The dopamine spikers are so prevalent nowdays, it’s sickening

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. We all need to quit social media man you’re having dopamine spikes every 2 minutes and that’s very harmful to us. I bet when you wake up the first thing you do is check your phone, reply to people, scroll social medias or youtube. STOP IT.
  2. Submariner

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    Social media is, duo to the dopamine release, addictive just as porn and MO. I’ve deactivated my Instagram account a couple days ago and had no major urges ever since. When I’m feeling stressed or a bit in the mood, my brain almost automatically taps on the Instagram icon on my phone. Now I just see the reminder that I’m logged out.

    I can advise anyone to quit the social platforms you don’t really need for socializing with your friends and family. It will save a lot of dopamine releases and most likely relapses.
  3. HegHeu

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    Everything is as hookable as posible even food fashion technology media name it and it has undergone evolution to hook you. Living a simple life is hard
  4. I quit social media in 2015 and it has not had any negative effects. Now I just email someone if I want to message them.
  5. Scorcher2000

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    I managed to exit Instagram three months ago because it went more boring and more boring as days passed. Now I wish I never opened it. But, no experience equals no lessons. I'll never regret it. If I had much less friends at WhatsApp I would stop using it too.
  6. Emileo Delcarme

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    I have a question.

    I deleted all forms if social media in 2016 and only have WhatsApp. I mostly use the internet to read the news to see what's going on the world. Problem is I can spend quite a bit of time doing this as I'm constantly wanting to know what's happening in the world around me. Basically whenever I'm not busy doing something or active. I don't have time to read the news when I'm at work from 7:00 to 17:00. During this time my phone is only used to answer or make phone calls. No WhatsApp or internet.

    Can this also be a dopamine spike problem?
  7. I think it's your brain searching for a spike of dopamine, you keep reading news because the brain needs some novelty, but it can't get it through reading news, it isn't a pleasure to read ,news ain't satisfying lmao
    If you don't have social media then you're good, other sources don't spike dopamine a lot
  8. News definetly release dopamine but dont spike it as much as visual stuff plus you’re having ups and downs when reading good news or bad news and you need to keep on consideration that negative news also affect your mood and lowers your vibration, in my opinion its better to empty your mind, focus on yourself and try to commit yourself to be the best at whatever you enjoy and let other people read news about you!
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    Yeah can defimately agree with this

    Alot of peoples anxiety is caused by excessive social media usage, Quitting most social media apps has kept my anxiety to a very minimum.
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  10. Donijuan

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    I dont delete my account but i delete instagram app for 5 days that's a reminder that i'm not that addicted and then when i open instagram i don't scroll for more than 30 minutes a day. i agree that social media is exhausting especially in this lockdown state when you fight with boredom.

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