The Dark Side of OnlyFans

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    NEWS had recently broke out that OnlyFans is banning sexually explicit content – pornography in other words. However, nude images can still be posted on there. But there’s been an uproar from creators on the platform. Because their livelihood is to be put in jeopardy.

    I don’t particularly care for the content creators crying wolf about the loss of earnings. This is not to say I hate sex workers per se either. In fact, this is something of a reality check for the thousands of women (and men) who make a living on OF.

    So, let’s say you make a wedge of cash from stripping off, and posting your saucy content on OF. That’s it enough to be more than what you earn from your day job. That prompts you to hand in your notice and quit your job. Money talks. Who can blame you?

    But sadly, a lot of the thots on OF are naïve and very short sighted. They’re not thinking of the long term future for themselves. I mean, what if their content on OF is not making as much revenue? What if their posts aren’t as popular that they once were?

    So much to the point they can’t afford to live the lavish lifestyle anymore. That they can’t afford to flex as much from exposing themselves online for making a quick quid. Now in debt, followed by visits from the bailiffs and evicted from their luxury penthouses.

    Back to square one. Then they need to go and get a job. But the whole point here is that internet fame and fortune on OF should never be seen or treated as a viable long term option. It’s just not sustainable.

    For former OF creators, their content put online is there for everyone to see. They can’t escape from that – even if it in the past and they want to put it behind them. Remember, what you post on the internet is forever. That can’t be taken back – even what you posted was deleted.

    Say you go for a job interview. Go out and meet people. Go out on dates. Whether the prospective employer finds out you did OF. Or you tell the people you speak to, or go on dates with that you did OF. (Or that they find out.) What would they make of it? What would your friends and family make of it?

    You won’t get the job. People won’t want to know you. Your potential bae won’t want a relationship with you. You will be judged from being on OF and that will always be used against you. Your family may be ashamed of you. If your kids (if you have them), know their peers at school are aware you are on OF. They will be mercilessly teased. With the shame and embarrassment brought to them.

    That’s the harsh reality. Those are the consequences of being on OF. Despite the financial gains. You’re throwing away your future prospects from being on there. Much in the same way for people who were strippers, prostitutes or porn stars.

    Now, I know there will be OnlyFans creators who will argue that it’s ‘empowering’ for women. And of course, the financial gains from it. But I’m sorry, getting validation from the pay pigs who bust their nuts for them. Line up their pockets after stripping off for the camera to expose themselves online. You call that empowering? If anything, it’s actually toxic and degrading. There’s no dignity and self-respect. That’s straight out of the window.

    So yeah, if you’re thinking of **** dropping and putting yourself out there on OnlyFans. Maybe you should think twice before you actually go ahead and do it. Look at the bigger picture and at what cost. Because that’s your future which you will be putting at stake.
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    Good point, but most women don't think long term
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    It's another example of people thinking they'll be the one who makes it. Like people trying to be musicians or athletes. The reality is only a few make it. But unlike sports where you at least get in good shape and become healthier, with porn you only degrade yourself.
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    Isn’t that a generalisation?
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