The dark side of NoFap in the long run

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  1. Feb to July? 6 months, that's a lot of time on hard mode.

    I don't think sexual thoughts and wet dreams count because a lot of that is

    Maybe you are still getting too much dopamine from other places?

    Some guys on a streak go out and drink, use street drugs and/or play
    video games.

    These things can dull down the effect of NoFap since they produce dopamine.

    As for me, I was addicted to PMO for 28 years.

    That first dopamine break for me happened when I was about to turn 44.

    As you can probably guess, my body went through a serious change.

    I never thought that PMO affected me all of those years, until I stopped.

    Sometimes during those years, I collected a day here or two days, but probably added up to less than two months of NoFap days in 28 years.

    And even on my first "real streak" I didn't think much was going to happen.

    It wasn't until the 8th day when the withdrawals hit me.

    I was sick for four days running. Headaches, body aches, I was always wondering if I should go to the hospital.

    But on Day 13, it was over. And I had changed. I was thinking differently, but better. And I had a ton of new energy.
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  2. Melkhiresa

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    Since you are/were neither an addict to porn, masturbation or sex, logic would dictate that nofap should have no benefit for you so calling it a dark side is ill-thought.
    I call hypocrisy on this, guys like steve have no problem with all of humanity being addicted to his product and spending as much time s possible on it but of course he restrict access of said product to his family...
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  3. Yes, good point. But I don't think addiction is the whole of the problem.

    Addiction to porn is bad, don't get me wrong.

    Everybody in a world like this needs a dopamine break.

    I think he's either not being 100% accurate, or is subbing with another dopamine source.

    But I can't accuse anybody. I only know what they say.

    It sure did have an impact on me though...
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  4. better123

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    I think by doing NoFap, every man AVOIDS HIS DEGRADATION, through PMO. And that's what has happened to you. If you leave Nofap, there is a possibility that you MAY get addicted. And you should be glad now. You are in the bright side actually.
  5. BetterMeandI

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    You do not experience benefits because NoFap has no magic benefits.

    Instead you have more time to invest into your self rather than fapping, energy levels will be slightly higher and motivation is more than when stuck on PMO.

    Use this to try learning new skills, going to the gym (even when motivation is low, try to force yourself to go) and just find something to be passionate about.

    I do not experience crazy benefits either, but I have accepted in and still try to improve whatever I can.
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  6. The mighty bear

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    I have never been drinking in my life, never gone to a party, never done drugs and have barely played any video games since Mario Kart at age 8. I am not getting cheap dopamine in this way. I do believe that I am sometimes getting dopamine when I succeed in my professional career.

    I have not felt any difference with NoFap so far even though I have been doing for quite a while as aforementioned so I am not sure if it is for me. I will try an exercise of redirecting energy from the balls to my mind as proposed by another member prior to quitting however. If it helps me see the meaning of NoFap I will continue.
  7. The mighty bear

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    I completely agree that there are no magical benefits; which was also my mindset going into NoFap.

    I was not using more than a few minutes a day on fapping the days I did. Now however, my concentration is worse throughout the day as I think too much about sex often. This makes me less effective and consequently lose time.

    My energy levels and motivation levels appear to be identical as before I started doing NoFap.

    Before I was doing NoFap I was working out consistently and playing chess professionally so I already had something meaningful I was passionate about before NoFap. I am now still working out consistently and playing chess like in the past. Unfortunately however, I sometimes get distracted when I play chess due to sky high libido and lose concentration. This was one of the primary reasons I started this thread that my sky high libido I started feeling after doing NoFap is making me distracted at times and unable to perform fully to me abilities.

    If NoFap is restricting my abilities to perform fully in tasks I care about and offers no benefits I am inclined to think that it might not be the right path for me.

  8. Ok, cool. You want my suggestion?

    If you have spent all this time on hard mode, don't stop.

    Right? Because what is the alternative? Fapping, porn addiction, risky sexual behaviors?

    All that stuff is crap. If I were you, even if you aren't on an "exact NoFap plan",
    you are still better off by avoiding that kind of dopamine from PMO.

    What does PMO yield a man?

    It's a thing where the gain is so minute, it's like nothing.

    You might be a person who has used so little dopamine that you don't get
    the kind of robust effect from the dopamine break like me.

    And that is a good way to be because dopamine is like candy, sugar,
    decadance, garbage, waste, etc.

    It's a microscopic gain at an enormous price.

    And to make a further suggestion, if I have any credibility,
    if you want real sex, then start dating and wait until you love a woman.

    If it develops into a long term thing,
    that is where you can have the kind of sex
    that has minimum negative consequences.

    That long game is where you solve a lot of the things that kill most men...
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  9. I will give you my perspective as far as it can help you.

    Lust is the greatest motivator and driving force for all of humanity. You are in a state where it almost does not affect you. You are way ahead of most people in the scale of human evolution.

    The evolution is this and is a form of purification of your lower self, a transition to living life from a perspective of love compassion and eternal wisdom, it is the true spiritual patg :
    1. Overcome lust and all basic vices/ desires which spring from it (ambition, greed, anger, hatred, jealousy, ...). This will make you sensitive to knowledge from other sources than books and physical reality
    2. Overcome the blinding light of knowledge from this other reality, the astral plane.
    3. Enter the hall of wisdom and gain penetrating insight into the truth of existence.

    There are two books i know of that explain and illustrate this path;
    1. The voice of the silence
    2. The light on the path

    It is a lonely path but well worth to tread into the footsteps of all the great sages (buddha, jesus, ...).
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  10. The mighty bear

    The mighty bear Fapstronaut


    Not only did I not experience any robust benefits after I went on NoFap; I experienced nothing at all except the aforementioned downsides.
    Fair point that fapping is not a big gain at all though so it is not a good option either.
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  11. Ekhangel

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    Yet another NoFap disillusionment... Guys, the superpowers are mostly BS/placebo/present in seriously addicted nolives only. The cake is a lie. But wanking is still wanking and it's a no-go to any reasonable man who likes to spend time on things that matter in life and NOT on watching other people have sex (re-read this pharse until you start realising how absurd this notion is) for hours on end every day.
  12. OK KMP
  13. greenishmoon

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    You were already healthy then lol
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  14. MHero

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    I'm really happy for you, i wish being like you.
    PMO is hell, it's very destructive, you might not understand the fatality of such act, but please do not fall in the trap, keep going, you are still yong, fill your time with useful habits ;)
  15. If he was already healthy, not on PMO, why is he here?
  16. SpaceGoat77

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    Honestly when you say that you have a hard time concentrating it sounds more like adhd or that you overstimulate your dopamine receptors constantly. While PMO does do the same, it is far from the only thing that can cause those symptoms.

    Like you said yourself you haven't masturbated for months and have never watched porn. This only makes me believe that you have other addictions you didn't mention. Maybe you play video games too much or overconsume certain substances like caffeine or sugar. PMO isn't the only thing that can harm you in life.
  17. The mighty bear

    The mighty bear Fapstronaut

    I see your perspective that other dopamine sources or ADHD could be in the equation. Another perspective is that I do not have ADHD and I barely play video games and do other dopamine inducing activities. Furthermore, the concentration issues are primarily due to lusting; something I have started to do a lot more on NoFap. Before I did not experience problems with concentration often.
  18. The mighty bear

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    I have being doing testicular breathing exercises by Mantak Chia for the last couple of weeks in order to rid myself of continuous
    horniness. Unfortunately they have not helped me get rid of my horniness.

    It turns out that the primary culprit for my inability to concentrate (something I have mentioned in previews posts) is a post-concision headache though continuous horniness also plays a role.

    Are there any suggestion on how to not be continuously horny when doing NoFap? I have yet to experience any NoFap benefits after doing it for 1.5 years now with only one relapse in February.
  19. ShowProof

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    I havent had a wet dream in like 4 years my dude. The mandatory release is a myth spread by stressed boys. There are martial arts practices, not so well know in the public now adays so you find clear instructions and testimonials in the English internet with a simple google search; but, theres practices for eliminating (not reducing) entirely menstruation in adult women of any age. Even like 20 years old.

    So thats that....the body is absolutely not stuck loose in patterns of energy loss of death bringing. It is all lifestyle, physical or mental that bring to mans downfall. Man (woman or male) is the sole maker of his own destiny!
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