The doctor prescribed me prozac and ritalin. I'm bored to this psychiatric circle

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Summer Son, Mar 20, 2018.

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    So don't watch porn. Because my life never seemed like the old after when I started PMO. In my past I used antidepresaant, even one of them was Prozac, and didn't work. I said this to doctor. By the way I talked about my story and I have porn addiction and my attempts to quit. He said: " You have some obsession and ADHD and we have to cure this." Should I start this medication I don't know. I can't concentrete anything I want or my social life. I am not the man who I want to be and I am not even recognizing myself.
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    i´ve taken antidepressants before, its okay if you really feel shitty and have thoughts of ending your life, then it helps you and you should take it for a while!

    i also have been "diagnosed" with ADHD once. it has VERY similar side effects to being depressed. even took those pills for 2 or 3 weeks. basically if you want to feel like a junkie (its literally a drug) then take it. but i wouldn´t recommend it. in my opinion its a shame that those doctors just care about making money off of society.
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    I think so. In my before life I used SSRI and other drugs. Didn't work for me. Also I give a lot of money for this doctor session. I'm trapped and what can I do for it I don't know. Thanks for your comment!
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    Hey. My humble opinion and experience:

    No drug, prescribed or not, legal or not, is going to fix this. They are just crutches and nothing else.
    I also took some SSRI twice some years ago. The first time I found them helpfull, after some months I was feeling better and getting back to my life, but I want to point out that my commitment to improve was really strong ( i was 19 years old) I quit cigarretes, alcohol, I worked out a lot and ate healthy.

    Anyway, I always felt some kind of void while taking this meds, so second time a doctor told me to take them again I refused. SSRI just mess with me in an existential maner. So, my doctor insisted for some months until I finally agreed....Big mistake. They did nothing to me, I didnt improve a shit and my life got worse, and also I was tied to this SSRI crutches, because you cant just quit from one day to another. At That time I wasnt healthy at all like the first time when I was 19.

    In my humble opinion: Work things out, keep looking for help and advise. If you know these drugs wont help you dont take them. You know whats good for you. Find what brings you happiness and take it from life, not from some pills. That what messed with my mind when I took SSRI: I knew something wasnt good inside me, and pills just putted some make up over it. Just when I commited to attend therapy, to journal, to make many efforts, things started to get better.

    I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was a kid. Lucky me I didnt take any drug, even when doctors said it was the best idea. I had lots of trouble at school,but guess what: The problem was not some issue in my brain, the problem was I grew up in a violent family, so I wasnt able to develop my brain correctly due to the excess of stress and traume. Pills were not going to fix that...

    ADHD... really, for me ADHD is a bunch of bullshit, just another argument to give drugs to people, specially kids. Depression...Well, I think many of us have dealt with it. Just need to take a look at the world, Its upside down! We are all facing difficulties, now surprise more and more people is getting depressed.

    Yeah, dont let anyone convince you about these drugs easily. Doctors give them like if they were candy.

    The emotional inteligence by Daniel Goleman. Awsome book to understand the brain. Changed my life, give it a try
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  5. ^ This. Medication, emotional support animals, whatever.....they may neutralize the symptoms, but they do not cure you. I guess the bell curve is everywhere, only a select few will take the time to experience introspection to find out the root of the problem instead of settling for temporary fixes.
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    Listen, I'm gonna tell you something. If you live in the US, you can be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. A few months ago I went to the doctor, thinking I was clever and I was gonna get some performance enhancing drugs. I'm a coder so who couldn't use some more focus, right? Yeah, you tell them whatever and they'll prescribe you that gorilla biscuit shit. They gave me vyvanse because I've got awesome health insurance.

    You know what ritalin, adderal, and vyvanse are? Really clean, FDA approved meth. And just wait till that crap accumulates in your body. The liver has to process the meth buddy. Oh yeah, it'll build up, over stimulate your nervous system. First, when you wake up you'll have a stuffy/running nose. But it's okay just take the meth and it'll jack your immune system back up. You like having an elevated pulse all the time? That must be great for your adrenal glans. And all the doctors love increasing the dose. Oh yeah, 60mg of vyvanse and you won't move. You'll sit there in that fucking chair for 8 hours writing code bitch. Cause that's what you are. That's what I was. I was a drug addicted bitch and everyone I knew validated my bullshit because it was legal.

    You know why I quit? Because as the meth accumulated in my body, I became more and more socially reserved. My muscles were tense and I couldn't speak. And the rage. God I became so angry for no reason. I used to end the day, walking home from a hyper-stimulated ten hours of fruitless work, so angry that I couldn't even go to my apartment. I had to walk for an hour just to calm down at the end of the day because I knew if I went home I might fight one of my roommates and wind up in jail. Go on, take the stimulants. It's legal. The doctor said you needed them. You need the drugs because your brain doesn't work right.

    Fuck that.

    I don't know how to fix your problems. I'm not you. But I've traveled a few different paths I can can say with certainty FDA approved meth won't solve your problems.
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    Exercise - look into important supplements like fish oil, and protein to start to the day- meditation/controlled breathing

    All those things are a bit harder to do than popping a pill but much more effective.
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  8. ivanhoe

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    because the FDA--Big Pharma- told the doctor to tell him you needed them!
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  9. Out of the Furnace

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    as @hashalot said, its pure meth. stay away from that shit.
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  10. some questions : how do you sleep? how much times do you excercise in a week?how is your job, do you like it enough and does it covers your basic needs? how is your social circle?Do you have and sigificant other? do you have a passion in your life or something that you really like to do?Do you eat healthy? Do you have addictions drug or alcohol wise? do you have a relaxation regime like meditation , yoga, walking ... ?Do you have enough challenge/tension in your life or maybe too much?if you cant most of this questions with yes , you should first work on these goals.write down whats important for you. if u cant focus start doing a meditation practice lik e mantra meditation , if you dont like that start doing an extreme sport wich makes you focus hard like rockclimbing . eat healthy, if you eat crap , thats really a starting point. Your sleep has to be on point. you need goals in your life. go outside a lot!
    i know it sounds a lot but i took so lmuch medication and they really fucked things up for me, if you take them take the lowest dose that helps you enough so you can start doing the things i wrote above. U can take the drugs too jumpstart doing activities and taper them down along the way . all the best!
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  11. BigandBeastly

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    I just started Prozac a couple of months ago and it has helped me tremendously. Especially when it came to social interaction, I feel like my old self again for the first time in about 4 years. IDK what dose you took but I'm on 20mg and it works like a charm, even better when paired with nofap.
  12. Summer Son

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    Thanks for your comment! Actually I discontinued drugs about 2 days ago. I took the pills for one week but, specially the Ritalin, it gave me concentration ability a little bit, but after I was taking them I feel severe headaches, more insomnia, more high, dizziness etc. It only affects for 3 or 4 hours. And I was feeling depressed and had concentration problems again. I gave up this medications. This drugs are not placebo, they really effects some of neurochemicals specially dopaminergic nervous system in the brain. I felt the dopamine flowing in my head. I used a lot of drugs in my past, antipsychotic, antidepressants and other stimulants. It doesn't work for me.

    I start to think that: Doctors and the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies have an agreement. Because they don't try even psychotherapy, they always give these drugs. All time I said them '' I have problems with my porn use, please don't prescribe me any drug, just give me a method struggling for this issue, drugs don't work for me bla bla bla... End of the conversations, I always see a prescription :))

    You probably know Kurt Cobain. I read his suicide letter and I have learn something about him. In his childhood, prescribed him Ritalin when he was 7 years old boy. And he adds, My ritalin use in my childhood leaded to my heroin use afterward.

    I know the effects of quitting porn and being more human for my 5 months period from my 16 years old. And now, it's been almost 4 years. Pornography is a real problem. I think this is between life and death. Because it don't effect only relationships, it can affect individuals life visions, their ability to enjoyment their lifes, their inner peace leves etc. We have to study around the world about pornography addiction.

    I am looking for the book by the way. Thanks again!
  13. MarinoBigFan1984

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    I’m so tired of people being anti medication on this website. I’ve been on anti depressants for over two decades (I was in therapy for close to 7 years too) and just like insulin I need them to manage my depression. Are there side effects? Yes. Lower libido? Yes. ED? Yes. The ED gets worse if I watch porn and masturbate too much. That’s why I’m on NoFap.
  14. Summer Son

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    Thanks a lot for this valuable comments!

    Thank you so much! I used ritalin and prozac for one month. And I became more angry, really. Firstly I used the ritalin, I used for any concenration tasks in my life. '' For now, I have to study.... and where is my Ritalin... there is.... '' etc. My first use I concentrate a lot and solve maths like bitch for 6 hours. And I said to myself, Is this really me? I can't feel normal but I am studying. I never felt this before. I know the hot feeling from dopaminergic system. Drug accumulates stimulants slowly... When I felt cold woops... after I took the Ritalin I felt hot, energetic and concentrated. For which reason? This drug helps me for concentrate and don't took anything for me, right? Bullshit. It's just like my first porn use, I felt great those days and tried one more time, one more... multiple times a day and I became addict. Also when I want to study, I use the masturbate and pornography for focus. Brain need dopamine right? Yeah, and I didn't even realise my life got worse and years and years used pornography. I didn't want to develope an addiction any drugs and I quit the medical stimulants. This was a lesson for me, I don't use it anymore.

    Actually I live Turkey and the government's health system and psychiatry association copied directly the US' s system. People get these drugs easily and doctors like the prescribe.
  15. Summer Son

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    In my past I had sedantary life. But in my country, education, health, people etc. is very difficult. The system pushes the people for race like a racehorse. If I talk about education system, or our exams, the money where we give courses to preparing an idiotic exam and helps the school, you maybe laugh. Around the world, specially Europe and US, in the highschools while students were graduating, they more rest. There are not too much thing to affects people's lifes. They can find a way somehow, economy, social system etc. a lot of thing is good in there. But, if I recover my porn induced problems, yeah life gets easy more, but the conditions what I am in is really difficult and this is more harder to me. I'm living the country where has been blocked Wikipedia and Youtube. The government gains more conservatism, and the economy got worse. Anyway, this is not the place for this subject...

    Yes, nowadays I make an attention more as I can to my sleep times, my exercise routines, healthy lifestyle, in my past I joined the gym, nowadays I ride bike, run or play basketball. I am a student. I am preparing for University for second time. I graduated from highschool. And I go the course where is teaching us math and science lessons. I have some of important people for me. My family and some of my friends. I remember that once in my childhood I travelled a university with my elder sister. She was studying that university and I see a faculty in there: Computer Engineering. In my teenage years I was a ambitious student always, I was studying a lot but my porn addiction didn't help me so much. Nowadays, I read books, I make something for my life but... This things not like the old, it's like I've lost my all passion, dreams and soul in my inside. I don't have energy to do anything. I read book, but I can't imagine in this book, its values is gone... Even the books souls leave me. I'm sorry for this negativity but while I'm reading this I'm crying. I feel stuck in a cage.

    I don't know about meditation, but I want to learn. And I don't know where I start. Thank you for this valuable comment! I apprecite it!
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    I am in dental sales and I love doctors, because they make me a lot of money. (I'm not saying it arrogantly, but telling it in perspective) My friends that work in pharmaceutical sales would say the same thing because when a patient leaves the doctor's office, they are almost are guaranteed a prescription. In return, the doctors get a free trip to hawaii or cancun. It works both ways. Now there are some great medications and they do what they do. But overall, who is in the losing end? To cut the story short...the patient.
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