the cycle of addiction and desire

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in which step you are now ?

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  1. ibnhayan

    ibnhayan New Fapstronaut

    what are the step behind the addiction ??
    if you now in which step you are now , this will help you understand more about your Capture.JPG addiction and as result , improvement

    1- first step : looking
    the cycle start from looking to women
    if you did not look to women , you will block the cycle and hence , block the addiction ,
    solution of this step :
    when a women pass infront of you , low down your gaze , do not look to her at all ,
    when you brows the internet , if women appear in browser , slow down your gaze , do not look to her , even if you incedently saw it , do not go further

    if you look and dont low your gaze , then you will enter into the next step in the cycle
    2- second step : thoughts
    thought start in your mind , you will say :
    she was nice girl , i hope i look to her again

    solution :
    fight this thought
    think in other think you interested , think in job , think in your tasks today , think in any thing , just fight the thoughts....

    if you did not fight the thoughts , you will enter the next step of the cycle
    3-third step : idea
    you will start to build idea inside your mind regarding how you will reach the type of women you just seen
    this idea could in form of searching in nice women picture or enter the website or talk to girl illegally
    solution :
    fight these idea , do not go further and do not plan more , stop these idea
    you can plan instead of that to visit your family , or plan to find new course to learn
    if you did not , if you dont fight the ideas ,you will enter into the next cycle
    4- forth step : desire
    if you didnot fight back the ideas
    it will become desire
    you will desire to have the women you just seeing
    so you will start to fullfil this desire
    solution :
    fight the desire
    5- fifth step : determination
    the desire is killing you
    you saw what you cant stand it
    so you now have the determination to fulfil the desire that already formed and that you didnot fight
    solution :
    stop here , dont go further , fight the determination
    go outside home
    talk for long time to your friend
    take a cold shower
    do any thing , you have to fight the determination before it change to the next step
    6- step six : action
    in this step you will go to website , click the button to start the video and do what you do always during this procedure
    solution :
    if you start the action , dont loss hope , fight back
    click the stop button
    leave the website
    close the browser
    shut down your PC , put away your phone , turn off the i pad
    7- seven step : repetition of action
    if you do the action once you will try to repeat it
    as the human being will never be satisfied
    solution :
    fight back
    do not repeat the process
    if you repeat it will change to next step
    8- step eight : habit
    with repetition of action you will have habit
    in this step you will start unconsciuosly repeat the same thing , in the same manner , each few days
    fight the habit
    replace it with other habit
    9-step nine : addiction
    with time the habit will become addiction
    which is difficult situation , but it could be managed
    but prevention is better than management

    if you notice
    every thing start from looking to women
    every problem is from seeing women
    its very important to low down you gaze and stop looking to women View attachment 29974
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