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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  1. Oh OK. I was curious as an acquaintance of mine who's also on NF told me about having WD (first one) at around day 80 or so and he was sure he did not have any sex-related thoughts or dreams preceding that, he's having quite rigid meditation practice, journaling, egowork, breathwork every evening etc. Unless this was unconscious (probably). Or maybe I don't know the whole story, which is OK with me. So it was also a loss for him but I was thinking then that maybe if I wake up horny and wet in the morning even though I don't know how it happened maybe I should also consider this my loss in this case as a woman? :D I mean you cannot be conscious and mindful all the time and maybe your body needs that release, esp if you're not having horny thoughts, horny dreams and just being sound asleep when this happens? Maybe it's your body releasing fluids and not your mind hijacking your control?
    And to woman either :D Never been there, it seems a total vanity fair for me :)
    Thanks for warning, these are not my type of guys though so I'm safe as far as those videos are concerned and I didn't watch them just for the sake of not being too overdisciplined and too pumped up :D
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  2. Thanks man. My bad for the late response on this. I posted an update in my journal just now with helpful advice that you can refer to:

    Great job on getting to the 290s btw. That's awesome. Keep it up
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  3. It looks like old fighters are coming back...
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  4. hi @Enigma897 ,
    Where are you.. How are you doing... I am not able to message you.
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    Brrr.. a week .
    Can't trust a soul too .
    People argue about that . They say shaolin monks got no WD. A famous boxer said 10 weeks before a fight if a woman comes to his dreams, he replies ''I got match on date XX-XX'' (for the nerds like me, it is not Ali nor Tyson ) .
    But Deontay Wilder was . ''Women'' You can never know ''their type'' neither trust their word for preferences . Ahh.. which leads me back to ''can't trust a soul '' Xaxa
    You are a young bull on the come up .
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    Checking in, @Pedro.kills how are you doing mate??

    @primordial-saiyan heyyyy how's everything going? I see that your counter has a nice 25 on it ;)

    @Skiller man, I will give you probably the holygrail for calisthenics and body weight exercises (you might know it already) [best reddit group for calisthenics, this routine is such a miracle, they also have videos that you can find on how to do the exercises and they also have a routine for home in this covid crisis that we are going through]

    Stay stronk mates ;)
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  8. May be unconscious took over. It depends on person.
    In my experience, wet dream can be avoided by having only clean thoughts. There may be more things, yet to be revealed to me. Who knows.
    I think, wet dream is not considered as a relapse in No PMO. I am just applying one extra condition on me. Everybody need not to do that. That is perfectly ok.
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  9. When was that? I have a right to change my preferences, haven't I? We all are evolving after all :D Don't be too tough on me, I'm not one of these women who treat men in bitchy way. Anyway, let's not digress, everyone is on their individual journeys here. Checking in another great day!
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    Checking in for the day. I noticed that while I am able to finish my planned stuff, some things are beginning to slip through the cracks, which means that my overall productivity has slipped. I have no idea why this is happening, so I made a spreadsheet to track stuff. Turns out that I spend 3 hours on each task now for some reason. Need to get back in the productive state and sleep early today so I can start churning out productivity again.
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    My Journal
    Checking in reached day 33 @Alex_Al
    It has been a good week, how about yours? :)
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    So woke up late, cause a transformer blew up near my house,which means no lighting, so couldn’t study early in the morning. When I wake up late, the day goes bad, so I did about 4 hours of productive work, ran about 4 km,almost a km more than yesterday. Didn’t play the keyboard today, cause I’m teaching my dad how to play it! This will teach me patience in teaching beginners, which will greatly help me in the future!
    Check in day 3
  14. Checking in @Paf-On @primordial-saiyan A week is coming to an end. I wish my week was more productive. Earlier in the week I wasted some time on video games, felt it wasn't a good use of time so decided to quit and instead use that time to read more good books. Hope I will make a better use of time from now on and make better progress on my research projects as well! Hope you guys are doing well too and stay safe and healthy!
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