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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

  1. Yes

    158 vote(s)
  2. No

    48 vote(s)
  1. True heroes don't just save lives, they save hearts, too!
    I won't let my guard down. United Heart of Hopes!

    Fighting you is an honour, brother!
  2. We saw what happened to Gamora :eek:
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  3. haha
  4. @DekuHope you have my respect.
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  5. My Gamora
  6. :D:D heard that in Thanos mighty voice
  7. :)
  8. lazystory

    lazystory Fapstronaut

    Me casually scrolling the list, me myself appears. How?
    I didn't choose 1v1 life, 1v1 life chose me.
    So I guess. It's On. Let's begin this.
    Me ready to win.
  9. Looks like I have been signed up. Well, bring it on!

    @Saiyan123 Who is my opponent?
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  10. :D sorry I just added people who liked the post on be the elite, but I guess 1v1 life did choose you. Soon I shall grant you your opponent.
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  11. :D sorry I just added people who liked the post on be the elite, I'll recruit and find opponents for everyone.
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  12. lazystory

    lazystory Fapstronaut

    Meanwhile Opponent : Show me Mercy... This robot is invincible.
  13. Well you better hurry up with finding me an opponent to fight, cos I'm thirsty for some blood! (Or in this context it should be... ???... naaa, that's inappropriate.)
    It is so indeed. :emoji_muscle::emoji_sunglasses::emoji_middle_finger:
  14. Hey, I'm in with my shiny armour and a smile of amazonian goddess, anyone?
  15. Yes Wonder Woman! Such a fierce warrior for anyone to beat, currently recruiting for this so soon will hopefully find an opponent.
  16. I appreciate that, @Saiyan123! Take your time, no hurries!
  17. Would you like to battle against @010010010100000101001101 , I know he's a robot and a few days ahead but I'm sure with your capabilities he'd be a great opponent. Could even make him do push ups if you win the dual :D
  18. :emoji_scream:
  19. AllenJT

    AllenJT Fapstronaut

    Maybe I can challenge @lazystory? I know he's a few days ahead, but we'll be in the same class tomorrow...

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