The double standard in society?

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    Hi there!

    I don't know where this thread belongs to so you can change it to another part of this forum if it would be more appropriate.
    I was watching the documentary of Epstein and obviously I do think what happened there was wrong and luckily the whole world thinks it is wrong too.
    However, what I don't understand is that even when the whole world is so against things like these, nobody speaks up about the type of videos on the internet that feed into this fantasy?
    My ex was a porn addict and I am quite sure he was a hebephile (attracted and a big fixation on minors and with a big fantasy of abusing them) and I figured out what kind of videos he was watching.
    They were incredibly disgusting (in my opinion). The girls looked like they were underage (maybe they weren't but the titles feed at least into that fantasy for the viewer which is wrong even if they would be an adult) and they were being abused. This was on Pornhub, so no dark web or anything. I just don't understand how the internet is full of this kind of videos that actually is the same and sometimes even worse than what Epstein did, yet nobody talks about it?

    These girls in the videos they get trafficked I am sure, or they get forced into doing these things. There has been a lot of things in the media that there has been minors on Pornhub. I just don't understand why nobody criticizes that part of pornography? Ofcourse not all types of porn are bad, but why do these titles and themes exist? I don't believe in things like it is just a fantasy, your mind get conditioned when you feed certain things. You start to think differently. Sometimes I feel like watching something, is not so much different than actually doing it because for your brain it results in almost the same.

    Atleast I saw how it affected my ex. Also, because I am small and skinny myself (I am 24 years old), I have been looking up to see types of porn with girls that resemble me (that is sometimes what girls do you know because you don't want to have the focus too much on the woman) and I am also so disappointed to see that a lot of the porn that features my body type is categorized as 'teen'.
    This is incredibly disturbing and disappointing. This also explains why all the guys that were attracted to me were so into teen girls... One guy even said to me he was attracted to me because he was attracted to the body of a girl as if she was 15 years old.
    Now, I don't think my body type is that rare either for an adult female in her 20's. I do have the same body type as when I was 15, but there could easily be a category like 'petite'. It brainwashes men completely and it annoys me to attract this type of men.

    And I just don't understand the double standards about porn having such dark themes being allowed yet the whole world is so much into the Metoo movement and blaming Epstein to be a pedophile.

    I mean child porn is also not allowed because watching a video is also harmless not only the act itself! Why is porn not more regulated? I believe that what you feed into your brain, you will start to like. That happens to the type of porn you watch but can happen with almost anything. Why are now certain things considered beautiful anno 2020 that were considered ugly years ago? Why are plastic surgeons having requests to do butt implants now compared to 20 years ago where it was all about making butts smaller? I feel like people always try to find an excuse in the evolution theory which was made by a few men. And then even when you use evolution theory as an example to explain certain attractions then it still has double sides? Men saying they prefer big boobs and big butts because that is evolution. Men explaining their attraction to very young girls because that's just evolution. But these very young girls they are attracted to have small butt and small boobs? You can always find an explanation and I just don't buy it. Porn should be regulated more because the world is becoming crazy. I mean why is dad daughter porn so trending; why does this exist?
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    do you think it should be allowed?
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    absolutely not!!! I am not a native speaker so maybe you understand it wrongly. The general consensus is that child porn is not allowed because the making of child porn involves the abuse of a child which is a crime. Also because with viewing child porn you contribute to that abuse and you feed that fantasy even more. I think it is extremely good it is not allowed and you can go into jail for that! But then I just don't understand why society is so ignorant for other types of porn which are also harmful for society and people. And why they use for that type of porn the excuse that it is just porn and a fantasy. I am quite sure there are tons of young girls being sexually abused to make certain types of videos that are on Pornhub but nobody seems to speak up about it. Also a lot of porn videos that have disgusting themes like incest and 'barely legal' and it is apparently all okay. I just don't understand. Besides there are actually real stories that Pornhub is involved in human trafficking. That is what I was asking, why is the world being so harsh for Epstein (understandably!) but nobody is talking about porn that just feeds these behaviours and thoughts.
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    It's not evolution it's just a porn trading , tastes change from year to year. Different country by country.
    Evolution is no longer applicable to man, there's not a natural selection or a advantage in what we do, all the opposite : we often are self - destructive.

    If you want some aswers about teen porn , with skinny girls who looks like underaged you should talk with a psychologist and a antropologist.

    My personal guess is that many would like to return to their early teenage sexual experiences.
    Also i guess that exposure to this type of porn educates people to feel attracted ; for porn sites it's good : new categories, new addicted , new gain

    They just don't want to see. They are not ready to face the problem
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    I'm not a native speaker too ... but yeah, maybe it would be better that you asked "Why child porn should not be allowed?" or something similar. Cause the way you wrote it sounds like you are saying that it should be allowed:) I don't know ... maybe some native speakers would understand it differently.
    Anyway, to try to answer your question - there is a secret agenda that pushes porn and a lot of other things ... Group of people that were involved in Epstein case is just a small fraction of the larger group that created that agenda;)
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    Honestly it was meant as a way of showing why child porn is not allowed and why the reason why child porn isn't allowed doesn't get extrapolated to other genres of porn because certain 'legal' genres of porn I think are also very damaging! It was meant like that because people always say porn is just fantasy it is not harmless but then the abuse of a teenager girl is okay? I don't understand why nobody talks about that.
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    what's the point of talking about that? There are people even on this forum who think that their sexual deviation is perfectly normal. Yesterday I've read a post written by a guy who enjoys BDSM and likes to be humiliated, disgraced, etc. (and he is fine with that, no problem at all). The same thing is with child porn - some people think it's normal.
    And do you think that just talking would change anything at this point? I've wrote to you above. Very powerful people push this agenda, and until they finish what they set out to do this will not stop. I'm afraid there's nothing anyone can do about this now.
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    On major porn sites there're also videos of underage girls, amateurs sex of underage teens . Usually filmed by boys involved.
    Just there're not prooves that they are underage, so these sites keeps these illegal videos until complaints arrive.
    The people involved don't always know there are their porn videos on the web.
    This is very worrying.
    They want to ignore. People don't even know porn can be a problem for some.
    They don't talk about it because there is no sex education in society; porn, masturbation, sexuality are experienced as things to hide and not to talk about.
    So it is experienced as a potentially limitless transgression , an outlet for the frustration of modern man
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    Most young men are idiots. They get excited to see these kinds of things so there is demand for them.

    People that don't watch underage stuff probably don't realise it even exists. *Raises his hand*
    The reason it's not regulated is because there is no body arguing that it should be regulated.
    And oh God should it be regulated.
    But it's more complex than that you see. It involves people making money, people who need money - actors etc - people who are willing to watch it (have I mentioned that most young men are idiots?) etc.

    What doesn't help is that you only have two groups of people - those that defend porn, and those that despise it. There is no middle ground trying to use reason and be very specific about what porn is good and what porn is just no-no.
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    I think you are right with a lot of point. Actually if you haven't already know, there are somethings going on Pornhub's teen category, titles and contents. A lot of people sign this against Pornhub, you can check this website:

    In my opinion teen category has a different place among all of other internet pornography categories. Because it has a lot of different sub-categories. I don't know if there is correlation between the evolution and teen category, but it is pretty common on the internet. In my experience, I found a lot of different category when I was a child and my first teenage years, they were disgusting but when I was 13 or something I found that 'teen' category and I suppose to thought like 'this fits my sexual orientation'. I was wrong.

    Teen porn category includes a lot of different fetishes, sub-categories and novelty actually. And I think it has most novel options, newest people will continue to act in front of the camera if this trafficking never ends. In every year, porn industry is including new young girls and for an internet porn user, 'novelty' gives the most dopamine high in their brains. Internet porn changes brain maps depending on which type of user's watching porn. If a person watches a certain types of porn, this creates neural pathways for this kind of porn. This can be escalate in time to other categories, but as I said, teen porn has a lot of fetishes, a lot of different kinds of sub-categories and there are so many websites just for teen porn only, and its sub-categories. And they make this a professional, as novel as possible, they work like PornHub and also some of them are really HUGE websites, they has a lot of viewers. They produce the teen porn every possible fetishes you can think of or you can't.

    In my opinion, society does not accept a porn site or a porn category with has full of children. But in general, porn websites use the word 'teen' as a female, young adults more than early teenagers like 14 years old or something. And generally, teen porn sites use young adults for acting. That's why society accept 'teen porn', I think.

    Hope this helps.
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    i didn't know there was a word for it.. every person who is into porn comes there with weird fantasies.
    i came in and pretty much settled into watching videos of older women and younger men, married women affairs..
    when i was searching and hovering in these sites, you could see almost everything.. there were young boys. you talked about Dad/Daughter , there is exclusive content for Mom/SOn..
    My Friend's Mom, it goes on.
    It is total filth and it gets u hooked by giving u exactly and more of what you need...

    Porn doesn't discriminate... Porn has existed for so many years..

    BTW, I'm reading a book and some articles that is telling Porn is not the rootcause, it is what is happening in my brain that is making me go to Porn.
    Believe me Epstein did not become a pedophile because of Porn..

    There are cases where unsuspecting girlfriends and wives and their private moments have been uploaded to the website. i can shamefully say , i was looking at that until recently..

    you are asking all the right questions. it is super simple. Just like how we have a possibility to block porn in our computer. Each country can block porn completely. Then there will be no issues. But believe me, people will find a way. there is a the dark web..

    The constant is the fact that this World has Good and Bad and we need to regulate our mind to ignore the Bad and move forward
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    Dear Vanessa, young girls will always win the hearts of men as they are more fertile. History has shown it and so it will be in the present and future. It is a natural law. It is truly disgusting and immoral, that such sexual exploitation occurs. However as a man, I can tell you that I also prefer young skinny short women. I've had many arguments with peers about boobs vs ass and I'm 100% ass guy. Some of my friends are boobs guys. I don't argue anymore as I've seen that there are different sexual preferences. That'a why we have laws so any agression versus individuals against their will must be stopped. Unfortunately that's not the world we live in. Sexual abuse does happen and a good way to stop it is to make sure you yourself are not being abused along with your friends and family.

    The next level would be to go public - start a blog, wriye a book ot even try to push a law. Similar to what Alex has done. That would clearly involve time effort and risk. It's up to you how important this topic is for you and how much time you wish to dedicate to it.

    As an addict foe over 12 years all I can say is that porn addiction has negatively impacted my life in multiple ways. I've been fapping for nearly every day and lost so much energy motivation and time.
    Please understand that as men, we would always want sexual stimulus be it via porn or not. When addicyed to porn it is extremely hard to quit. Sometimes I even lose hope, even though it's possible.

    It is normal for you to be uneasy when such events occur. However, they are an aftereffect of the everincreasing nihilism of the modern society. What can be done to adress it and solve the problem? I know not.

    I would suggest reading Gabor Mate in the Realm of Hungry ghosts.
    This book was an eyeopener for me reharding addiction.
    I hope you read it, and have a different perspective on us addicts and possibly learn something new about yourself as well.
  13. Kramum

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    Count me out. I am not into young girls.
    Though I would expand the point.

    For a man sex is more of a physical need + the fact that to turn a man on all he needs to do is to imagine a naked female and voila he is ready to have sex just like that.
    Even a clothed woman with bedroom eyes is enough to give him the idea and make him want some.
    Come to think of it, anything that gives him a clue that there is a possibility of smashing, pardon my language, whether now or later that day, is enough to give him butterflies in his stomach. Be it a compliment, an alluring look, some hip movement. Doesn't matter as long as it can be interpreted as something sexual. Even a smile can be interpreted that way lol.
    Because all that is enough to turn a man on, imagine how turned on he can get while looking at actual porn full of hundreds of naked ladies having actual sex.
  14. Belching_Booch

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    Want the honest brutal truth? Most guys like young pussy. Girls start developing at 14-15 especially nowadays. Society says its wrong and taboo, but these girls be fucking at that age nowadays anyway, so it's not like they're innocent and corruptable. They're already sexually active and no longer innocent, not to mention in their prime. This is why many guys are attracted to the barely legal category. Most start to decline physically by 26-28.
  15. All types of Porn are bad. Period. The titles are used in the same way clickbait articles which are used meant to invoke curiosity.
  16. Kramum

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    All types are bad just because you said so? Lol.
  17. Maybe you can enlighten me with the types of porn that you feel has improved your lifestyle.

    Most people start with normal ones then to the kinky stuff and then into some weird shit. So I stand with what I said.
  18. When there's a huge flow of cash, there are no standards to live by at all. This epstein thing is just a drop in the sea, it exceeded far worse levels than that and a lot of it is swept under the rug. Human trafficking is the #1 illegal way to make astounding profit, right next to drug and weapon dealing.

    Porn industry brings out massive profits to its pioneers, since no person dares to bite the hand that provides and feeds them they simply turn the blind eye to pornography problem. Its called corruption, those people who have their claws in pornography usually are supported by mass media and entertainment industry which slowly but surely suggests those fetishes and whatnot to people.

    This is why media talks about #MeToo but they completely shut up when it comes to millions of young kids, women and men being kidnapped for disgusting stuff. Because it does not fit their narrative, you know something is wrong up here when everyone is aware pretty much of Epstein problem but government just turns its head about it, media doesn't talk about it.

    Why ? Because money. You have the money, you get to buy censorship, you get to buy controlled press, and of course you get to buy peoples' opinion. Reality is a lot more messed up than we think, people are slowly starting to realize that and upsets some people. Take a look the effort porn industry pulled to discredit YBOP researches, some of the NoFap mod team is getting harassed by those people, media tends to portray NoFap as something negative and so on. This all gives you a quick nudge that something is not right, and let me tell you have only scratched the surface.
  19. Kramum

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    No. It is you that paint yourselves in a bad light.
    The reason no one takes it seriously is because nr.1 reason NoFap community came to be is because of one study showing that after 7 days of not masturbating testosterone levels reach its peak. And that is kind of silly.
    Another reason is the hostility to facts and attempts at reasoning with you. Try posting something that is against what is being said here and watch insults and trolling accusations pouring in. That is also kind of silly.
    The reason no one takes it seriously is not because no one can think for themselves. Rather it's because this forum holds extreme views without having any real reasons to do so.
    It is not a forum for pmo addicts. It is a forum for certain worldview sharing people.
    This is why most people hearing about NoFap and what it is about throw their heads back in laugher.

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