The Dopamine Detox Challenge *(Science Based)*

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    Another reset for me.

    This one is due to no.8.

    I have noticed another thing and that is , as soon as I slip, I start binging. Next time , I will first try not to do it at all, but even if I slip, I will keep in mind that I am only human and am still on the way , so it is normal to slip and I must not binge.

    Usually the thing that causes me to binge is the regret for slipping just a little. Next time, I will keep in mind firstly the regret that I feel after the slip and how it leads to a vicious cycle, so I am going to avoid slipping. But if I slip then I will keep in mind that binging is not the solution and will only increase my regret.

    I will keep in mind from now onwards, " It only makes me sad. I do not enjoy it temporarily even, I don't get the temporary pleasure. And after I am done I become extremely sad. So why am I doing this to myself? Why am I doing no.8? Or Why am I spending time on the internet? When this isn't even pleasing me right now, and is not even making me happy in the near future and even worse in the long term. Just stop already. Don't be a crazy person who hurts himself. There IS NO URGE. It would be there if you felt some pleasure. You are not feeling that either so don't say there is an urge. It's just your inner enemy telling you to hurt yourself. You are not going to listen to your enemy are you?"
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