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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Walter267, May 16, 2019.

  1. Walter267

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    POM really affected me badly,I regret the day i introduced myself to that shit . The way i see life. Every girl i see i desire to fuck but i can't ask that lead to masturbation. Self doubt and confidence is part of my life , I miss old me without masturbation. I was confident, always happy, no mood swings. ..Feeling great about myself. I think masturbation is the greatest weapon the devil use to destroy our humanity. Let's just pray and accept Jesus as our Lord. Enough about this useless harmful pleasure .Is now or never, I'm gonna defeat the devil, conquer masturbation and live good healthy life. Self discipline is a self love. I will keep you updated with my journey.
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    Fingers crossed, bro! Where can we find your journal? It's the best way to share your journey.
  3. ZenAF

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    Dude listen, if you think it's the devil himself that makes you masturbate you'll have a really hard time, because the devil is a powerful archetype. Meaning this type of narrative can give you the feeling that you're powerless, because you don't perceive yourself as a mythical being. I recommend you to look at it from an honest cost benefit perspective instead. Also read this thread I wrote, maybe you find something useful in there.
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    Good-luck with that devil mentality mon, the temptation inside you it's not a wicked mon under ya feet trickin yahs, Jah gwan an shine da light down for all mon to see I and I is Lord I an I is devil we gwan free the planet from babylon mon. Don't worry bout a ting all gone be alright in the end. If it not alright is not the end ya see mon? Stay wit ya faith and use the discipline to find you are the god that you've been looking for all long. Them say man gwan an tricked you to follow Dog but I say nuff wit dat. Ya'll gone getta beatin if ya don listen ta mon I an I know da way. Truth gwan set ya free mon no devil mentality philosophy right here say me an mon.

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