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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  1. BeastBoyBalling 獣

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    The Beast has risen from the flames of his hell. I would ask politely if somebody here would engage in a fight to the death. Though it is not fair. Cause I already died. If they too scared, arrange something, muslim brother.
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  2. @Topes but at least for me there is a distinction between alpha and macho. Macho is overtly acting in a masculine way IMO. It's similar to false feminine (princess archetype) I think who is overtly feminine but still fake. Speaking of relationships between men and women, masculine is rock, feminine is waves crushing against the rock. Take mountain river for example in all its untamed energy and its coasts made of mountain rock on both sides, that is a perfect illustration of masculine and feminine. And I don't see macho in this equation. Alpha encompasses more things including those you mentioned. Maybe we understand these concepts differently.
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  3. QuietKarma

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    MONSTER MONK Fapstronaut

    Hmmm how about I settle the score with you. Hardmode till death . Our own very personal duel, same wager
  5. AllenJT

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    @fleurette Of course, I agree with what you said about the difference between macho and alpha. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of either term, they seem too.. inflated maybe? I can't really think of the right word. Anyways, you're right about how there's a difference between "acting" masculine and being that rock. I feel that the biggest flaw in many of today's "men" (and no, I'm not excluding myself from them, I don't have the right to do so) is that it's seen as "good enough" to simply act how a man should act. That is, putting on the facade, but still being a boy underneath the mask. That's why we can see males dying of old age who were still boys, and yet there is that possibility of becoming a man before you become one legally. To sort of veer off of the train of thought here, I feel like this is related to your definition of the false feminine archetype. What I've seen in my (only) one year at college so far, is that the vast majority of girls are simply filling their roles as females. From my personal experience (obviously this means I'm somewhat biased), finding a woman who is real, independent (yes, that is a desirable quality), and not simply wearing a mask (this can be literal and metaphorical if you know what I mean) is incredibly rare. Some girls pretend that they are superior to everyone else, and some pretend that they are doing much better than they really are. That's part of the reason why I've held off on pursuing a relationship for so long, especially since seeking one out will only get you into a mess. If i found a girl that I could get along with before ever considering a relationship of any kind.. then maybe. But until then, I'll be looking for the real ones.
  6. @Topes thanks for your opinion. Yeah, let's leave those alpha etc labels aside for a while. What I meant by the distinction was actually true masculine vs false masculine (so maybe King vs macho). I don't know, I have not explored this topic. I only know that the two archetypes of true feminine is Queen and Priestess and the ones of false feminine is Princess and Maid. Basically what you are saying is that men and women nowadays are just filling their roles of what it is like to be a man or a woman, as if they are disconnected from the source of inner wisdom. Maybe it's because of the porn - it mostly impacts men I guess. And the introduction of women into the workforce has put them into the world led by rules made by men and for men so this may be the reason why there are so many "fake" women, they spend too much time in man-mode, achieving results (masculine energy) and forgetting to enjoy the process (feminine energy). Maybe it all started with the first women to join the workforce and then they passed this onto other generations. Plus all this consumerism etc. Yeah Beast was right - this world is rapidly going down to.. hell?
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  7. QuietKarma

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    I respectfully disagree, I actually think there is an epidemic of people who are just enjoying the process and whom are not achieving results and being goal orientated. Whether they are man or women doesn't really come into it at all in my opinion.

    'Enjoying the process' in men and women leads to bad outcomes such as porn, or a string of short term relationships and one night stands which devalue human relationships. Surely, we need men and women to be goal orientated and focused on achieving real results.
  8. this was hilarious to read :D
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  9. @QuietKarma yes I agree with your point. I was trying to say that if women push themselves to achieving results too much they are heading for a burnout. This is especially so for working mothers because they juggle both work and family responsibilities. You have to be in the process when raising kids because they don't grow that fast :D I have been struggling with that, in fact, still searching for the golden middle. That's another topic.
    Anyway, checking in day 74. 10 days left until the end of round 1!
  10. AllenJT

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    @QuietKarma you're absolutely right. You've got a point too @fleurette, men and women have it hard in their own ways. My mom has told me that she herself thinks that men have it just as hard as women.. but in completely different ways, it's like comparing apples to oranges.

    Men have a responsibility to provide for their family and "suck it up", women have a responsibility to raise children and take care around the house. Each role has it's pros and cons, and the lines between the roles have become blurred. That might not be a bad thing, but I do think that people should be more focused on getting their own lives in order before messing with someone else's.
  11. I'll be online later, got to do work and I'll sort out duels @BeastBoyBalling, nice avatar, and @Future role model, welcome to the duels. Unlucky @CoolBuddy7 , I can tell this was just a slip up though and as requested you'll still be up against @DekuHope . Wish you all the best and keep fighting.
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  12. komodoro

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    It hurts to say it, but I relapsed yet again. I'm passing through a difficult period for the moment and I just can't seem to be able to focus or get past a week of abstinence. I just want to take my time to reflect and get back on track and I'll come back here for another duel when I'll be ready.
    @IceRocket @Bascoal good luck guys
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  13. On My Way

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  14. Bascoal

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    GG man, how much fast you come back is how much fast u will get the sucess!
  15. CoolBuddy7

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    @Saiyan123 I don't think I am qualified enough to still be in any duel as of now. I just don't feel like it. Can you put brother @DekuHope in another duel, with someone else who is worthy ? I don't want to be in a duel for some time now. I will sure let you know when I am coming back. I am just pressurising myself a lot. I am just dreaming about things, which I never for work to achieve, and when I didn't reach the goals I had set for myself, I go whining about that ! I will come online still, I will be here, but, I just don't want to be in a Duel right now ! Sorry brother @Saiyan123 , you just updated the OP (Also sorry brother @DekuHope I can't continue without reinforcements.) I am troubling you so much, but I didn't intend to ! Anyways, talk soon.
  16. I disagree with what you said, I think you're more than qualified and stronger than you think. I'll respect and agree with your decision but honestly you are a true fighter, I think that's clear. We'll need you for this battle with your constant reinforcement as it's great motivation to defeat the enemy. One day of relapse doesn't discount all the days of abstinence. Keep fighting no matter what as you have true strength in you.
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  17. No matter what, we fight again. Good luck and come back fighting stronger, more learned.
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  18. Keep fighting, identify triggers and delete them, even if you'll be bored for a while.
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  19. Bascoal

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    I didn't watched PORN, or MASTURBATION or ORGASMS. I just wanted some escort and look some online adds to meet them.
    If this isn't allowed, I am assuming when I practise PMO I can't have sex with escorts or look to any kind of naked photos without even masturbating/edging is that?

    Not sure If people consider this as relapse... Waiting for some great answers...
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  20. alfianlight

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