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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  2. No

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  1. Hero:HOPE

    Hero:HOPE Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Check-in. I am serious now.
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  2. Ajbee12

    Ajbee12 Fapstronaut

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  3. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

    hi guys, sorry for no check in yesterday I was travelling the whole day - will sort everything now
  4. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

    definitely :)
  5. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

    Really happy for you, you've improved a lot but don't stop now, over halfway through the journey to 90 but everyday will be new and can be full of challenges.
    :D we'll see about that, I am forcing my body to not go near PMO at all and I am so strong right now it's amazing
    Awesome freedom, good to see you on here ;) I want to win too, i wish you the best of luck also.
    yeah, thanks for joining will set you up soon.
    I'm happy for you too, we've both come far now let's not relapse and manage another week then another and so on :)
    Going amazing, matched highest streak today but I can't wait to power through to 90.
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  6. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

    yeah rematch until you reach 5 consecutive days in the duel. Sorry @Kratos_GOW, win isn't secured yet :)
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  7. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

    Good to see you back here and glad to see you're doing good and healthy too bro.

    While I'm sat here in the UK in 12°C where it's rained the last week. Today is a beautiful day though, I may go for a walk. I noticed yesterday a few girls were checking me out. I read a post on nofap a while ago and it said maybe they always do check you out but coz of your heightened senses you notice it more and coz you want more real contact instead of a screen.
  8. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

    like the girls :D what you say is very wise, what do you think of shares in companies, i was looking to buy shares in tesla. Since it's inevitable all cars are going to be electric one day in uk anyway, I think it's a very good idea to invest in the most hyped electric car company out there. Anyone got any idea how to go about that?
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  9. fleurette

    fleurette Fapstronaut

    What do you mean? I'm not very good at slang :D
    Doing good, had a great time with my girlfriendz.. 3 hrs of chatting - feeling recharged and got complimented and complimented myself, really empowering friendship of sisters :)
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  10. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

    You will be against each other.
    NEW DUEL!!!
    @Tesla-nicole VS @TheGoldenEra | WINNER:

    thanks for joining, you have entered the lions den however and we don't accept weakness so fight to survive as hard as you can.
    remember to check in and may the best fighter win.
    read rules carefully due to if you relapse within 5 days of duel announcement then you stay in a duel with each other.
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  11. Skiller

    Skiller Fapstronaut

    Hey guys
    I sadly have to tell you that I just relapsed after 15 days. I‘ve put a lot of hope in this streak but I didn‘t manage again the situation. I don‘t know how I should ever handle those big urges. My brain is unusable if they appear. I can‘t anything against it, was laying one hour there then it happened. Don‘t know what to do now.
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  12. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

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  13. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

    You learn and go again at it harder. From experience being lazy and upset at yourself doesn't do anything. Being angry at yourself and using it to make the negative emotion into positive by making yourself be productive on a very hard day helps a lot, go forward and win is all you can do, come on fighter. I only announced the fight with @Shakermaker a few days ago and he hasn't even checked in so stay in the same duel.
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  14. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    Ok i will reach it
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  15. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut


    every friday i will check to see who's inactive and every other friday if they've been inactive still I will stop the duel and announce the other fighter the winner.
  16. Skiller

    Skiller Fapstronaut

    @Saiyan123 Thank you for those good words. Helped me for being a little bit less frustrated. Maybe I could find a solution for the problems or some of you in the forums which are experienced have a solution. The time when my relapses happen are always on weekends or days when there is no school. The days are long and I‘m at home laying in my bed. I can‘t do the whole day activities. The other problem I have is my phone time. I get, even if I am not that bad at school, play trumpet, read and go to the gym I have sometimes phone times in amount of 4-6 hours. Especially on weekends. And you can imagine that hanging on the phone leads pretty fast to searching for images.
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  17. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

    delete instagram for a while, it sounds hard but it's pretty healthy and you feel good without it. Any other app that may trigger you like snapchat, youtube. Snapchat, hide stories which you know the person is provocative. Try stay with family and not on your own and chill in your living room. Delete youtube and log in while using it on laptop so it can't be a source of trigger as you can't hide what you're going on. That's everything I do currently.
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  18. L'empereur

    L'empereur Fapstronaut

    I am flirting with you, dummy.
    Never go nowhere without preparation. You are too young too. One of the reasons I am learning law is to understand these shares eventually. To understand a lot of things. Why do you think you can be successful just of the vision that cars will be electric? It sounds like pretty easy money, there is no such thing. You got to create your own way. Your own company if you will, nobody gonna give you nothing for nothing. For you it seems that giving some money , so called ''investing'' is a win-win situation, but there is much behind the scene . Only money is not making more money. It is the ''know how''. Don't get distracted on those materialistic matters , brother muslim. Pray to Allah and get it your own way.
    I have been on my own for the whole streak. With internet available. Beast mode mentality, forget about the blockers and the lies.

    Soon I will tell you a motivational story. My own.
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  19. T0mCrus4der

    T0mCrus4der Fapstronaut

    checking in. easy so far
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  20. CoolBuddy7

    CoolBuddy7 Fapstronaut

    Hey ya. How have you all been doing ? Glad to be back after a while. :)

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