the basketball court.
    The days when i am flatlining , i rarely get such a response.
    is it a thing or am I just noticing when i am horny?
  2. LoveIsAllWeNeed

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    Ha ha, nice story! If you replace the word 'horny' with 'full of life energy and power', I think you're close to reality. This is what the Tantric Boeddhist and Taoists mean when they say that sexual energy is life energy.
  3. Abdul_abc

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    Congratulations on your streak . Keep it up
    I agree with you on this , I am too experiencing a this thing and in these days I have no urges at all, though this is month of Ramadan we are fasting, may this is also a reason and I think I am still going through flatline. As I am Indah 43 of nofap.

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