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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. here completed a 4 month journey of nofap...its day 119/365...still a long way to go
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  2. Checking in, day 30. Flatline which sucks. Anxiety but anyway I have to work now, hope it will pass.
    Thank you :)
    That's fight or flight instinct. What did the girls do I wonder? :) I think if we look at general tendencies in the world with porn addiction etc I can see that maybe in the future the relationship between men and women will be dead eventually, men will be happy with porn and maybe some robotic substitutes of women and women won't need men either to complicate things in their lives even more. I mean grown up women don't need men who can't hold their shit together, are addicted, immature etc and it's not their job to develop them into manhood, after all a woman ain't no momma. Maybe there will be a small fraction of mindful and grown up men and women, I don't know.
  3. One is to complicate, other thing is straight bullshit. They ain't loyal. You are a woman and cannot feel, what I am saying. They come and go literally, they gossip and snitch. They ain't no good. And I am just telling it to everybody with open heart and soul, not bitching . It doesn't come from me being hurt. I see it everywhere.. Frrrr. Flock of birds when shit get serious. Women creatures just need their needs met. And they ain't loyal. Believe that young males I am speaking to you, they ain't . She doesn't know reason, nor logic, nor values, the moment you get boring she is on the next train. If you open your eyes you can see it everywhere. I see them couples too, fuck men running like crazy and leave her behind in this scary situations I mentioned earlier, I see them holding hands or walking together and it is clear she going to separate them. So much it is awful.

    I know where you are coming from, fleurette, but men are really better, easily manipulated, naïve, good hearted, there is no question and we know loyalty if it matters for us. Women are uncontrollable always looking to trade you, creatures, who finesse and manipulate for a living. And I am telling you with admiration even!
  4. Is there a way of not seing my counter like all the time but only when I want?
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  5. Always_moving_forward

    Always_moving_forward Fapstronaut

    Day 22,
    I its going good, I love all that happy energy that is floating throw my body v:)
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  6. ZenMode

    ZenMode Fapstronaut

    I'm doing well brother thanks for asking. On my longest streak so far. How are you doing
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  7. Hey @Saiyan123, I'm gonna bow out from the duels at least temporarily and revert to Easy Mode for now. If I return to Hard Mode, I'll definitely be back here. So you can make me an unavailable fighter.

    Best of luck to everyone here!
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  8. @Saiyan123 You can put me in some action, if you may.

    s'il vous plait, mon ami.
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  9. Turtleboi

    Turtleboi Fapstronaut

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  10. N0M0RENasty

    N0M0RENasty Fapstronaut

    Reset Date: 7/10/19

    Day 1 check in
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  11. @Turtleboi check in. 7 hours from posting this I will hit 20 days!
    Eventually I'm gonna get to day 400
  12. Jag Hyde

    Jag Hyde Fapstronaut

    Day 45 - Checking in. I had another bought of anxiety last night. I don't think it's related to PMO, like i've said before lots of changes coming in my personal life. ;)
  13. Grip36

    Grip36 Fapstronaut

    Daily check in. I think I'm starting to flatline a little...I've had zero libido today.
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  14. Will be back on this fully tomorrow afternoon insha Allah. Pray for me as last 3 days were all controlled, not even a single fantasizing thought and holding/no urges. Today from waking up to now very high urges and very agitated like it's weird. I apologise with how badly I'm organising this I'm usually way more productive here. I pray all of you are cured, our enemy is fighting hard.
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  15. Hahaha :D
  16. @Saiyan123 I would like to enroll my name on this list please.
  17. Awesome, I'll set you up tomorrow brother. You've entered the lions den, fight hard we are warriors!
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  18. a new sun in the sky...a new day in the life...completed 4 months...feels amazing still long way to 120/365

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