The Dopamine Detox Challenge *(Science Based)*

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  2. Day 0

    When I started this, I had no idea that breaking habits is so fucking hard lol. let me list why a detox will help me.
    1. More time. To do productive stuff like exercise and learning german.
    2. Calmer. I want to be calmer in my mind and not being distracted by music games and what more.
    3. More productive. More time = more production
    4. Being so bored that I automatically do good habits like learning.
    5. Not being frustrated after a bad game of wot, overall better mood.
    I have blocked stuff, so I won't see it or get on it. So no:
    • Social media
    • Games
    • Movies and series
    • Music
    • Sweets like sugars candy and soda's
    • TV
    What I will replace with new habits:
    1. Learning German and maybe Spanish too.
    2. Reading
    3. Exercise
    4. Walking
    5. Programming
    6. Homework
    7. Family and friends
    8. Meditation
    Also hope I will be calmer in my mind. I will also put my earbuds and my mouse mat and my mouse on some place that is hard to reach. After all, how will I be able to play games and listen to music without these??
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  3. CPA_GG94!

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    Day 0
    Abstaining from: 0,1,2,3,4,5
    30 days for me... let's get it!
  4. Day 1/30

    So far so good.
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    0/30 - I should have been more concise in my detox challenges...

    0. PMO in any form (includes edging and looking)
    1. Hulu (Christian shows like "The Chosen" not included)
    3. All social media (I've actually been off these since mid January!)
    4. No sweets or carb snacks or eating out alone (includes diet coke and chips - my true weaknesses)
    5. Video games (on my phone and laptop - I don't have a gaming console)
    6. Music (if it cusses, talks about women in an objectifying view, drugs, killing, etc)

    Replace with:
    Bible study and memorization
    Singing and praying and meditation
    Home improvement/cleaning the house
    Work on my ministry idea
    Have meaningful conversations with people I love
    Read books to help me glorify God
    Podcast/audio books

    3, 2, 1 Go!!!
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  6. looks like you and me are pretty much on the same goals!
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  7. ola501

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    Day 1/30.

    Glad to see its catching momentum guys, I'm back in it as well.
    For now no cheap dopamine or binging.
    No porn.
    No social media.
    No yt videos, movies or time wasters.
    No news.
    No unhealthy food.

    Will keep getting more aggressive with my targets overtime.
    #StayStrong brothers!
  8. CPA_GG94!

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    Let's get it then!! Good luck to ya!
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  9. CPA_GG94!

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    Day 1/30

    Wow this hard... staying away from PMO is one thing but no sweets or diet coke is VERY tough! And no Seinfeld or Brooklyn 99, makes me sad - my brain wants it but replacing it with work or reading or bible study or exercise. It'll be worth it. Working towards memorizing the entire letter of Romans over the course of the year (and most likely next year).
  10. CPA_GG94!

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    Day 2

    This is hard to not snack or watch tv during the day! Keeping strong.
  11. ola501

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    Hey Guys
    Day 1
    I am ready to start, will be going hard mode for the next 10 days. For now no cheap dopamine or binging.
    Daily update on NF.
    This will be the first thing I will be updating before anything is allowed.
    First time 100% in. This may be rough. Bear with me. I'm ready to go. Lets see how intentional I can stay.
    At 10 days will be reevaluating.
    #StayStrong brothers!
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