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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by HiddenWarrior, Apr 2, 2019.

Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

  1. Yes

    236 vote(s)
  2. No

    78 vote(s)
  1. Keep going my friend. Today is my 11th day, a tough day, almost relapsed
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  2. Pedro.Conquers

    Pedro.Conquers Fapstronaut

    You got this bro, your fucken THANOS!
  3. Pedro.Conquers

    Pedro.Conquers Fapstronaut

    We also need to kill these fools
  4. llortaton

    llortaton Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    I lost a few days ago. I'm so sorry! :(

    I need to meditate

    I should've just started-- don't hesitate.

    I know that I got problems, but some just don't correlate.

    I always wanted happiness, and to celebrate.

    I always ask god to Forgive.

    Don't kill me now, Oh please- I wanna live.

    I just want to-- say happy, and give.

    I wanna zoom, but like a leaf, I drift-

    Now I'm 90, sittin' on my chair.

    Looking at my computer, with gray hair.

    Thinking, "Why'd did I dare?"

    Strength of 10 bears.

    No urgent care.

    Gasping for air.

    im dead...snatched by a snare.

    Wait-- but there is hope.

    If I start now, and say "nope!"

    Like all of the animal minded, who just grope

    For all those addicts, addicted to dope.

    Here is my aim, and here's the scope.

    Don't think about killin' yourself, drop the damn rope.


    I'm back at this rap/poem!

    Also, no, im not suicidal, and no, i don't smoke weed, and have never

    this is just for all the brothers who have those problems. including PMO.
  5. N0M0RENasty

    N0M0RENasty Fapstronaut

    I appreciate you coming out with this fire poem.

    Also check in day 1.
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  6. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    Cool @komodoro i need a challenge from you this time.
  7. 100 days completed...finally hit the century after much long wait...looking forward for nest 265 days which will surely not easy cup of cake...still journey continues...
  8. That's amazing fella
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  9. thanks buddy...its achievement of continous efforts of last 4 years that i have finally reached here
  10. This is how a coal turns to diamond after tremendous pressure.
  11. daily check in for my battle.. Day 52 completed in my streak.. Lot of energies hope to use them the right way
  12. Coolbuddy7

    Coolbuddy7 Fapstronaut

    Don't be.

    It's good that you're back at it, but, always remember to not make a big deal out of it like last time, brother. How did you enjoy your birthday, BTW ?

    Wow, Congratulations. You will definitely achieve 265 days without PMO too.

    Great, It's really great brother. You're doing really well. What helped you reach here ? What would you like to tell us people, about your resistivity, that could help us ?

    I am not able to spend much time here, but, I remember the ill effects I faced, after having not listened to sister @Borntoshine33 's advice, for me to check-in at least twice a week. That's why, I am at least trying to check-in most of the time. Now, I will be active again, the way I was after a week or two. I loved it when I was active here, but, I am also loving the way, How busy I am IRL. I just wanted to know, Where's brother @Helau ? Why haven't I seen brother @Alex_Al in a long time ? I am sorry if I am pestering someone, but, I am just curious. What about @MASTER MONK ? Who is he dueling ? And, brother @Saiyan123 I am ready to duel someone again. Let me know, who I am dueling against. No hurry though, take your time brother.

    And, about your college though, brother @Saiyan123 ; you said that you were moving out of your college, now what's that about ? I didn't really get what you meant there ! I am sorry if I am being annoying, though.

    MONSTER MONK Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Still dueling borntoshine :)
  14. Alex_Al

    Alex_Al Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Hello everyone! Greetings!! I know i m off for many days cause one of my friends is in a difficult situation... (Just learn that his father isn't his father) and we are trying to be supportive... Love u all... Keep fighting!
    P S. With all this i didn't have the time to be in a temptation :p
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  15. Coolbuddy7

    Coolbuddy7 Fapstronaut

    Tell him that he is remembered in our prayers, and so are you, brother.

    Cool then ! :p
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  16. Always_moving_forward

    Always_moving_forward Fapstronaut

    Could someone with 100+ days what have chanced in his/her life while on that streak?
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  17. Cchecking in. Doing good so far, even when I procrastinated this morning.
    Going to watch F1, soon.

    Plus I watched some YouTube videos where people do challenges with eyetrackers. Quite funny and crazy eye opening, if you have no problem with triggers tho.
  18. Diamonds are made under pressure. Great quote - resonated with me today. Thank you. @BeastBoyBalling it's about you as well. Never forget!
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  19. komodoro

    komodoro Fapstronaut

    Oh you bet you'll have one ;)
    Good luck and may the best fighter win!
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