The Curse and Blessing of Man

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by jimmyclear, Jul 11, 2021.

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    We, as men, are creatures of drive. Thanks to this, Sex is our economy.

    This means the following:
    • ~9 times the amount of sex drives compared to women
    • Greater physical strength, aggression, and provision towards women and children
    • Greater desire to invent, innovate, and continue with an eternal competition and self-improvement.
    • Greater resilience and self-reliance.
    What's the reward of this? Here's what the reward is on the following:
    1. Men build things
      • Women give sex
    2. Men accrue wealth and resources
      • Woman continues their genetic line
    Sex, or progeny, is what gets men out of bed, off to school, into rush hour, off to the office, off to night school, off to war, or off to the lab to make money so that one day a woman would be attracted to him.

    This is OUR drive. This is why we build planes, trains, and automobiles. This is why we make ungodly technological advances. This is why we go off to wars, kill for our home, and come back scarred.

    Without sex, without women, we would be stuck in caves, making beer, going hunting for game, or playing some poker games or something else to pass the time.

    How much time was given to build bridges? 4 years of the youth's time studying calculus, civil engineering, physics then 1 year to build it.

    How much is the price given to those who desire and work to be rich?

    The price can only be summed up in 3 words "Their Entire Life".

    For every ear of corn, 1 hour of tilling the fields.

    For every weld on a car, a drop of sweat given.

    So that brings us to PMO. We want sex, but that's just a 2D screen, it is categorized as "Supernormal Stimuli". A type of false sense that we are getting what we want, no matter how faux it is.

    PMO has tricked us into expending our "9X Sex Drive" into doing nothing. Into letting "Low Quality" standards and people into our life. Into being passive and compliant with unfair rules and regulations.

    But at the same time, as much as this is our Blessing and Curse, it also saved some of us from the real costs of Relationships. Losing "Half" in divorce proceedings, or "Minimum" in a quick date and get-together.
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  3. this (!!!)
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    El problema al final de la PMO es q es en 2D es diferente estar con una persona real, Hacer el Amor : es Verse a los ojos , es La sensación del abrazo el tocarse, la entrega del alma más que del cuerpo. Cuando uno ama y se termina el acto Uno No debe de sentir ningún remordimiento ni pesar x eso Digo que estamos a Tiempo cada día para superar esta adicción. DTB
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  5. I love a lot of that you said here, but I would personally say;
    We as men are creatures of the Divine, and sex drive is our primal energy source.
    The main point being that sex drive is truly the driving force behind so much of majority of man’s actions but it is like the raw unpolished unrefined essence. When that essence, as you stated, is directed toward a greater purpose that is when we touch a higher aspect of what it means to be a “human”. The duality of our nature as both animal and divine is our greatest mystery to solve. We see the most repulsive and terrible human behavior show itself in the world, unspeakable things and we also see people do extraordinary things of immense compassion and love for fellow living creatures on this planet.

    The issue is most people are not aware of their greater potentials. Most men think sex is the greatest thing they can experience, they live purely to seek carnal pleasures. Food, sex, drink; that however isn’t even scratching the surface of what we as humans are capable of both experiencing and doing, you stated this. The roots of this go deep and tie in side by side with keeping the common man mindlessly consuming, seeking, satiating, and then yearning once more. Never to be fulfilled. Until that tax payer is old and dies, then if the conditioning is done correctly his children will do the same, ad naseum..
    You see this idea that sex is our economy and we are merely creatures of drive is a control system. It is deliberately force fed to every person in a modern culture to do one thing. Keep them under control and unaware of those who control them.

    Our purpose here is much greater than that and we are on this earth to attain much more. However none but ourselves can free our mind like Bob once said. It’s a lesson that must be learned by every one of us but will take most people many many more life times to learn it.

    this is obviously just my perspective. I really enjoyed reading your initial post though that’s why I comment and I 100% agree porn is a tool used to completely drain a man of his innate greatness. The life force of his soul.
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  6. Idk man. I do want to change and start working hard and reaching for the stars, but not at all for women and sex - women can actually demotivate me sometimes.
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    This is your PMO problem, this is the principle problem with pornography.

    How does one simply bring a women, full of endless possibilities in and of themselves, to merely sex-givers? All your words about sex drive means nothing if you don't truly appreciate women and their capacity. All this technology means nothing if you're going to bring down a women whom is a full life just like you.
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    solid theories but I don't think every great invention was driven by sex. there are things in life much more prestene than sex.

    thinking sex is the 'ruler' or motivation behind everything is caused from very thirsty horniness.
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    I think this analysis is somewhat accurate, but limited. Sex is one engine for men, certainly a powerful one, certainly on that can be used to manipulate men, certainly one that can sideline us through porn. That's our common factor, right? We all overvalued sex and eroticism, we all got distracted and caught in a negative feedback loop, and we're all trying to break out. However, the limits of this analysis oversimplify and consequently undervalue both men and women. Both sexes are more than their genitals.

    We have other engines. Strictly biologically speaking, we only do things for serotonin and dopamine, and we can get those from sources besides sex. Yes, sex is a nice side benefit for building status, but why do all of the positive things discussed in the OP, farming, welding, designing and innovating, build status? We take direct pleasure in the creation of something good and useful and beautiful. We admire and reward one another when we find each other creating competently. In martial settings, men protect and sacrifice themselves for one another. A virgin will throw himself on a live grenade to save his brothers in arms. If sex, procreation, were our only true drive, this would not happen.

    Testosterone driven males tend toward all the things described; strength, aggression, invention, self reliance. Estrogen driven women tend to value nurture, revitalization, relationships and community. These differences in emphasis do not mean men don't value relationships, or that women are not interested in self improvement. We are complex beings that support and compliment one another. We are synergistic together, the whole greater than the sum of our parts.

    If you make sex your focus, if you decide that is the sole motivation under all of your action and you worship it, you will be disappointed by it. The implication is correct; too much work for too little reward. You'll feel entitled to sex after putting in so much work to "earn" it. Perhaps you'll build anxiety around it, make yourself feel unworthy, or perhaps you'll turn angry and bitter at your gatekeepers, hating them while still obsessed and defined by them. Maybe you'll decide P is pathetic, but when the costs are tallied, the only thing that's worth it. Or, you can work on building a worldview that acknowledges sex as one admittedly powerful element that drives a more complex being.
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    this is very wise.

    sex is no doubt a powerful element that is ingrained in our nature. albeit sex is so powerful, the drive for procreation wouldn't propel our drive to sacrifice our life for someone we love (sacrificing your life for your friends is a very good example).

    making sex the sole purpose of life as OP mistakenly thinks, is what many religions would even call Idol-worship.

    it cannot have a good outcome and will not put you on a purposeful path. well a purposeful one yes, but not a meaningful one. and that, as you said will not have a good outcome.
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