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    I have heard many different opinions on whether day counts matter. I am weighing in on it.

    I refer to a quote that said "the only reason to look back is to see how far you've progressed" Day counts enable us to see how far we have progressed. I don't know of another way to measure time.

    Another quote that I like - "tired of starting over? Then stop quitting."

    I connected with this site back in the summer after I made a decision to take this seriously, to do everything that I needed to do to knock out PMO. Before that, I would keep starting over and make apologies to keep my accountability. MANY apologies, but no real effort to make a change. I did not want to change. I did not want to look deeper. I was OK with half hearted effort and apologies to my accountability system. I keep thinking of the old definition of insanity "doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results."

    There was a point when I had to admit that I was playing a game. Go for 3-5 days, slip, binge for a week, connect with accountability, apologize, and move forward. I was satisfied with this but in a downward spiral. I did this for years. In my life I had 3 one months, a 6 week, and a 3.5 month. And too many 3-5 day runs to count.

    On May 23rd 2015, I did something different. I came across a perspective that led me to an online search on living without PMO. I saw people on youtube that spoke about the freedom that they found. I believed that it was possible because these people were free. I set disciplines on where I go mentally (no intentional fantasy) I set disciplines on where I go online and on TV. I set disciplines on prayer (hour daily). I learned that "blue balls" goes away through urination. I learned to exercize my pre-frontal cortex against my limbic system. I spoke to my urges with authority, telling it "NO, THIS IS NOT AN OPTION. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ". I finally took this issue seriously.

    The result is that now I am looking back at 236 days no PMO. When I do get tempted to throw it all away, I have many methods to get past temptations, many that I have learned from others, but my day count's existence is another incentive to stay the course.

    How we mentally measure a slip is crucial. Do we go back to zero and start over? I personally believe that if we slip, we should count the first duration, include the slip, and add the second duration. For instance "3 months, 1 slip, 2 months, 1 slip, 4 months,". This helps avoid the temptation to binge before resetting.

    Stand strong everyone.

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    Well put, well done 236 days that's fantastic. Relate very much to what you said about getting your mind set right and making that decision.
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    I have better luck taking one month at a time. If I go one entire calendar month, I give myself a small treat of some type.

    But I generally just try to go through one whole month... Then another whole month.... Then another whole month.... Without really thinking about the days overall.

    Just a series of one month checkpoints.
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